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About the Publisher

Sherri-o Bonique Horsey Darden

What is Scoop?

Scoop is pure community paper!  The term pure refers to the fact that the information in Scoop comes directly from the community.  Our columnist and contributors are members of the community, who are directly impacted by the negatives and positive attributes of our communities and share their information in an effort to make an impact.  With that said, the mission of Scoop is to provide a platform for our columnists to discuss the issues of Today, while emphasizing positive aspects of our Communities… our goal is to emphasize that for every Obstacle and Challenge Our Communities face, we can Achieve and Succeed… and Scoop is here and will be there to educate our communities, provide information and guidance when needed;  share Success stories and Congratulate and Celebrate with our Communities.  

As the publisher… Sherri is there, in the office in the streets, at programs and events, working with the Community to share our stories, and ensure that we, “We” tell our stories.  

In the past two years, Scoop is evolved and has transitioned from a newspaper to a media platform; hosting the Inside Scoop and working with communities in Philadelphia (and surrounding counties), Chester, Camden, NJ and Wilmington, DE.  We are digital and in print and we have an App that can be purchased on any smart phone platform.  Scoop has repositioned itself as a viable community media platform and partner, sharing local and national news that is needed for our communities.  

Background and History

Sherri Darden’s life story is what you would consider a definite Cinderella Story... Our publisher is a product of the City of Philadelphia, who grow up throughout the City primarily in North Central Philadelphia in Johnson Homes projects and 24th & Berks Streets.  Sherri Darden is the product of Philadelphia, her family lived in several areas throughout the city, from Mt. Airy, to West and East Oak Lane, Germantown and North Philadelphia. She has lived the trials and tribulations of growing up in the City and has loved and has lost... And, in-spite of all that she saw and lived growing up in Philadelphia, she is a success story... She brings her value of life and knowledge of Life's Challenges, but also its triumphs to Scoop each and every day... And, these things are what prompted her to take on Mr. Driver's legacy to continue to promote the "Good" in our communities.

At the age of 26, after losing her grandmother, Sherri was blessed with a part time job, working with Scoop's Founder, Sonny Driver, for over 20 years.  Brought together by Faith and Destiny, Sonny Driver spent over 20 years mentoring Sherri. When he became ill in 2018, she pledged to continue his legacy "The Legacy of Scoop USA Newspaper..."

Sherri's began working with Mr. Driver in 1996 as a typist.  Shortly after, the Typesetter left the office, leaving Sherri and Mr. Driver to buckle down and get the paper to press.  As a novice, it was not an easy time, and the paper even made it to press a day late a time or two... but we made it through, just the two of us.  After the initial years of learning to typeset there were many other staff changes, and Sherri remained on staff as a part time employee. She worked as the typesetter and bookkeeper and did whatever was needed.  As the years passed and Mr. Driver became older, he did less and less of the typesetting himself, instead he would watch and provide instructions.  As you can imagine, during this time Sherri and Mr. Driver had become very close and, in fact, she viewed him as a surrogate father...  

In November 2017, Sherri Darden took the helm of the city of Philadelphia’s second oldest Black Community Newspaper.  After working for Scoop for over 20 years under the direction of the Founding Publisher, Sherri Darden, purchased Scoop and committed to continuing the legacy of educating our communities during Mr. Driver’s last days.  

Employment and Education

In addition to her experience with Scoop, Sherri has held many part time jobs. She was a Cashier at Shoprite and Walmart, a private typist and secretary/bookkeeper.  

She graduated from Murrell Dobbins High School in 1987, with her diploma and experience in the booking trade, which landed her the job that set the stage for her life… in the same building where Scoop’s offices are today.  After working as a bookkeeper, Sherri became a mother and went to work full time as a Secretary at the Defender Association where she worked for 29 years, and dedicated her life to community service and progressed from the role of Secretary to the HR Manager role that she held upon her departure in 2018 to be at Scoop full time.  

While at the Defender and Scoop, Sherri attended Community College for bookkeeping and received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix for Business Management and her Master’s Degree from LaSalle University for Human Capital Management.  

In January 2018, Sherri came full circle as the owner of Scoop, working in the same office that she landed her first Co-op assignment (from Dobbins) in January 1987.  This is not planned for even foreseen, but it is a definite testament of God’s glory…