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November - December 2019


Honored and Blessed, Evelyn Champagne King is honored at this year's Philadelphia Music Walk-a-Fame

    This was truly a great blessing for a woman who got discovered at a music studio when she was 14-years-old cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors. On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, Evelyn “Champagne” King was one of seven music personalities honored with their own plagues embedded in the sidewalk of the Philadelphia Music Walk-a-Fame. The six other honorees selected were: The O Jays, The Hooters, Philadelphia Orchestra, WMMR radio personality Pierre Robert, philanthropist Dorrance “Dodo” Hamilton and CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group Jody Gerson. The Philadelphia Music Alliance held a special ceremony, in Center City, in front of the University of the Arts Building to honor the seven music icons. When Evelyn “Champagne” King was introduced, she walked over to her spot. When she saw her name, she dropped to both knees and kissed her embedded plague. After her kiss, she stayed on her knees and thanked God for her remarkable music career.                          

    Her Cinderella story began at Philadelphia International Records where her parents were working as contractors through their family cleaning business. On that night, Evelyn King was subbing for her sister as a cleaning woman. She had already started her shift. She was busy singing, cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors. Early that night, Evelyn was singing “A Change is Gonna Come.” While this was going on, a music producer had just stepped out one of the studios. Theodore T. Life was walking towards the bathroom when he heard the beautiful voice of Evelyn King.  

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October 2019


Maya Moore Leaves The WNBA To Deal With Wrongful Convictions In The Criminal Justice System

In a shocking and unbelievable move that has stunned many players and coaches in the WNBA, 6-foot forward Maya Moore has stepped away from basketball to help fight wrongful convictions in the criminal justice system. She’s also helping to fight to free a prisoner she believes was wrongly convicted 23 years ago.

Maya Moore, has launched a non-profit called “Win With Justice” to help free prisoners who have been wrongly convicted. While doing this, Moore also pushed a petition that has gathered over 40,000 signatures in her pursuit to help free Jonathan Irons. That’s the reason why she left the WNBA in the first place. She took a great interest in Jonathan Irons after she looked over his case. She found out about his case through one of her cousins who discovered Irons speaking at a prison ministry.                                                 

Maya Moore believes Irons is an innocent man. She believes Irons was wrongly convicted. She says there’s no evidence of finger print, foot print, no blood evidence or DNA that connects Jonathan Irons to the crime of a shooting. Also no weapon was ever found. Moore contributes to Irons’ defense attorney fees while he seeks to reopen his case. She also uses her platform to raise awareness about his case. Moore believes Irons deserves a fair trial and she demands it.  

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Parents, students and teachers are outraged with the School District’s handling of the closure of Be

    As of today, Philadelphia School District Superintendent Dr. William Hite has not come up with a better solution to get over 1,000 Philadelphia students back in their classrooms. Right now, this is not a good situation for those students. Parents and teachers are so frustrated about what’s going on that many of them have told school district administrators there should be some resignations and that Dr. William Hite should be one of them.  

    Asbestos is still keeping over 1,000 Philadelphia students out of their classrooms at Ben Franklin High School and Science Leadership Academy ( at Broad and Spring Garden Street ) where they share the same building. Right now, parents and teachers are very angry. Because of the asbestos problem, students of both schools have not been back in their classrooms for over a week.                        

    Since then, the school building at Ben Franklin High has been closed down while mitigation specialists address the problem about the asbestos. The closure comes after a multi-million dollar construction project (worth $37 million ) revealed high levels of asbestos running through the boiler room and other parts of the building.

This discovery has struck a core with parents. The district has come under fire and criticism for the number of times students have been in and out of the classrooms as a result of the revelation of dangerous materials inside the school building.                  

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Democratic Congressman Elijah E. Cummings was a Great Man who Rose to become a Champion of Justice

    As he stood with both hands placed on his walker, there was no question this would be the last time Maryland Congressman Elijah E. Cummings would be seen leaving the House of Congress. Before he was seen with his walker, Cummings had been in and out of the hospital for weeks. He was recovering from an unspecified medical procedure. 

Despite his bad health, Cummings was signing subpoenas from his hospital bed. He also helped lead a Democratic conference call from his hospital room. According to his wife, Maya Cummings, he worked in his hospital bed to the last day of his life.    On Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 2:45 a.m., 68-year-old Elijah Cummings died at Gilchrist Hospice Care which is affiliated with John Hopkins Hospital. He died in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. A spokeswoman, Trudy Perkins, said in a statement that Cummings died of “complications concerning longstanding health challenges with his heart.” No other details were disclosed about Cummings’ death. 

    However, in 2017, Cummings was in the hospital for two months after complications of a heart valve replacement. He was also hospitalized for a knee infection. He underwent a medical procedure in September that caused him to miss many hearings in Congress. He told a New York Times reporter that he was “living on borrowed time.” In his final months in the Capitol Building, Cummings would often sit in his wheel chair by the fireplace in the Speaker’s Lobby where he would read quietly or answer questions from White House reporters.      

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September 2019


What in the ‘World’ was Mike Scott thinking

Did Mike Scott really think Philadelphia Eagles fans weren’t going to say anything to him when he showed up at a Philadelphia Eagles tailgate party wearing a Washington Redskins jersey ? Did he really believe that ? Or did he think Eagles fans would just ignore him because he plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.

  Well, it doesn’t matter what he thought because a group of Eagles fans gave him a taste what could happen to a person when someone crashes their tailgate party and disrespects their football team. In this reporter’s eyes, what Mike Scott did at this tailgate party was really stupid and out-of-control.                                          

 It all started Sunday, September 8, before the Philadelphia Eagles played the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field. It has been reported that, Mike Scott was walking across the parking lot when he stopped at an Eagles tailgate party wearing his Washington Redskins jersey. He approached a group of Eagles fans. He confronted the tailgating fans about a coffin that was dedicated to the 1991 Washington Redskins. The coffin, which had a Washington Redskins t-shirt draped over it, was in reference to the last time the Washington Redskins had won a Super Bowl. Apparently, Mike Scott didn’t like what he saw and got very angry about the coffin. He started saying some nasty things. That’s when a group of tailgaters began getting hostile with the 31-year-old Philadelphia 76ers forward. The tailgaters didn’t know Mike Scott was a Philadelphia 76ers player. They all thought he was just a tall guy wearing a Redskins jersey trying to start trouble at their tailgate party.     

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JUNE - JULY 2019


State Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell hosts Wear Orange Rally Against Gun Violence

In an effort to stop gun violence on the streets of Philadelphia, State Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell hosted a Wear Orange Rally Against Gun Violence on Friday, June 7, 2019. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Council woman Jannie Blackwell, State Senator Vincent Hughes and District Attorney Larry Krasner were on hand to help spread the message about the seriousness of gun violence in our city.

The Wear Orange Rally was aimed to bring scores of people together to address gun violence in Philadelphia, and to acknowledge the life and death of Hadiya Pendleton, a teenage girl who lived in the City of Chicago. Orange is the color that Hadiya Pendleton’s friends wore in her honor when she was shot and killed at the age of 15, just one week after performing at President Obama’s second inaugural parade in 2013. After her death, her community asked the nation to stand up, speak out and Wear Orange to raise awareness about the seriousness of gun violence.

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In Celebration of its 90th Anniversary, Uptown Theater throws a Block Party

 To kick off the 90th anniversary celebration of the Uptown Theater, the Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation ( UEDC ) treated the community to a fabulous block party and honored people, with special awards, who have made a great difference in today’s society. The Uptown Theater held a Hall of Fame ceremony in their honor.                                                          To get the block party started, the Uptown Theater ( located near Broad & Dauphin ) invited people to a Health & Fitness Fair and a neighborhood flea market. In addition to that, the public was invited to step inside the legendary Uptown Theater to enjoy a tour of its amazing music history. The theater is historic and significant to the African-American community. It was popular for its rhythm and blues and early rock-n-roll. Groups like the Temptations, The Four Tops, Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Jackson Five and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles all performed at the Uptown Theater.   

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Hundreds gather for a big celebration to Rename 52nd Street Muhammad Ali Way


People came out in big numbers to join the festivities at Malcolm X Park in connection with the city’s Juneteenth celebration. A big float that carried a number of city officials led a parade from Parkside Avenue straight down 52nd Street to Malcolm X Park. About an hour later, there was something else going on, across the street from the park, that brought more people to the celebration.

Last Saturday, on June 22, 2019, the City of Philadelphia and the 400 Years Coalition held a big ceremony to rename 52nd Street as Muhammad Ali Way.

This event took place last as hundreds of people came out to honor the former heavyweight boxing champion. Hundreds of people gathered at the corner of 52nd & Addison Street to help kick off the big ceremony. On stage at this event was Muhammad Ali’s daughter Khaliah Ali, his grandson Jacob Wertheimer, Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia’s NAACP President Rodney Muhammad, State Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell and Council woman Jannie L. Blackwell. Each person spoke on stage and said great things about the legendary heavyweight boxing champion.

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This Dynamic Duo Walked Across Times Square in a Death-Defying High Wire Act


In great suspense, here are two of the greatest dare devil acts in the world, Nik and Lijana Wallenda, the brother and sister act of the Flying Wallendas. Last Sunday night, June 23, 2019, night, they walked through the sky in Times Square. They did a death-defying act, walking 25 stories above the streets of New York City.

This daredevil act aired, on ABC and was watched by millions of people across America. The pair wore tethered safety harnesses which was required by New York City in case the worst happened. In the name of Jesus, it seemed like the world was sitting on their shoulders. They had to walk a quarter-mile on a high wire that stretched high above the big streets of Manhattan. To make things more incredible, the high wire was no bigger than a person’s thumb. Both performers held balancing poles on a wire. They were scheduled to walk on opposite sides of a 1,300 foot wire that stretched between Times Square at the west end of 42nd Street to the west side of 47th Street.

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A Serious Warning for all people on the Fourth of July

A nine year-old girl is dealing with the lost of her two fingers. It happened on Sunday morning, June 30, 2019, just after 10:30 AM on the 1800 block of East Wishart Street in Kensington. The little girl was messing around with an explosive device that her father purchased from a man on the street. Somehow, the little girl found the explosive device in the her house and unfortunately it exploded in her hands.

Neighbors told Channel 6 Action News they heard a loud explosion and screams coming from the house. Then the next thing they knew, neighbors saw smoke coming from the child’s home.  One neighbor rushed inside the house and covered child’s hands with some clothing. Then the child was rushed to the hospital with her distraught mother crying out-of-control. Police officers transferred the little girl to a police vehicle and rushed her to St. Christopher Hospital. The girl was listed in critical condition. The girl sustained injuries to both hands also cuts to her chest, face and burns to her eyes.  

 “It was like a loud boom, it was loud, I heard it in the back room,” said Judith Sierra who lives across the street. “There was smoke coming out the house.  A neighbor was pushing the door real hard to get to the little girl.”

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In his mind, it was matter of life or death. That was the only thing on his mind. Last Thursday night, a man named Jermaine, who refused to give his last name, received a phone call from his sister who alerted him about his bed-ridden mother appeared to be trapped inside her high-rise apartment. He believed his mother was in danger and was unable to escape a fire that threatened to reach the 15th floor.

  Jermaine’s 65-year-old mother was among several residents, at the 19-story West Park Apartments, located at 4445 Holden Street in the West Powelton section, who refused  to leave the building after a fire started inside the trash chute that’s located on the fourth floor. The fire started around 9:20 pm as neighbors were alerted by fire officials to immediately evacuate the apartment building. Meantime, 35-year-old Jermaine raced over to his mother’s apartment building where he found his sister and nephew standing outside. They told him that his mother was still inside the apartment building trapped in her apartment on the 15th floor. There were 100 cops standing out there along with 50 fire fighters. They said the whole building was on fire and they weren’t letting anybody in.                                                                      That’s when witnesses watched Jermaine risk his own life. First, he tried to enter through the front door, but was blocked by police. He was told the elevators were not working. And then, he tried to take the stairs, but the fire fighters refused to allow him to enter the building.                                                        That’s when he sprung into action. Jermaine ran around the building and he grabbed onto a gate that was connected to a window. He started climbing up the building. He was climbing up the building like your neighborhood Spider Man. Jermaine told Channel 6 Action News that he used to jump roofs when he was a kid. He’s glad all that practice really paid off for him.

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July 2019


Robert Mendelsohn leaves his mark in the Philadelphia Media Community

Photographer Robert Mendelsohn leaves his mark in the Philadelphia Media Community and his Love for Black Folks around the city  

On Monday, a memorial service was set for long-time free-lance photographer Robert Mendelsohn who died last Friday, on July 26, in his rooming house in Germantown. Robert Mendelsohn once worked for the Philadelphia Tribune, the New Observer and the Philadelphia Sunday Sun.                                               Mendelsohn was found dead last Friday night after he failed to respond to messages on his phone, according to his sister, Judith Mendelsohn-Marcus, who lives in Delran, Burlington County. She said the cause of death was heart disease. A time of death was never determined. Robert Mendelsohn was 61-years-old.  

  On Wednesday morning, July 31, a funeral service was held for Robert Mendelsohn at Goldstein’s Funeral Home, located at 6410 North Broad Street. People came from all parts of the city to honor a man who shot pictures for over 20 years in the Black community.

Robert Mendelsohn, who was born Jewish, worked exclusively for Black-owned newspapers. He traveled from one end of the city to another. He would often hit the suburbs when he did his assignments. And he did it often relying on public transportation. At times, he would travel across the Tri-state. No matter the time or place. It didn’t matter to him. Robert loved his work and he loved people. He attended almost every African American event in the city. In the Black community, he was known as the being the only white guy standing in the room. That didn’t bother him because he felt more comfortable being around Black folks. His love for Black folks fit like a glove. He loved Black folks and Black folks loved him. That’s the reason why his death has been a major impact on people in the Black community. He left his mark on Black folks around this city.

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Hope is Still Alive For a 14-year- old Boy Who Remains in Extremely Critical Condition

Today, a 14-year-old boy is still fighting for his life after a gunman ambushed him and shot him in the back of the head. The teen was playing inside a school yard at Longstreth Elementary School, located on the 5700 block of Willows Avenue. The school is just a block from his home in Southwest Philadelphia. The shooting occurred Saturday night, around 7 PM on August 24.                                           Today, the boy’s family prays for a miracle. The 14-year-old teenager is still clinging to life.                                              

While his life hangs in the balance, a group of community members wanted to show their love and support for the fallen victim. They decided to travel to the boy’s neighborhood and march in the street. Once they got there, they wasted no time getting started. They gathered at the same school yard where the teenager was shot. They wanted his neighbors to know they are tired of the blood shed that continues to terrorize the neighborhoods. They wanted people to know these shootings don’t make any sense. So without giving a second thought, the group started marching from the school yard into the street. They walked in the street and up the block. They marched to the boy’s block and greeted his neighbors on the 5800 block of Willows Avenue. That’s where they stood and held a prayer for the 14-year-old shooting victim.   

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