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november 2019


Philadelphia Eagles’ Jordan Matthews will face his Demons Against New England

   On Sunday afternoon, Jordan Matthews will find himself in an awkward position when the Philadelphia Eagles face the New England Patriots in a regular season showdown at Lincoln Financial Field. This will be the first time the Eagles will play the New England Patriots at home since they beat New England in the Super Bowl in 2017. There’s no doubt, Eagles fans will be hyped for this game. Sunday’s showdown is set for 4:25pm.

For starters, this will be the third time around that Jordan Matthews will be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. He signed a contract with the Eagles on Monday morning and participated in the team’s on-field workout before he met with the media at his locker at the Nova Care Complex.                           “I feel like it’s unprecedented,” said Matthews about his recent return to the team. “I’ve heard of guys going back to the team that drafted them once. But not twice. It’s crazy.”                                 

When Matthews found out he was coming back to the Eagles, he was jumping around like a dude who just hit the million-dollar jackpot.

“I was texting all the guys on the Eagles team,” said Matthews. “I was telling them it’s really happening. I was a like a little kid in a candy store. It was like I was getting drafted all over again. I was just so happy. I can’t even explain it. I picked up my son and ran him around the house like he was Simba. It was a good feeling, man.”

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No More DeSean Jackson for the Rest of the Regular Season

    For the second time this season, DeSean Jackson has suffered a setback in his football career. His abdominal muscle is completely torn off the bone, making his current setback a lot harder to deal with,  He had only a small tear back on September 15, 2019. That’s when his injury happened against the tough Atlanta Falcons. But now, his condition is a lot worse. 

   The Eagles wide receiver experienced more pain in his abdominal area. Jackson felt more pain, last Sunday, when he was tackled after making a catch on the Eagles’ opening drive. Moments later, he left the game and never returned. His injury required surgery on his core muscle. He had surgery on Tuesday morning with core muscle specialist Dr. William Meyers. Due to his surgery, Jackson is expected to miss 4-6 weeks from football. Eagles coach Doug Pederson hopes Jackson can return to the Philadelphia Eagles in time for the playoffs. But right now, those hopes seem to be very slim.  

Before Jackson played in Sunday’s game, he spent six weeks in rehabilitation. He worked so hard in his workouts. Jackson felt he was making great progress. It had gotten to the point the Eagles coaches were comfortable with him returning to practice. And shortly after that, they gave him the green light to rejoin the team. That’s when he played last Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

   But now, his football season hangs in the balance. Jackson hopes he will be able to come back to the Eagles and play in the playoffs. “I put all my passion into this game,” said Jackson. “I don’t care if anyone ever doubts that! If people are mad, that’s understandable. I’m more angry than anybody else. But it’s God’s plan, not mine. I have to trust the process.”    

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The Philadelphia Phillies named Joe Girardi the team’s new manager and He’s a True Winner

  When the news broke that Joe Girardi had officially been named the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, baseball fans in New York City erupted in a big uproar.                             

  This past Monday, on the Joe and Evan Show that airs every morning on W-Fan Sports Radio 66 AM in New York City, a bunch of angry New York Mets fans called the radio station as they flooded the airwaves with a bunch of nasty comments. Many of their comments are too nasty to run in this newspaper. Basically, the New York Mets fans were angry that Girardi had become the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies and not the New York Mets.                                               

   Back on October 3, 2019, the New York Mets had fired Mickey Callaway and they went to interview Girardi for the job. However, Girardi was already busy talking to other teams. He was already talking to the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs when he began his search for a new baseball team. To add more fuel to the fire, the New York Mets went on to schedule a second interview with the former New York Yankee manager.                                      

  And then, in a desperate move, the Phillies stepped up their game. The Phillies quickly booked Girardi for a second and third interview. Both interviews took place in Philadelphia a week before he was hired by the Phillies organization. After Girardi did an all-day interview with the Phillies, that took place on Monday, October 21, 2019,  he quickly emerged as the leading candidate to take the job as the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.                             

  Those interviews were really worth it. Today, Girardi has signed a three-year contract that has a club option for 2023. In early October, Girardi made a wise choice to step down as the manager of Team USA. Instead of spending his summer at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, he wanted another opportunity to be a manager in the Major League.      

  Then it happened, on Monday afternoon, October 28, 2019, in a 35-minute press conference held at a sports pub at Citizens Bank Park. In front of the Philadelphia media, Joe Girardi was introduced as the new manager of the 2020 Philadelphia Phillies.                 

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