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January - February 2020


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Left behind A great Legacy in the World of Sports and the entire Nation

    On April 4, 1968, an outpouring of anger struck almost every Black American in the United States. It was a horrible day that marked the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On that day, shortly after 6pm, Dr. King was standing on the second floor balcony of the Lorraine Motel, in Memphis Tennessee. He was called to Memphis to stage a march in support of the sanitation workers’ strike. He had already did one march and was seeking a court order to do another march. Moments after he stepped on the balcony to get some air, a sniper’s bullet struck the civil rights leader in the neck. Dr. King was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead an hour later at the age of 39.

    Sadly enough, Dr. King’s assassination brought America to its feet. During his fight for justice, Dr. King had spoken out against segregation, unfair housing, low wages and economic disparity. But now, the famous civil rights leader was gone. Shock and anger sparked riots in more than 100 cities across the United States. Much of the riots triggered burning and looting on the city streets. In the city of Washington D.C., Ralph “Petey” Greene, a radio personality and community activist, encouraged his radio audience to stop the rioting over Dr. King’s assassination. The next night, Petey Greene relayed the same message at a James Brown concert at Georgetown University.

The death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. affected an entire nation. Not only did his death affect millions of Black Americans, but it changed the voice of many Black athletes. Dr. King’s death had a profound influence of many Black athletes around the nation. 

    A day after Dr. King’s assassination, in Game 1 of the Eastern Division Finals, between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics, the game came close to being canceled. However, the NBA made a decision to play the game anyway. A crowd of 14,412 filled the seats at the Philadelphia Spectrum. The Boston Celtics won the playoff opener. They defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 127-118. Wilt Chamberlain scored 33 points in the game. Meantime, John Havlicek led the Boston Celtics with 35 points. Almost one week later, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell attended King’s funeral. 

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Philadelphia Eagles star Harold Carmichael leads the senior class in the Proball Hall of Fame

    It could happen in a few days. Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Harold Carmichael could be one of 10 NFL players to be named as a senior member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.     

To kick off this brand new decade, the NFL will celebrate the league’s 100th anniversary by adding 15 senior inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The NFL will add 15 senior inductees to this year’s Hall of Fame centennial class. The centennial class will have 10 senior players, two legendary NFL coaches and three other NFL competitors who have made major contributions in the NFL in the last 25-years. All 15 senior inductees will join the Pro Football Hall of Fame along with the induction of ( 5 ) modern-era NFL players.

   In a few days, Harold Carmichael will find out if he will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Carmichael could lead this year’s Hall of Fame senior class. The senior class will finally get the recognition they deserve. This is good news for Harold Carmichael who has been trying for years to get his foot inside the door.     

 Harold Carmichael, a four-time Pro Bowl star, played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1971-1983. He also played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1984. Carmichael, who became the most-feared wide receiver in the NFL, led the Philadelphia Eagles to the 1981 Super Bowl. The Eagles lost to the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl, 27-10.                                      

     Despite the team playing better football, Harold Carmichael was the player who helped turn the Eagles team around. He helped the Eagles become real Super Bowl contenders.

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Call Him “The New York Strangler ”

Boston Scott Scores 3 Touchdowns and Leads The Eagles to Victory to Capture the NFC East Division Title

   Andrew Toney was named “The Boston Strangler.” And now, Boston Scott is called “The New York Strangler.” Back in the day when the Philadelphia 76ers made many of their playoff runs, a slick shooting guard named Andrew Toney was known to be a dominate shooter on the court, especially when the 76ers played against the Boston Celtics.  In the 1982 Eastern Conference Finals, Toney torched the Boston Celtics with 30 points in Game 2 and then he came right back to score 39 points in Game 4. And finally, Toney finished off the Boston Celtics when he scored 34 points in Game 7. Andrew Toney’s performance was truly outstanding. Because of his strong dominance against the Boston Celtics, the Boston sports writers named Andrew Toney “The Boston Strangler.”

And now, 37 years later, another dominant Philadelphia player has terrorized another team on the East Coast. His name is Boston Scott and he’s a running back for the NFC East Division Champions Philadelphia Eagles. Because of his great performance against the New York Giants, this reporter decided to give Boston Scott his own nickname: “The New York Strangler.” 

   “The New York Strangler” is a nickname that fits this Philadelphia Eagles running back.

Last Sunday, in the last regular season game, Boston Scott scored three touchdowns in the second half to lead the Philadelphia Eagles over the New York Giants, 34-17. Boston Scott ran the football 19 times for 54 yards and he caught the football four times for 84 yards. He became the third Eagles player in team history to rush and catch the football for over 50 yards while scoring three touchdowns in a game. He joined Wilbert Montgomery and Brian Westbrook in that exclusive category. He also became the fourth Philadelphia Eagles running back in franchise history to score three touchdowns in the second half.

   In Sunday’s game, Scott scored two touchdowns from the 2-yard line and one touchdown from the 7-yard line.    “The New York Strangler” turned a screen pass into a big 39-yard gain. He was spinning and twisting as he exploded to the 2-yard line. On the next snap, Boston Scott scored his third touchdown of the game. That made the final score 34-17 as the Philadelphia Eagles clinched their second NFC East division title in three years.

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november - december 2019


Philadelphia Eagles Deliver a Knockout Punch to The Dallas Cowboys and are one step closer to an NFC

    From start to finish, the Philadelphia Eagles were in total control. The Eagles knew they had to win this football game to keep their playoff hopes alive. They had to beat the Dallas Cowboys to stay in the hunt for the NFC East Division title. This was a must-win game. The Eagles couldn’t allow this opportunity to slip through their fingertips. It was either win this game or face the reality of missing the playoffs.

    Carson Wentz earned his second career victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Wentz completed 31 of 40 passes for 319 yards and one touchdown. Meantime, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott completed 25 of 44 passes for 265 yards. He missed his receivers many times. He didn’t throw one touchdown pass. With a flashback of the 2017 Eagles Super Bowl team, Philadelphia used all their weapons, last Sunday, to beat the Dallas Cowboys 17-9. With the victory, the Eagles pushed their record to 8-7 and they just need to win Sunday’s game to claim the NFC East Division Title. They can do it Sunday against the New York Giants.

    The key to the Eagles’ victory was the team’s defense. Led by Eagles’ safety Malcolm Jenkins, the Dallas Cowboys only scored three points in the second half. The Eagles’ secondary didn’t allow Dallas to burn them with any long passes.

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Philadelphia Eagles get ready for a showdown for the NFC Division Title against the Dallas Cowboys

    This victory wasn’t pretty. As a matter of fact, it was pretty damn ugly. But in the game of football, a victory is a victory no matter how you get it.             

In the case of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, last Sunday’s victory means a great deal to him. Especially, after the Philadelphia Eagles trailed 14-10 at halftime and 21-17 early in the fourth quarter against the Washington Redskins. That game was a back-and-forth battle until the Eagles broke loose in the middle of the fourth quarter to win the game.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that the Eagles recovered the football that was fumbled by Carson Wentz, the Eagles would probably be singing a different tune. Wentz fumbled the football with 14:51 left in the fourth quarter. It happened before Miles Sanders ran through the Redskins’ defense and exploded for 56 yards. His 56-yard explosion put the football at the Redskins’ 19-yard line. Wentz is very lucky the Redskins didn’t recover that football or else the game would have had a different ending.

However, after Wentz got stopped at the 2-yard line, he came back and found Zach Ertz wide open for a touchdown. Wentz was able to whip the football to Zach Ertz on the far side of the end zone. That touchdown gave the Eagles a 24-21 lead after kicker Jake Elliott added on the extra point.

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Philadelphia Eagles pull off a Miracle against the New York Giants

 Today, there’s no question about it. Today supposed to be different day for the Philadelphia Eagles. If it wasn’t for the fact the Eagles rallied back, from a 17-3 first half deficit, to win Monday Night’s football game in overtime, 23-17, there’s no doubt Eagles fans would be demanding Carson Wentz to pack his bags and leave Philadelphia.

But instead, the Eagles are 6-7 after they beat the New York Giants to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. Today, the Eagles are tied for first place with the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East Division title. Going into this week, the Cowboys are riding a three-game losing streak. The Eagles can win the NFC East if they win their final three games which includes a battle with the Cowboys, on December 22, in Week 16, at Lincoln Financial Field.  

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the fact the New York Giants allowed the Eagles to stage its comeback in the second half. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the two-time Super Bowl MVP, threw a pair of touchdown passes to Darius Slayton that helped give the New York Giants a 17-3 lead in the first half. Manning connected with Slayton for touchdown passes of 35 and 55 yards. Slayton finished the first half with five catches for 154 yards. But, he didn’t make any catches in the second half. Manning, who was 15 of 30 for 203 yards in the game, was filling in for injured rookie quarterback Daniel Jones. Despite his first half performance, Eli Manning couldn’t stop New York from losing the game. 

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In these last four games, It’s Do or Die for the Philadelphia Eagles

There’s no better way to say this, but the Philadelphia Eagles must win their last four games if they want to make the playoffs. In their case, it’s do or die. To be honest with you, the Eagles shouldn’t be in this situation. But that’s what happens when your football team loses to the worst team in the National Football League.

For the fifth time this season and for the third week in a row, the Philadelphia Eagles entered the fourth quarter with a great chance to win the football game. And for the fifth time this season and for the third week in a row, the Eagles failed to win the football game. Right now, you can point fingers at different players on this Eagles team. You can point your finger at Nelson Algholor for not making big catches or Alshon Jeffery for dropping big catches. Or you can point your finger at the Eagles’ secondary for giving up a number of touchdowns during this whole messed up season. But the bottom line is, you gotta sit back and point your finger at your $180 million dollar quarterback who hasn’t been able to play a full season for the Eagles since he became the team’s number one quarterback three seasons ago. Yes, you have to point your finger at Carson Wentz who hasn’t been able to get the job done.

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Overbrook High is ready to battle West Philadelphia High in Thursday’s Turkey Bowl game

The scoreboard told the whole story. West Philadelphia Speedboys 36 Overbrook High 0. That was the final score two years ago when the West Philadelphia Speedboys beat  Overbrook High in the 94th Annual Turkey Bowl game.

As you know, the two teams didn’t play in last year’s Turkey Bowl game. The game got canceled due to a fight that happened in the stands during the regular season. The fight happened in a game when the West Philadelphia Speedboys played the Olney High Trojans. An Olney High football player jumped in the stands and attacked a parent of a West Philadelphia High football player. Because of that incident, the Turkey Bowl game got canceled and the two schools played an Alumni game. In that game, Overbrook High beat the West Philadelphia Speedboys 12-6. Even though it wasn’t a real high school football game, both teams played their hearts out. 

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Colin Kaepernick pulls a stunt on The NFL and shows Rodger Goodell who’s the Boss…

   Colin Kaepernick dug deep into his personal playbook and ran a play that shocked the forces of the NFL.                  

Last Saturday afternoon, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback called an audible and changed the venue for his NFL workout from the Atlanta Falcons training facility to the Charles Drew High School football field in Riverdale, Georgia.  Located south of Hartsfield, about 60 miles away in the metro section of Atlanta, Georgia, it is a short distance from Atlanta International Airport. The reason he made the switch, Kaepernick wanted to make sure his people got transparency of what was going on with his workout. In other words, he wanted to make sure the NFL wasn’t pulling a publicity stunt in order to make him look bad.                                 

   First of all, the NFL wanted Kaepernick to sign a liability waiver that addresses employment-related issues. The waiver also included Kaepernick would sign away his right to sue teams in the future, regardless of whether or not they approved his workout. At the same time, the NFL rejected the standard liability waiver from physical injury that was proposed by Kaepernick’s representatives. This forced Kaepernick to switch gears and make new plans for his workout. The media was told at the last minute about the switch. In return, Kaepernick laid out the new rules. The new rules were put in place before the media arrived at the new location. The new rules stated: The workout would no longer be private. His workout would be open to the public and the media. 

  In addition to that, Kaepernick’s film crew would be allowed to videotape the workout. He made this all possible because the NFL wouldn’t allow any of this to happen. Instead, the NFL wanted to videotape the workout themselves and distribute the footage to all 32 NFL teams. The NFL wanted to be judge and jury. Also, in the worse case scenario, the NFL would be the executioner. In his mind, Kaepernick didn’t trust anything the NFL was doing. He didn’t care about the previous arrangement the NFL made. He didn’t like the way the NFL handled the whole situation. So, to be on the safe side, Kaepernick pulled out his bag of tricks and made sure things were done his way. He pulled this stunt at the last moment, two hours before his scheduled workout at the Atlanta football facility. He had already picked a new location for his workout. He led people 60 miles to a high school football field in Riversdale, Georgia.    

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Philadelphia Eagles’ Jordan Matthews will face his Demons Against New England

On Sunday afternoon, Jordan Matthews will find himself in an awkward position when the Philadelphia Eagles face the New England Patriots in a regular season showdown at Lincoln Financial Field. This will be the first time the Eagles will play the New England Patriots at home since they beat New England in the Super Bowl in 2017. There’s no doubt, Eagles fans will be hyped for this game. Sunday’s showdown is set for 4:25pm.

For starters, this will be the third time around that Jordan Matthews will be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. He signed a contract with the Eagles on Monday morning and participated in the team’s on-field workout before he met with the media at his locker at the Nova Care Complex.                           “I feel like it’s unprecedented,” said Matthews about his recent return to the team. “I’ve heard of guys going back to the team that drafted them once. But not twice. It’s crazy.”                                 

When Matthews found out he was coming back to the Eagles, he was jumping around like a dude who just hit the million-dollar jackpot.

“I was texting all the guys on the Eagles team,” said Matthews. “I was telling them it’s really happening. I was a like a little kid in a candy store. It was like I was getting drafted all over again. I was just so happy. I can’t even explain it. I picked up my son and ran him around the house like he was Simba. It was a good feeling, man.”

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No More DeSean Jackson for the Rest of the Regular Season

 For the second time this season, DeSean Jackson has suffered a setback in his football career. His abdominal muscle is completely torn off the bone, making his current setback a lot harder to deal with,  He had only a small tear back on September 15, 2019. That’s when his injury happened against the tough Atlanta Falcons. But now, his condition is a lot worse. 

The Eagles wide receiver experienced more pain in his abdominal area. Jackson felt more pain, last Sunday, when he was tackled after making a catch on the Eagles’ opening drive. Moments later, he left the game and never returned. His injury required surgery on his core muscle. He had surgery on Tuesday morning with core muscle specialist Dr. William Meyers. Due to his surgery, Jackson is expected to miss 4-6 weeks from football. Eagles coach Doug Pederson hopes Jackson can return to the Philadelphia Eagles in time for the playoffs. But right now, those hopes seem to be very slim.  

Before Jackson played in Sunday’s game, he spent six weeks in rehabilitation. He worked so hard in his workouts. Jackson felt he was making great progress. It had gotten to the point the Eagles coaches were comfortable with him returning to practice. And shortly after that, they gave him the green light to rejoin the team. That’s when he played last Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

But now, his football season hangs in the balance. Jackson hopes he will be able to come back to the Eagles and play in the playoffs. “I put all my passion into this game,” said Jackson. “I don’t care if anyone ever doubts that! If people are mad, that’s understandable. I’m more angry than anybody else. But it’s God’s plan, not mine. I have to trust the process.”    

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The Philadelphia Phillies named Joe Girardi the team’s new manager and He’s a True Winner

When the news broke that Joe Girardi had officially been named the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, baseball fans in New York City erupted in a big uproar.                             

This past Monday, on the Joe and Evan Show that airs every morning on W-Fan Sports Radio 66 AM in New York City, a bunch of angry New York Mets fans called the radio station as they flooded the airwaves with a bunch of nasty comments. Many of their comments are too nasty to run in this newspaper. Basically, the New York Mets fans were angry that Girardi had become the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies and not the New York Mets.                                               

Back on October 3, 2019, the New York Mets had fired Mickey Callaway and they went to interview Girardi for the job. However, Girardi was already busy talking to other teams. He was already talking to the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs when he began his search for a new baseball team. To add more fuel to the fire, the New York Mets went on to schedule a second interview with the former New York Yankee manager.                                      

And then, in a desperate move, the Phillies stepped up their game. The Phillies quickly booked Girardi for a second and third interview. Both interviews took place in Philadelphia a week before he was hired by the Phillies organization. After Girardi did an all-day interview with the Phillies, that took place on Monday, October 21, 2019,  he quickly emerged as the leading candidate to take the job as the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.                             

Those interviews were really worth it. Today, Girardi has signed a three-year contract that has a club option for 2023. In early October, Girardi made a wise choice to step down as the manager of Team USA. Instead of spending his summer at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, he wanted another opportunity to be a manager in the Major League.      

Then it happened, on Monday afternoon, October 28, 2019, in a 35-minute press conference held at a sports pub at Citizens Bank Park. In front of the Philadelphia media, Joe Girardi was introduced as the new manager of the 2020 Philadelphia Phillies.                 

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