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Come ooonnn... Debt Free!

Some people put their trust in the rolling of dice to get out of physical debt, but ofttimes they leave their money at the game table.  Every now and then, one person may win to encourage others to keep on playing because they could be the next winner.  Games of chance should be looked at as such, a Game that you may or may not win.  Please do not use your rent money, mortgage money, light or gas bill money…etc. to play a game that does not have 100% guarantee on your money, which would put your family in more distress if lost.  Remember, everyone playing the game wants to win!  

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Black Love

Wilmington, DE- Where is the Love in our community? Yes, you can see it here and there, but over all it’s absence.  We must start effecting a change in our community especially those of  you who have information to share that will improve what is currently going on.  When we starting loving properly again, we will not  kill each other or steal from each other. The abuse will cease and our children can grow up without being taken or assaulted.  Where are the elders that have been in the process of becoming married (becoming one) for 35 years or more? No cheating! No abuse! These couples should share how are they doing it? Love should be the agenda for our family and to help improve our community, but it helps when we have examples before us to follow.

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The power of Compromising

Wilmington, DE- Please do not think that if a person compromises its a sign of weakness or that the other side won.  How many people have compromised or sufficed when it came to your children? Your career? For your spouse? When you love something or someone, you will find that compromising is necessary to accomplish the over all goal.  Pride and ego are not the standard in a relationship.  The standard for a women was laid out in Proverbs 31:10-31 which is often referred to as The Capable Woman.  In verses 25-27 it states, “Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.  She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.  She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.”  The word idleness is defined as a state of inaction; inactivity.  Most women are always doing something, the question is are we getting our desired results?

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The danger in procastinating

Wilmington, DE- To procrastinate is defined as to delay or postpone action; put off doing something. Some moments we cannot get back and as result, find ourselves with some regrets. My father called me on Friday, January 23, 2015 at 1:39 p.m., I did not answer and he left a voicemail. I was working and very busy, I told myself that I would call him on Monday before I start work, but he died before I could call him. That is a moment that is gone forever. I have learned to stop putting things off because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Although I still have the last few voicemails my father left me, thanks to the feature that iPhone’s have in which you can undelete voicemails, it does not replace him. Please call your love one’s today! Don’t be afraid to tell them you love them! Yes, love is a verb and requires action, but it does feel good to hear the words sometimes. My dad always ended our conversations or voicemails with I love you. I focus on what he, my mother, grandparents taught me and I am striving to make their many sacrifices for me to not be in vain. I thank God for my parents and grandparents.

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Getting rid of the shadow

Wilmington, DE-The 23rd Psalm it says, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”  Currently, I live in the Delaware Valley in Wilmington, Delaware.  Let us look at the beginning part of the verse in which we must understand certain words before we continue.  First, the word valley is defined as a low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it.  Second, the word shadow is defined as a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.  Finally, the word death is defined as the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.  So when we read this verse again after refreshing our minds with the definitions, the valley of the shadow of death is a place and people that is not reflecting God.  In 1 John 1:5 it says, “ This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”  

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Problem solving

We must solve our problems. The word problem is defined as a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. We have community problems, family problems, health problems and/or individual problems that we must began to address. Please do not think there is no solution because there is. We must make the necessary connections to deal with our situation that is disturbing our peace of mind.

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God wants “YOU”

Yes, God wants his people to recognize and submit to his instructions. In the Bible it says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” This Bible verse is full of instructions, but gives us a picture of the benefit for following the word of God. The first thing that stands out to me is that God has a name. What is the name of God? The word name is defined as a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to. In Genesis 2:20 it says, “And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.” A dog, looks for another dog, a cat looks for another cat and a bird looks for another bird to do what? Do the animals that we were given dominion over, have more intelligence then men and women? God said, “ Be fruitful and multiply…” that is one of the two reasons for a man having hopefully a wife. When you love someone, it is natural to want to reproduce them. That is a bond in which some take for granted, to be able to reproduce a god while being obedient to God command’s power within itself. The challenge is to live with purpose and seek the necessary information to accomplish His objective. God wants “You.”

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Wooing God!

Wilmington-The word woo means to seek the favor, support, custom of or try to gain the love of (someone), especially with a view to marriage.  If we were going out on a date with God, where would you take Him? What would you wear? What would you talk about? Now for the man, if your daughter or niece was going out with God, what advice would you give her? The word advice is defined as guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.  Would you be nervous? Just imagine, you are going out with someone that knows what you are thinking.  How do you feel now?

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Wooing God (Part 2)

I got several people giving me positive feedback from the article last week, so I decided to continue with the same topic “Wooing God.” Let us revisit the definition of wooing which means, “To seek the favor, support, or try to gain the love of someone.” Notice the “ing” at the end of woo which lets us know that it is on going. The Bible says, “God is Love.” How will you get the attention of God? What would you say? What would you do? Offer? How long would you try to get the attention of God? Please do not say God loves everybody because He does not love Satan or hypocrites. God have given us a chance to come out of our rebellion, deviation, self-hatred and ignorance, but His mercy will not last forever. Through this wooing process, we must remain steadfast and willing to rid ourselves of anything that will put us in jeopardy of losing the favor and support of God.

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Thou shall not kill, the 5th of the 10 Commandments

Wilmington- My prayers go out to anyone who has lost a family member from senseless murder. Over all, people do not seem to respect the word of God, but claim to be children of God, The Believers, Christians, Muslims…etc. whatever title or label we personally choose to embrace, our actions go contrary to what is written.

Now, if we were true to the label or title that we wear most of the killing would STOP! We must start helping people in our community see the value of their lives and others. Sometimes people are being killed by accident in random shootings or “being in the wrong place, at the wrong time,” and we are losing our future. What are we willing to do to work with lawmakers and business owners to create more opportunities to reduce some of our social situations such as drug addiction, unemployment, family counseling, etc. so we can began to heal as a whole. Can a person who is hungry really deny their hunger?

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Are you happy? The dictionary defined as a feeling of pleasure, joy over a particular thing or contentment with a person. This is a good place to be in to accomplish the many tasks at hand. We should want to surround ourselves with people that are also happy. People say, “Water seeks its own level” so with that in mind, scan your environment now. How can you reproduce what you see in our community? Do you want others that you know to be happy? If you answered yes, what can you do to assist them immediately? The Bible says, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” According to this verse, if we truly want happiness for our family and friends, with the help of God, we can make it a reality.

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When two or three gather…

Wilmington, DE - The Bible says, “ For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” On Saturday, June 30, 2019 at Walt’s Chicken in Wilmington, Delaware, Socializing With A Purpose SWAP, Inc. hosted its second quarterly meeting. The agenda for this luncheon focused on one of the Hopes of SWAP which states, “To Create A Networking System That Is Based on Honesty and Trust.” Oftentimes we do not trust each other and that makes doing business almost impossible. Also, we must learn again to be able to take people at their word by being honest. My grandmother used to say, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” I must say, to see what I had in my mind come into fruition, with a positive and productive interaction among the Women, was a piece of heaven on Earth. We do care about each other when we are put in a nourishing environment. The next invitation only luncheon for SWAP, God willing is scheduled for June.

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Classix Lady B

If you don’t know, you should know that Lady B is back on the radio. The Basement Party has moved, maybe to the main floor.

The R & B beat may be a little different but the Classic Motown, Soul and Philly Sound will be in full effect on the new Classix Philly 107 fm. The station formerly known as Praise will still have a gospel presents, but to lesser degree..

Lady B left the air in a radio business dispute the departure. The departure was a bit ugly, but obviously the old wounds have healed as she is back with Radio One after leaving one of Radio One’s fm stations in the Philadelphia, Delaware Valley Area.

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Movement or a Moment

When your life is altered by the death of a child. The grief is something that cannot be measured in days or weeks or even years. Every day for the rest of your life is a reminder of what could have been and what will never be. 

The College of New Jersey recently held a Speaker's Event - Mother's of The Movement Speak, A Town Hall discussion led by mothers who have lost children to police violence and have joined the fight for justice and police accountability. The mothers who were featured included Samaria Rice who is the mother of Tamir Rice, an eleven year old child shot in Cleveland, Ohio on sight by a police officer while playing in a public park with toy gun; and, Gwen Carr who is the mother of Eric Garner, who was violently arrested by several police officers. His death and statements, that he could not breath while in a choke hold were documented on video. The event was moderated by author, activist and journalist Bakari Kitwana.

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Truth Serum Talk making moves

Truth Serum Talk is the emerging Facebook live program that, after being an entertainment information source, is looking to be more by adding a podcast and streaming it’s content to gain a greater audience. Truth serum will be part of the growing lineup of programs and presenters at the Dare Academy, WCDM Radio in Camden New Jersey. Wcmd is a full service streaming digital media broadcasting station. The thought and podcast formating of audio for phones and other internet computer devices is a growing financial industry and Truth Serum Talk wants to be a leader in the market of podcasting in this area.

The hosts of Truth Serum are Sunny Desiree, Charlee Dean Harris and Evette Skerritt Ramos. “Truth serum talk is a Tuesday Happy Hour we get together we sit down and tell the truth. We have a new drink every week and a new topic every week. We keep it real, we talk relationships and friendships, we talk about it all. We talk with all kinds of people, politicians, entertainers, friends and family, my sister is part of the show, Watch, Sip, Share.” We have one day a week were you can say what you want, and be who you are. We do have to advise and state a disclaimer, we are an adult program” says Sunny Desiree.

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Black Women in Sport Foundation host Night at the Phillies

Amid the historic backdrop of Jackie Robinson Day, Black Women in Sport Foundation (BWSF) is hosted BWSF Night at the Phillies with a special Pre-game Honors Reception, on Monday April 15, 2019 at the Phillies Tour Group Meeting Room at Citizens Bank Park.

The BWSF recognized a dynamic team of accomplished individuals who support its mission to increase the involvement of black women and girls in all aspects of sport, including athletics, coaching and administration.

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Soul opens season with a Victory at Home

The Philadelphia Soul Arena Football team opened their 14th season against the Atlantic City Blackjacks on April 27, 2019.

The Soul three time Arena Football League Champions have won four straight season openers and are 10 - 3 in season opening games. Clint Dolenzel is beginning his 7th year as Head Coach of the Soul.. The last time the Soul opened the arena football season at home was in 2006.

The Soul beat the Blackjacks 48- 41 in a back and forth scoring match that was decided by by a kick off error, turnover that allowed the Soul to score last and leave less than two minutes on the clock.

The next Soul home game is May 11, the Soul vs. Albany, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. All of the Soul’s games will be broadcasted live on Comcast NBC Sports Philadelphia.

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A Lack of Trust in Dying Black Media

Atlanta, GA- The history of Black media has been rooted in the need for trust between the communicator and the reader. The Freedom’s Journal was a newspaper produced by free Black men, becoming a declaration against slavery. During this period, Black people were not only facing slavery but were also in search of a path forward after freedom. Distrust in the coverage of Black people by white-owned media during this period pushed two free Black men to create their own form of communication. Now, Black people are facing familiar and unique challenges via population shifts, climate change and workforce automation. Simultaneously, Black-owned and operated news platforms are becoming scarce. Where do our stories fit into these changing narratives? And who should we trust to tell these stories?

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Stanley Clarke Band “The Message”

Diversity is the order of the day with this Stanley Clarke produced group. The Stanley Clarke Band is led by 66 year old bass legend Stanley Clarke with three millennial musicians heading up the rest of the instruments. Stanley Clarke has been creating innovative bass lines since his days with the fusion based instrumental band, Return to Forever. He has formulated another group of musicians as follow up to his previous Stanley Clarke Band.  Clarke has always been known to defy categorization. Songs are rich with elements of Jazz, rock, funk, and some classical. The opening track “And You Know Were Missing You” pays homage to some of the musical greats that we lost in past years including Al Jarreau, Tom Petty, Chuck Berry, Larry Coryell, and others. The song starts the project with a little dab of funk. Musical futurism is the tone of “After the Cosmic Rain/Dance of the Interplanetary Prince.” The group handles a little Sifi on “Combat Continuum” with it’s Rod Serling type warning of alien invasion which only turns out  to be aliens hoping to help the earth heal it’s planet by sharing their technology.  The band entertains a bit of positive hip hop & funk on the track “To Be Alive” and  Stanley Clarke once again displays his skills on the upright bass on the classical enhanced “Bass Cello Prelude.” Clarke continues to be unpredictable in his approach to music while still maintaining focus.

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Keiko Matsui “Echo”

As a master pianist Keiko Matsui has been on the music scene for some time. Originally born in Japan, she spent her school years studying classical music. Later she developed an interest in jazz and recorded 28 projects in the U.S. Since her entry into the industry she has grown to be one of the most well-known pianists on the smooth jazz and contemporary instrumental music scene. Her latest project

“Echo” brings in an assortment of musical guests to join the pianist on the ten songs she's recorded. Saxophonist Kirk Whalum teams with Matsui on an inspiring track called Espirit while Gretchen Parlotto lends her inventive vocals on “Spirit Dance.” Bassist Marcus Miller is featured on ”Echo” (The title composition). The track

“Echo” puts Miller in more serene presentation then what he's generally known for. The composition “Viva Life” adds a Latin flair to the set and then Matsui takes a wink at her classical sensibilities on the track “Return to Eternity.”

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Manhattan Transfer and Take 6 “The Summit”

The two most acclaimed in vocal groups of our era have come together for the first time in history for a stellar performance recorded live at the Music Center at Strathmore. The project is called “The Summit” and it features both Take 6 and Manhattan Transfer singing their well known songs both individually and collaboratively. Both groups are well known in a range of genres including jazz, swing, pop, R& B and gospel.

You'll hear unexpected twists and innovative vocal arrangements on this collection. Don't sleep on either of these groups. This marks Manhattan Transfers 40th Anniversary. Members of the Transfer are Janis Siegel, Alan Paul, Cheryl Bantiyne, and Trist Curlers. Their original founder is Tim Hauser, who they pay tribute to on this recording. Take 6 members currently are Claude Mcknight, Mark and Joey Kibble, David Thomas, Alvin Chea, and newer member Khristian Dentley.

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Black Men Are Unhireable (part 4)

The previous three Scoop articles on this subject explained how certain type of Black men are unhireable. It stems from a 400 year plus Luciferian campaign of dehumanizing  and incarcerating Black men in particular; ensuring that they are no longer desireable and valued as husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, teachers, providers and protectors. 

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Stop the violence: How to hire unhireable Black men the conclusion

As promised, this article is a sequel to last week’s article and three more related articles on why certain Black men are unhireable. Also, this article is a critique of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s $4.4 million plan for addressing the “senseless” gun street violence and homicides in the city. That report is titled “The Philadelphia Road Map To Safer Communities.” It is a 32-page report first released to the public on January 17, 2019.

The city’s report allocates large sums of money for job training for men whom the city’s report intimates, are the ones responsible for so much “senseless” city gun violence. These men need much more than job training. Anyway the city's report is a scam.

Read more, Scoop USA Newspaper, February 1, 2019

Turning the world upside down

Our world is turning itself upside down. The magnetic North Pole is no longer in the Arctic. It has been moving since the 1990’s. Where is it going? It is going south. It is going to switch places with the magnetic South Pole. Why? It is part of Mother Nature’s spring cleaning. It started when She entered the Universal Sun Cycle between the period 1970-2003. Just like when our Elder Sacred Feminines radically clean and change furniture placings in a home during Spring Cleaning, Earth’s Mother Nature in consort with her celestial Natural Nature is cleaning and changing furniture on Planet Earth. She is getting rid of outdated furniture, including outdated people, and changing other things such as the North and South Poles.

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Turning the world upside down

It is time to give our children the Right Education instead of schooling. An universal education. For the past 400 hundred years our children have suffered in a learning system that mainly benefits government rulers, particularly their need for obedient soldiers and public servants, and for corporate board directors, who need obedient employees. 

Ironically, even though many people have enjoyed long government and corporate careers, they still feel something is missing in their lives. A sense of incompleteness and unfullfillment. Completing a “bucket” list is the new rave for filling this void. Some constantly travel. For many our lives are petty, trivial and uninspiring to our own selves. Our society evil rulers try to get us to overlook this spiritual void by bombarding us 24/7 with entertainment, religion, gossip and drama, including political drama. They also encourage us to be competitive and ambitious, to have some kind of “inner drive” to buttress the calls from our spirit and soul for a greater union. 

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Mother nature’s ascension versus 5G technology

There is a war going on. It started around 4,000 B.C. when Satanic adverse forces, with Luciferian support, made mankind in their image and simultaneously terra formed parts of Planet Earth into devil’s playground. This war has accelerated in the last 20 years due to Planet Earth’s Ascension. The ascension that Planet Earth is participating in, is aligned with an ascension movement that our Solar System, our Galaxy and even our Universe are all partaking. On Planet Earth the ascension involves moving from a three dimensional paradigm and lifestyle to a five dimensional existence, full of new potentialities. Planet’s Earth ascension means in part devils have to find another planetary playground or go extinct. Natural Nature and Mother Nature’s terrestrial, extraterrestrial and celestial helpers are orchestrating this vast upgrade. It is part of the Natural Nature of existence; to grow into ever higher unity base on love. Though a war is taking place, Mother Nature is not involved. Mother Nature does not fight wars.

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Is the Black Messiah the Anti-Christ, Special for Black History Month

The above question for some is controversial. In a society that allegedly prides itself on freedom of speech, there are many taboo subjects. Most people believe the titles Messiah and Christ are original religious titles. They are not. The English word Messiah comes from the Hebrew word “Mashiach.” It means “anonited.” Anointed means to “smear or rub one with oil.” This smearing or rubbing of oil is an ancient Nubian Egyptian ritual. It was done by High Priests on the installation of a special Pharoah. The oil used to anoint a Pharoah comes from Crocodiles. The word for Crocodile in Ancient Nubian is “Messeh,” hence the word Messiah or “Anointed King.” A Sacred Feminine could also be a Pharoah in Ancient Nubia.

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To be perfect is death

Imperfect people strive for perfection. Perfection is commonly recognized as “without error or complete.” Perfection is not a part of Natural Nature. It is not a part of the revolutionary, evolutionary, natural cycle of existence. The revolutionary, evolutionary, natural cycle of existence is a verb, an action. From rest to movement, movement to rest. Always, growing, developing, evolving and always returning to rest, silence, stillness, for renewal into a new revolutionary cycle of growth and development.

That which is perfect is finished. It is done. The perfect man is no exception to this rule. The perfect man is only and always of the past and was made according to the rules of the past, therefore, incapable of growth. Because the perfect man is of the past. He is dead to tomorrow. 

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Voting for Reparations is the Right and ONLY Loyalty Test

What is the biggest test to determine whether people seeking public office are honest about justice for African Native Americans? Of course that test is their stance on reparations for African Native Americans. Their endorsement gets a yes vote. Finally, after 150 years of waiting for the proverbial “40 Acres and a Mule,” African Native Americas have as a whole, mustered the courage to test Presidential and all Candidates stance on reparations. Already one candidate has failed; Bernie Sanders. When asked what is his position, he said “no.” Some say he was evasive. There is no straddling the fence on this issue. It is either an endorsement or not! Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, wants to establish a commission to “study the issue.” BS! She is either an elementary level school drop out or just deceptive. The issue has been studied enough! Be careful. There will be many “African Americans” going on various social medium and talk shows speaking on why reparations, especially if it is straight cash, is not good for Black people and for race relations. They don’t speak for our ancestors.

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Voting for Reparations is the Right and ONLY Loyalty test (part 2)

Why is it that everyone else has gotten reparations but not you nor your/our ancestors? Some of those groups were discussed in a previous article. Do you really believe that the timeline for justice in this matter has expired? Time may heal all wounds but time does not heal or satisfy the requirements for justice. In fact if there is no justice there can never be peace. This is a universal equation. What can be done? Well justice has to be served. If we wait for the elemental forces of Nature to bring justice, that is not a pretty sight. Justice involves righting a wrong through some kind of compensation, repair or reparations. Do you know the United Nations “Report of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent on its mission to the United States of America” published in August 2016, recommended; “Past injustices and crimes against African (Native) Americans need to be addressed with reparatory justice” (Page 19). There is an international consensus for African Native Americans to get justice or reparations. Do you want justice now? 

Read More, Scoop USA Media, March 22, 2019

The government cannabis marijuana racket

Government Criminal Politicians have many schemes to extort trillions of dollars from We The People. It started with the ratification of their Constitution in 1787 and accelerated in 1933 with the conversion of America’s Federal, state and local governments into corporations. And today, the nationwide movement on legalizing marijuana is another example. There is a major difference between decriminalization and legalization. Legalization favors Government Organized Criminals, a.k a., politicians. Decriminalization favors We The People.

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Slavery through vaccination I have theright to be a slave or not

Slavery is legal in America and has been ever since Europe’s Royal Families established it here in 1600 A.D. Their Constitution, still enforceable today, has a clause in its 13th Amendment saying “slavery is illegal except as a punishment for a crime.” Not one so-called African American politician has dared to make this amendment null and void. Clearly American descendants of Europe’s Royal Families and their political lackeys today see slavery or Human Trafficking as an integral part of America’s culture and economy.

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The Storm before the Calm

We are living in exciting, tumultuous, and revolutionary times. Now that our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe, all coordinated by Natural Nature’s 9-Ether Forces, have moved from the Lunar Cycle into the Sun Cycle time zone; new potentialities are at our beck and call.

The Sun Cycle also allowed a Savior, someone specially breeded by Mother Nature, with guidance from 9 Ether Forces, to open up the Seven Seals in 1970. As a result of the opening of the Seven Seals, what was once secrets prior to the Sun Cycle, are now available for full disclosure. Unfortunately there is no peaceful transition from the Lunar Cycle to the Sun Cycle. The Lunatic Rulers of the Lunar Cycle and their thoroughly corrupt Governments have caused so much injustice during their reign, from 4,000 B. C. to 2,000, A. D., that to repair, to restore justice, may require almost the complete eradication of what we know as a way of life on Planet Earth. Leaving just a few edifices intact.

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Weather or not?

Maybe it’s me, but am I the only one who’s getting confused by the weather forecasts?

It seems to me that not so long ago, the reporting of the weather report was simply a couple of minutes of straight forward information that you and your family could use. This was in the day when a fellow named Jim O’Brien delivered the forecast as part of a young Action News team. On the other channel, a youthful weatherman named Herb Clarke told us how we needed to dress tomorrow.

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Pass the popcorn

For the past month we have all been inundated with the partial Federal Government shutdown. With each passing day, we were told of the personal tragedy of federal workers across the country, going without pay, and the hardships facing their families. We watched in horror as working people with quote “good” jobs were being forced to secure their groceries from food banks and charity drives. It was a daily reminder of “there but for the grace of God, go I.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day A Philly Love

How do I begin to express the love I have for the city of my birth? As Valentine’s Day approaches let me offer the following 10 piece box of chocolates to the city of Philadelphia. To borrow from Victorian era poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, let me count the ways..

10. Philadelphia is a city where everyone can reach out and touch the Mayor. It may seem like a small thing, but in the previously fourth now fifth largest city in the country, the ability of the average citizen to have their 15 seconds with the city’s head honcho makes Philly a giant of a town offering small town access. Without any real effort, I have had at least an elevator length conversation with each mayor going back to my teen years and Frank Rizzo. Try to meet the mayor of New York, Los Angeles or Chi-Town walking through the neighborhood - it won’t happen.

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A Philly Love

6. Living in Philadelphia, I always felt blessed that we had our own media outlets. Black owned radio stations and newspapers. I would turn on the radio every morning and hear those rich voices telling me what was going on in the world and what we could do about it. The Tribune, Scoop, Leader and other papers kept us informed, aware and fore-warned. WHAT, WDAS and now WURD featuring broadcast legends like; Georgie Woods, Jocko, Louise Williams, W. Cody Anderson, E. Steven Collins, Ed Bradley, Brahin Ahmaddiya, Lady B, Patty Jackson and many others... make Philly a mecca of urban communications.

5. Growing up in Philadelphia, I had some of the best teachers. Many were the reason for today’s oft-quoted phrase “Old School.” I have great love for Commodore John Barry Elementary school where I was taught by neighborhood legends: Mr. Hampton, Mr. Witherspoon, Mrs. Hall and Vice Principal Huntsberger. I remember Mrs. Hall, a little old lady who was physically bent over, her picture had to be in the dictionary next to the word strict. 

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Is the Democrat “D” for desperate

In a little over a year, we Americans will be going to the polls again to elect the next President of the United States. If you haven’t figured it out already, hate to break the news to you, but it looks like the next President is going to be one Donald J. Trump. Yes. That Donald Trump. As much as I don’t like admitting it, we have to admit, he is the master of playing the dozens. Think about it, he nicknamed and joked his campaign rivals right out of the race. Who can forget his calling his opponents: “low-energy Jeb” “little Marco” “lying Ted” and still in circulation two and a half years later; “Crooked Hillary” and “Pocahontas.”

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We've lost our moral compass

“Neither god, nor angels, or just men, command you to suffer for a single moment. Therefore it is your solemn and imperative duty to use every means, both moral, intellectual, and physical that promises success.” Henry Highland Garnet 1865.

Africans in America have experienced horrific abuses, desecration, dehumanization and degradation at the hand of Euro-Americans. In the midst of our travails we always had leaders most of whom remain unknown and uncelebrated who urged our people on, exhorted them to keep the faith to resist and struggle for freedom and righteousness. As we commemorate the four hundred years in this hemisphere, let us not consign all our recollections to our debasement and degradation. Let us remember our successes and triumphs despite the overwhelming odds, systemic violence and sanctioned oppression.

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Venezuela Is In US’ Cross-hairs again

“Essentially, the Obama administration—like the Bush administration, which was involved in the short-lived 2002 coup against Hugo Chávez—had a policy of promoting ‘regime change’ in Venezuela. That policy has taken a more aggressive, overt, and dangerous direction under Trump…The majority of the political and media establishment appears to believe that Trump has the right policy agenda for Venezuela, with many liberals pointing to cases of corruption, human rights violations and other crimes allegedly involving Venezuelan officials as justification for harsh measures.” The United States Hand in Undermining Democracy in Venezuela, Alexander Main.

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Celebrate Black History all the time

We’re in Black History Month and we still don't get it, African people have the oldest, longest and most creative history of any people or ethnic group in the planet; but we don’t do the research or study the research others have done to show just how ingenious our ancestors were/have been.

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Ancient African Megaliths

As we celebrate Black History, our challenge is where do we begin, how do we fill in the blanks and connect the dots to a legacy that is at least a hundred thousand years old? All too often we think our history began with our ancestors’ enslavement and haulage to this hemisphere, or with the earlier Arab invasions that influenced parts of the African continent. Agreed there is much history and lessons of resiliency, adaptation and survival we can learn from those but we must go back to the roots.

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Ancient African Megaliths (Part 2)

In recent weeks I’ve shared some little known accomplishments of African people: boat building, seafaring and last week the astronomical and ceremonial megaliths in South Africa and the Nubian Desert. This information sheds light on the variety of African genius, innovation creativity and achievement.

This week I’ll share two more ancient megalithic sites. The word megalithic describes structures made of large stones without the use of mortar or concrete, representing definite periods of prehistory. Europeans always point to Stonehenge in Britain as an example of a megalith but rarely mention the African megaliths that are thousands of years older then Stonehenge.

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Chester City Democrats Gear Up for next elections Upside down

The Chester City Democratic Committee held their annual fund raising event in preparation for the upcoming primary and general elections at the Springfield County Club in Springfield Delaware County. The theme of the night and campaign was the Blue Wave Celebration Gala. Democrats from throughout the county were in attendance, all of the candidates in the upcoming primary were there working the room and glad handing the attendees. The event was a fund raiser but also an opportunity for Delaware County elected officials, candidates and supporters to meet, greet and get to know one another.

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African Genius

The past few weeks I have shared information about the accomplishments of Africans that go unrecognized and overlooked due to a deliberate movement to suppress, obfuscate and ignore African history. We spoke about early boat building, navigation of the rivers and lakes in African and later circumnavigating the world by Africans.

Celebrating African and Black history during the shortest month of the years is counterproductive even though we need the exposure. We should celebrate African history all year long, daily because it is human history.

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Gaslighting America

“Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn't realize how much they've been brainwashed.”

We are constantly being manipulated, coerced, cajoled and programmed both on subtle and obvious levels. The manipulators’ goal is to control our minds and ultimately our behavior. One such form of manipulation is called gaslighting.  Gaslighting is a form of direct manipulation, obfuscation and lies designed to make the target (the person being manipulated) question their sanity, their reality or their competency.

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Fiscal Insanity

“For the month of January, the Treasury reported a budget surplus of $9 billion, down $41 billion or 82% from the same month a year ago… The widening deficit comes as the Congressional Budget Office is projecting a shortfall of $897 billion for the full fiscal year, or 4.2% of gross domestic product. That’s up from $779 billion in fiscal 2018, when spending climbed and revenue remained nearly flat. The CBO sees trillion-dollar deficits beginning in fiscal 2022.” When Trump and the Republicans were selling their supply side tax cut snake oil, I did some research to determine whether or not tax cuts actually spurred economic growth and boosted the economy. I discovered they did/do not. I went all the way back to 1920 and discovered that only in a short seven year period from 1920 to 1927 in the administrations of Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge did a fiscal policy of austerity actually produce the desired results.

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Divide, Conquer, Rule

Today’s ruling elites are extremely adroit at using an old strategy called “divide and conquer” or “divide and rule” to maintain their domination and advantage over the masses. This strategy was implemented in modern times by the British who used it effectively to maintain their global empire by fomenting discord amongst various ethnic, religious or resistance groups, to keep them fighting amongst themselves thus rendering them unable to unify, marshal or galvanize their resources against their colonial oppressors.

Today the plutocrats use their ownership and control of media programming, government, indoctrination (education and religion), state sanctioned violence and intimidation to create and maintain their domination of the world. Their two pronged strategy is to: create psychological, socio-economic, racial and ethnic conflict, division and enmity so their subordinates are so preoccupied trying to win arguments, promoting ideologies the 1% had a hand in creating or using hot button issues the elites know will distract, consume and derail any possibilities of insurgence, resistance or revolution against them.

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Why we should support the Cheyney Resurgence

The African Institute later renamed the Institute for Colored Youth was the result of a bequeathal of $10,000 from Society of Friends member and prosperous silversmith Richard Humphreys. Humphreys in 1832 will set the money aside to, in his words create an institution “… having for its object the benevolent design of instructing the descendants of the African Race in school learning, in the various branches of the mechanik arts and trades and in Agriculture: in order to prepare and fit and qualify them to act as teachers in such of those branches of useful business as in the Judgment of the said society they may appear best qualified for, the Said Institution to be located not far distant from the City of Philadelphia and to be under the care, management and control of such Persons only as are or may be members of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends commonly called Quakers…” Adhering to the directives of Humphreys’ will, the trustees used the original $10,000 plus the accrued interest to formally begin operations five years after his earthly demise. After a considerable search they established the original farm school outside Philadelphia on Old York Road also called Willow Grove Turnpike in 1839. The school subsequently relocated to Philadelphia before purchasing property about twenty-five miles outside of Philadelphia from a fellow Quaker named George Cheyney in 1902.

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Deaths of despair

“Declines in life expectancy at birth were largely due to increases in mortality from unintentional injuries, suicide, diabetes, and influenza and pneumonia. Interestingly, unintentional injuries made the largest contribution. This is of interest since drug overdoses are commonly categorized on death certificates as poisoning as the cause of death, which is a form of unintentional injury.” US Life Expectancy Drops for Third Year In A Row-What We Know and Don’t Know From The 2017 CDC Mortality Report

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Formulating Workforce Solutions

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, over 250 people attended the 'Formulating Workforce Solutions: Incorporating Voices from the Community Conference' held at Temple University. Corporate, legislative, and non-profit leaders from the city and across the tri-state region were in attendance. The leaders gathered to develop strategic methods and plans for moving unemployed Philadelphians into sustainable wage earning employment.

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Temple University receives Jazz Collection

Philadelphia, PA - On January 28, 2019, Temple University received a generous collection of original jazz albums and 45 records of famous African American artists, including Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and many others. 

This treasure trove of coveted jazz music was a collection amassed from 1950s-1970s, by Ronald Agustus Davis, a retired Philadelphia Police Officer.

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Why poor public schools will remain poor

As long as we continue to fund local school districts based on the tax base of those respective districts, poor school districts will ALWAYS remain poorly funded and under-performing, and hard pressed to attract top teachers.

A radical option, that's equitable, is to pool all state and federal taxes earmarked for public schools districts in one pot of money. Divide this designated line item by the total headcount of students attending specific school districts, this ensures that every district is funded equitably. It's a fair approach to leveling the playing field of educational funding. 

Currently, students attending school districts in very affluent communities receive greater resources and funding because they draw from a wealthy tax base of residents. The result is higher salaries for teachers, greater in-class resources for the teachers/students, and well maintained school facilities and buildings. 

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Unemployment sucks, Plight and Ethno-Centered impact!

The national employment landscape may seem like it’s churning, and by all reliable economic and labor bureau tracking indicators, America’s workforce is doing well (statistically). But hold the applause and the confetti, because we must also consider the flip side of the workforce coin - - the unemployed population. For the individual unemployed American, it’s a frustrating proposition to aggressively seek work to only be turned down repeatedly in a churning economy that seems repellent towards your specific talents and abilities.

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George Washington Carver Annual City Science Fair, a trendsetter in promoting STEM careers

The George Washington Carver Science Fair (GWCSF) is a juggernaut annual science competition that has showcased the science projects of thousands of young science enthusiasts from area Philadelphia public, parochial and private schools.  This year’s GWCSF was held on March 5, 2019 on Temple University’s campus.  The GWCSF founder, Mr. Thomas Anderson, Jr., has produced this annual student science showcase since its inception in 1979... for those counting, that’s 40 years, and a true legacy of Success! 

GWCSF’s founder Mr. Anderson is a well-connected civic leader and retired Director of Community Relations at Temple University. Anderson is also a longstanding member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity–the granddaddy of all the Black Greek Fraternity groups in America, founded at Cornell University in 1906. 

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He Fixed The Pipe


 We had a problem at church, one day with some water pipes that were leaking. The Chairman of our Trustee Board, Charles Thompson, was having a hard time finding someone to fix the problem. So after doing some praying and searching he remembered he had an old friend that did some plumbing work for him in the past. He called him and the guy met him at the church. The guy sized up the job and said,” I’ll be right back.” When he came back, he had new piping and all kinds of supplies that were needed to fix the plumbing problem. He started the work, not saying a word as Bro Charles looked on. Well, after about 4 hours he was finished and Bro Charles said to him, “Give me the bill so we can pay you.” The guy looked at Bro. Charles and said, “I’m not going to give you a bill for the supplies or my services. No, all that I want for the work I’ve done is for you to ask the church to pray for me and if they ask you my name just tell them, “ The Man Who Fixed The Pipe!”    

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The Superbowl of Mt. Calvary

  The Super Bowl is without a doubt the most popular sports event in the world, this year we have the Patriots going against the Rams.

 In a sense the 1st Super Bowl took place over 2,000 years ago. The stadium was a hill called “Calvary” and it was located outside the city of Jerusalem. It was a contest between a sneaky old champion known as Mr. Death and the Champion of Righteousness known as Jesus Christ.  Old Satan, the devil himself, coached Mr. Death for the two of them work hand in hand. Jesus also had a coach, who was His Father, the Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth. Just as there is a good relationship between death and Satan there is also good relationship between Jesus and The Father Almighty.

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What if?

This is a story of a little boy named “Malcolm Harris” who woke up one morning and asked his mother, “Mom, what if there were no Black people in the world”? Well, his mother thought about that for a moment, and then said “son, follow me around today and let’s see what it would be like if there were no Black people in the world.” Mom said, “Now go get dressed and we will get started.”

Malcolm ran to his room to put on his clothes and shoes. His mother took one look at him and said “Malcolm, where are your shoes? And those clothes are all wrinkled son, I must iron them.” But when she reached for the ironing board it was no longer there. You see Sarah Boone, a black woman, invented the ironing board, and Jan E. Matzelinger, a black man, invented the shoe lasting machine.

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Let us celebrate our culture

Black History Month is a time when we as African Americans tell who we are as individuals and as a race of people.  The great historian Carter G. Woodson as a weeklong celebration founded it, it now takes in the whole month of February and it is my hope and prayer that we will not limit the celebration of our history to one month because we make history everyday. It is a time that as men of our families we give our children knowledge of their past. It is a time when we celebrate our achievements in a country that has tried to keep us from achieving. It is a time when we present ourselves to the world, so that humanity will know and can see what God has done in the past, what he is doing in the present and what he will do in the future to liberate us, His people, in this land which caused our fore parents to sing: “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child!”

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Unfinished business

In the 2nd Chapter of the Biblical Old Testament book called Judges, it talks about a generation of the children of Israel who didn't know GOD and the covenant that HE made with their ancestors. Now because they didn’t know GOD or their history they became a generation who created unfinished business for generations to come.

You know as human beings we all have some unfinished business in our lives. There are some relationships we need to mend. There are some projects we haven't started or completed. There are some goals we haven't reached. Well, in some cases it’s because we got side tracked and in other cases it's because we've lost our motivation and zeal. We have some unfinished business.

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God’s second greatest gift “A message for Women’s History month

The greatest gift God gave to man was His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the second greatest gift he gave was woman. You see, when God created man, He looked around and noticed that man would be lonely without a mate, especially when all the other inhabitants on earth had one. So God with Divine Love created woman from the rib of man.

Brothers, if God had taken the bone out of the man’s head, He would have meant for the woman to rule. If God had taken the bone out of the man’s foot, He would have meant for the woman to dominate and rule. God could have made the woman out of the backbone, but then the woman would have been behind the man. But no, God Almighty, full of wisdom, took the bone out of man’s side. So that puts the woman beside the man to be a helpmate who receives love, respect, honor and guiding protection.

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Filling the void of King

In the wake of the nation’s MLK Day events, I am reminded that the void left behind by Dr. Martin Luther King has never been fully filled. Black America is always looking for the next MLK — a young strapping man with great oratory skills and a vision for our future. Let’s imagine for a minute that the next leader of Black America is a woman. What type of reception would she get? We have been socialized to not respect or value black women. It seems to be a left over from slavery. But for the most part men don’t listen to black women. They don’t trust us. Moreover women don’t trust other women. Therefore, it would be highly unlikely that a woman leader would be welcomed to the throne to replace King.

Does Kamala Harris have a vision for our communities

On Martin Luther King Day, Kamala Harris launched her Presidential campaign for 2020. A day where we honor the life and legacy of our slain civil rights leader, Kamala Harris used the day as an opportunity to penetrate our day of mourning to ask for your support. What do we know about her? One thing we know is that she looks like an African American women. As one friend noted, she is black. But regretfully, she is not black like you and I. Kamala’s mom is Indian and her father is a Ivy league professor from Jamaica. She is the daughter of immigrants. Her mother raised her in Oakland, CA and she moved her to Canada. She was estranged from her father and was raised in an Indian household. Kamala will not be the first African American female President in fact she will be remembered as the first Indian American President.

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There Exists, An Africatown

February is Black History Month! This is our opportunity to celebrate our history as enslaved Africans who found themselves in America by force and not by choice. We are descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States, a term coined by Vernellia Randall. Many believe that you and I are immigrants, too. Regretfully, we are not immigrants. We are a unique group of people who have a very clear justice claim in this country. We also have a very clear justice claim with Africa because Africans sold other Africans into slavery. And those other Africans are us.

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Are we Descendants of Slaves or Enslaved Africans?

The current debate happening right now is on how to properly define us. Black is a term that has been defined for us. So is Negro and colored. Are we African Americans? Why do we need to distinguish our group from other groups in America? Well after the Civil Rights movement, the powers that be weren’t happy with our new found success. Former slaves and their descendants were now entitled to access to good paying jobs, better housing, and contracts. Some of us had the opportunity to reach high educational goals through higher education institutions that were once restricted to our kind. So as a way to thwart our success, they opened the flood gates to immigrants.

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Bringing Black Social Media to Black Print Wake up Black Female voters

The way African Americans are treated in the US is criminal. United Nation experts toured black communities in America and developed a report. From the report they concluded that we face discrimination and that reparations is owed to us. The world knows that our people are owed repayment. This happened in 2016 yet many in our community don’t know that our plight has been documented and presented to the world. Yet, here we are still in the same situation. What else is there for us to do to make our lives better? How do we get up out of the situations that plague our communities?

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Bernie, We Are Getting Reparations

Bernie Sanders, I regret to inform that we are getting reparations — with or without you. In 1990, the US paid $1.6 Billion to Japanese families they placed in internment camps following Pearl Harbor. In the 1900’s alone, the US paid over $2 Billion dollars out to Native American tribes around the country. They used the money to build schools, community, and infrastructure for their tribes. Black Native Americans were not permitted to claim native heritage and were firmly excluded from being compensated. Reparations is compensation for unpaid labor from slavery. It can also be compensation of generations of discrimination, racial violence and terror American Descendants of Slaves have endured since the 1619. Or it could be compensation of almost a hundred years of taxation without representation. Our tax dollars and the amount of services we are provided aren’t adding up.

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Stellar Awards goes back to Vegas, the Nominees are...

Central City Productions announces the nominees in 28 categories for the 34th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards, hosted again this year by history-making artist, Kirk Franklin on Friday, March 29. Contemporary gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds leads the field of nominees this year with nine nominations. The powerhouse singer earned recognition for his work on the album “Make Room” (Entertainment One) as well as in the key categories of Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, CD of the Year, Producer of the Year, Contemporary Male Vocalist of the Year, Contemporary CD of the Year, Urban/Inspirational Single or Performance of the Year and Recorded Music Packaging of the Year.

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Valentine’s Day Love & Laughter Comedy Dinner Show

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday but with so many people working the next day, CEO of A’Chade Events, Carleen Ervin wanted to sponsor an event that would be filled with excitement and extend into the weekend.  On Friday, February 15 at 8pm, bring your sweetheart to Majestic Hall located at 800 W. Olney Avenue in Philadelphia to enjoy great soul food, singing, dancing and laugh out loud comedy.

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Scoop Praise and Worship Gods Posse Releases New Single “Anchored” Video Commercial

The song 'Anchored' encourages you to make sure to be rooted and grounded in God and his word! The song speaks to the believer to have your faith anchored in the Lord!

Gods Posse was founded by Nelson Larkins in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. The members are Ray Burnett, Tim Henderson, Anthony Watkins, John Atkins, Deonadre Sanders, Randy Berry Sr, Keith Hoskins Jr, and Maurice Harmon. Gods Posse's purpose for their ministry is to be used by God to round up souls for the Kingdom, so that God can get the glory through it all.

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Zak Williams & 1Akord “Unpredictable God”

Zak Williams & 1Akord are a Philadelphia based choir of individuals from various areas and denominations united together to uplift the word of God through song.  Founder and front-man Zak Williams created the group in 2003 and developed a dynamic vocal choir with a pristine and unrestricted delivery.  Zak also led the group to win two Rhythm Of Gospel Awards for Contemporary Choir of The Year and Community Choir Of The Year.

As an independent artist, Zak & 1Akord have two albums under their belt – THE DECLARATION: LIVE FROM PHILLY (2006), THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER (2010), and 3 singles – “Go Tell It” (2015), “Wonderful Jesus” (2015), and “He’s All I Need” featuring Bishop Bruce V. Parham (2017).  Zak and his singers have now found a record label home and are preparing for a new single release.  

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Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn JUMP into your Destiny

It is that time again to get empowered and inspired with our in-house life coach. Let us learn how to jump into the destiny that God has for us.

Whether it’s jumping the broom or skydiving out of a plane or bungee jumping... all of these actions require you to actually jump. Jump into action, take a leap of faith and trust beyond your fears, your feelings, and what you see. Many of us are afraid to take the risk and jump into that new position, that new relationship, a new journey, or change because we fear the unknown or what’s uncomfortable. BUT what if what you need is waiting for you to jump? What if what God has predestined for you is waiting on the other side as your feet land on the ground? If you never jump or even attempt to you’ll never know what’s on the other end if you never try. Some times God has laid out the plan and all he needs us to do is take a step, a leap of faith in the right direction and he’ll do the rest. But you’ll never know if you don’t JUMP.

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New Gospel Artist Isaiah Templeton

One of Gospel Music’s rising stars, Isaiah Templeton, has a new song that is quickly touching hearts of people worldwide. Born in Massachusetts but reared in Dayton, Ohio, Isaiah began crafting his gift at an early age.

Through his childhood years and adult years, he shared his musical talent with many across the globe and now he is quickly becoming a hit in the Gospel industry. His voice has afforded him to connect with award winning national Gospel artist Smokie Norful as well. It all started when Norful was searching for female background vocalists. Although, Isaiah did not fit the billing, he remained determined to take the trip and meet his favorite singer. Such determination paid off because he landed an audition for the Praise and Worship Leader position at Norful’s church.

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Donnie McClurkin new single “Not Yet”

Stellar, GRAMMY®, and Dove Award-winning international Gospel icon Donnie McClurkin has released a new single “Not Yet.”Available now at all digital music providers and newly released to Gospel radio, the new single is being released by McClurkin’s label CamDon Music, in partnership with RCA Inspiration. “Not Yet” serves as the first single from the Gospel legend’s forthcoming eighth solo album.

One of the most beloved reigning voices and musical trailblazers in Gospel, with the undeniable ability to minister and harvest a transformative atmosphere, Donnie McClurkin does just that in his transformative new single “Not Yet.” Written by McClurkin and co-produced byTrent Phillips, the poignant single comes at a significant time in McClurkin’s testimony, divinely inspired following his experience of God’s omnipresent power in surviving a recent serious car accident. The single carries a potent reminder that even in the midst of our crises God has the final word, and if He has declared not yet the circumstance will move in our favor.

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Female Gospel Rap Artist Miz. Tiffany on Verge of Stellar Win

Gospel Hip Hop and rap does not always get the recognition in the Gospel music industry. However, this year the Stellar Awards announced Miz Tiffany as the first ever solo female rapper to be nominated for Rap/Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year and the accolade is certainly welldeserved. Not only could Miz Tiffany potentially be recognized as the first for her self-written hit, “I Ain’t Preachin to the Choir” but for also performing alongside Emcee N.I.C.E., and Jor’Dan Armstrong in the Hip Hop Cypher LIVE at the 34thStellar Awards Gospel Radio Awards & Showcase, March 29 at 10:00 AM in Las Vegas during Stellar Weekend.

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Empowerment Week with KaMyka Glenn “Your Future You”

It is time to meet the future version of yourself with our in house life coach, KaMyka Glenn. Get empowered and get inspired!!

As a child I would sit in my mom’s basement listening to music dreaming of what my future would look like. I dreamed of owning my own music studio, having other types of businesses, singing and performing in various places. While in that basement I got lost in my future by trying to imagine how it would be, how I would get there, learning and creating music that helped channel my inner me and get focus on the task at hand. While many of those dreams came true, there were others that grew as I matured and became an adult. So now there is a new FUTURE ME that I am speaking to so I want to help you speak to yours.

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Maurette Brown Clark Guest presenter at Indie Go Worship Artist Summit

In a sea of independently produced music, it can be difficult to decipher some of the most talented and gifted artists. That is the primary reason Patrice DeLisser, founder of the Indie Go Worship (division of Out on a Limb Productions, LLC), is hosting the first ever Indie Artist Summit (IAS) in Philadelphia. IAS will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 8am-4pm at the Dare to Imagine campus located 6611 Ardleigh Street in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.

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34th Annual Stellar Awards Highlights

Last week was the week of Gospel music industry stars! Anybody who is somebody filled up the Orleans Hotel and Arena with their talent and fashions. Central City Productions wrapped up the taping of the 34th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Friday, March 29 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV. The biggest night in gospel music, hosted by Kirk Franklin, will premiere on BET Network on Easter Sunday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. CT.

The evening started out with a prayer by Pastor Shirley Caesar followed by an outstanding performance from Bishop Hezekiah Walker singing some of best-selling hit songs. Brian Courtney Wilson did an exemplary rendition of his popular song, “Great Work.” While an emotional tribute performance by Kelly Price, Erica Campbell and Regina Belle honoring the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin brought everyone to tears. Family members of the late-legend Brenda Corbett, Jordan Franklin and son Kecalf Franklin were presented with the inaugural Aretha Franklin ICON Award to give posthumous recognition of her lasting impact on the Gospel music genre.

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Gods Posse’s “Anchored” in Top 100 on Billboard

In 1999, a passionate group of singers came together to form Gods Posse. Founder Nelson Larkins had a vision of bringing together some of Chicago's finest singers for this group. Members, Ray Burnett, Tim Henderson, Anthony Watkins, John Atkins, Deonadre Sanders, Randy Berry, Sr., Keith Hoskins, Jr., and Maurice Harmon comprise 'Gods Posse.' Gods Posse is purposed and determined to be used by God to round up souls for the Kingdom. Their only wish is that God will get all of the glory out of their ministry.

Their new single 'Anchored' is an up-tempo groove that drives home the importance of being 'Anchored' in God. Gods Posse's sound stays true the Quartet sound with tight harmonies, the powerful sounds of the electric guitar, and a hard hitting drive.

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Doing What Dr.King Would Have Done

The 39th Philadelphia Police District, Philadelphia Police Clergy and the Community Advisory Group for the 39th Police District gave away 30 thousand pounds of free food Saturday, January 19, 2019  outside in front of the 39th Police District Headquarters. Over 500 people came out to get that special assistance, including some, who are Federal Government Workers who haven’t gotten a paycheck in our 30 days, thanks to the Donald Trump Federal Government partial shut down.  According to Bishop R.T. Jones, a member of the Police Clergy organization, anyone from around the city who is low on food and who can get to the 39th Police District Headquarters, are welcome to come. 

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"Super-Bowl" Not concern for Federal Workers put federal Government Shutdown On Hold

Hey everybody, don’t get it twisted. President Donald Trump, who I’d rather refer to as number forty-five, didn’t get a sudden bout of concern or caring for some eight hundred thousand plus, federal workers and their families who haven’t been able to work for more than thirty days because he wants a border wall built and has been fighting with the Democrats over that.  The Trump Federal Government partial shut-down ended last Friday, January 25, 2019 because some big money boys, namely NFL Team Owners got a hold of number forty-five and told him, “Hey man, are you crazy? We’ve got billions of dollars pending on the Super-Bowl Game and we can’t have the Atlanta Airport or any other airports jammed up and not running smoothly because we need all the fans to be able to travel smoothly by air to and from their destinations to get to the Super-Bowl.”  

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Go after money for college right now

For parents and caretakers of teenagers who are seniors in high school, now and right now is the time to start seriously applying for grants and scholarships for your young people, to help pay their college bills, for the Fall of 2019. Do not wait until April and May to get started. Right now is the time. Leave no stone unturned as you seek out funding sources to help your young person obtain money for their higher education. And even if they were not an A+ student, or a student who had only a mixture of A’s and B’s on their report cards, they need to know they can and should still apply for grants and scholarship money. In other words what I’m trying to tell you is that your child can be a student who perhaps had a lot of C’s on their report cards, or maybe who did not have high SAT scores, but guess what? They can still get accepted into certain colleges and universities and they can still qualify for certain financial aid. The secret is to apply early and apply for everything you can. Do not give up!

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Celebrate the Scoop Black History Month

It’s African American History Month and it’s time to get real. Ask not and you get not. The SCOOP USA Media Community Newsmaker is at a new Era in history if you will. However let us not forget that we stand on the shoulders of a legend, the late R. Sonny Driver, who led this awe-mazing newspaper for over 50 years.  He had a vision to create a newspaper for and about the Black community and he spoke it into reality. He wanted a newspaper that would be affordable and that would spotlight entertainment venues initially and then as the paper grew in popularity, he started including news and community events, columns and more. Many a time if the truth be told, Sonny Driver in the early years of the SCOOP would offer super discount rates just to make sure that certain small business owners could get some space in the SCOOP and for sure, Sonny would bend over backwards for elected officials and wannabe elected officials to help them tell their stories, whether they could afford to purchase an ad or not. 

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The politics of running for office

Guess what SCOOP Readers? Another Political election cycle is upon us an it is as important as the next presidential election in 2020. Forget about that race for just a moment, so you can think about what’s at stake right here in our own backyard. That’s right. Here in Philadelphia and in Pennsylvania, we have a Primary election coming up on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Some may say to you, “Oh that is way too soon to be talking about the election.” In reality, now is the time to start to get to know who these people are, that are asking for our votes on election day. Also now is the time, when these man and women who say they want to run, are walking around town. Or, they have others on their behalf walking around town, asking for you to sign your name of their petition sheets, so they can in fact get their name on the ballot to officially run for office in Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Council of Clergy makes history installing first Woman President at Bright Hope Baptist

The Philadelphia Council of Clergy will make history on Saturday, March 16, at 12 noon when they Install their first woman Presiding Prelate, Bishop Mary Floyd Palmer, Founding Pastor of The Samaritan Temple. The event will take place at Bright Hope Baptist Church located at 1601 N. 12th Street, (12th and Cecil B. Moore Avenue). Archbishop Anthony Floyd, Sr., Founding CEO and Presiding Bishop of The Philadelphia Council of Clergy, Inc. stated, “I am pleased to announce that this historic occasion will happen during Women’s History Month. Bishop Mary Floyd Palmer is well trained, well prepared and more than ready to pick up the torch I am handing her. I am also proud to say that she is my brother’s daughter and my niece. Some of us in the family knew many years ago that Bishop Mary had a special calling on her life and I believe everything that she has done has led her to this moment in time. I did what God told me to do and I could not be any happier.”

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Residents of the 190th Legislative District Vote In Special Election March 12th

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 there will be a special election in the 190th Legislative District of West Philadelphia to fill the now vacant seat left by former PA State Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown.  This special election will  decide who will fill that vacant seat in the PA State House.  

As always in cases like this, the Democratic party has the right to nominate a candidate of their choice that they want to push for the seat; and, other people who qualify are also allowed to run. 

In this case, there are three Democrats running for the seat and one Republican. The Democrats are Movita Johnson Harrell, (the nominated candidate by the Democratic City Committee), Amen Brown and Pamela K. Williams, who has the Working Families Party behind her candidacy; and the Republican candidate is Michael Harvey.

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The New State Rep. in 190th Legislative District is (D) Movita Johnson Harrell

At the end of the day on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Special Election Day in the 190th Legislative District, Movita Johnson Harrell came out the winner and is now the Pa State Representative-Elect.

Thank you PA State Representative Johanna Mc Clinton, for sharing her private cell phone number with me, so I could catch up with the new State Representative the day after her win, to congratulate her and to give her a chance to thank those she wanted to thank.

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It’s our duty to help save Cheyney

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.Cheyney University needs our help again. Some might dare to say they have a problem with that. To them I say, I don’t care how many times our nation’s first Black college might need help, all of us who are Black, need to step up to the plate and help. Cheyney University is a historic Black University and the first in the United States.

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania is a public, co-educational university, founded in 1837. The university is a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Cheyney University sits on 275-acres of land. Land. Don’t forget that word, land. Land is so valuable. So as I share the story of financial hurdles that Cheyney has undergone for years and years, and from time to time, under threat of doors closing, remember the words, valuable land.

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Get your score cards ready on political candidates

In a little less than fifty days, believe it or not, Philadelphia voters will be heading to the polls to participate in the primary election, Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Based on the names on the city of Philadelphia, city commissioners website,, there’s a heck of a lot of people running in the upcoming election. Whew! People have the right to run, as long as they are qualified, certified, and turn in all the required paperwork, in order and on time, as they are supposed to. So as it turns out for example in the May 21st primary election, there’s fourteen people running for City Commissioner as Democrats, and one person running as a Republican and he’s an incumbent, Al Schmidt. The Democratic incumbent is Lisa Deeley. Anthony Clark is also currently a city commissioner, however he has chosen not to run for re-election. 

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Who Will Be Left Standing In Three-Way Race For Register of Wills Race?

We have a primary election coming up in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, May 21 and every able-bodied registered voter, in their right mind, needs to get ready to vote. We at the SCOOP USA Media Community Newspaper will not tell you who to vote for, but we are here to let you know about some of the key races where incumbents have opponents running against them. One such race is the race for the Register of Wills Office. Before I even get into the names of who’s on the ballot for Register of Wills, what happens out of this office? The Register of Wills Office, administers the probate of wills and related matters such as marriage licenses. They grant letters of administration when persons die who have not prepared a will before they die. The office also keeps records of wills, inventories of estates and other such documents and they serve as an overseer if you will, for the state of Pennsylvania, for filing and payment of inheritance taxes.

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Countdown ‘Til Primary Election Day

Every week between now and Primary Election Day, Tuesday, May 21, SCOOP USA Media Community Newspaper is committed to sharing information about the election itself and or about the various candidates that are running for election or for reelection. The challenge is, there’s so many people running for City Council At Large, for City Commissioner and even for judicial seats, that for our once a week newspaper, the challenge will be daunting to try and shed the light on everyone who has tossed their hat in the ring, for various races. Nonetheless we shall do our best.

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Another Extraordinary Weekend

Greeting Ladies and Gentlemen. Peace My Brothers and Sisters! Today I would love to share with you another extraordinary weekend. Yes, I do  believe I have info you can use. First, you know there's a mega commercial and powerful saying: Just Do It! It may  be wonderful, truly amazing for some things but there are some things you just don't do!!! The Mexican Border Wall has created a political stand-off. Some say, "Just Do It!" Others say, "No You Won't!" This division is crippling the nation while creating unwarranted HARDSHIPS!!! While this national tragedy is very important to discussed, I'm going to use another angle in moving our conversation forward. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I say conversation because as I write, I'm feeling you and believing we are connecting/sharing with one another. Thanks for understanding. 

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Fit & Fabulous: Shoulders

This week it’s all about the shoulders – The Deltoid Muscle is the big muscle on the shoulder. It has three parts the front “Anterior,” middle “Lateral” and back ‘Posterior,” the front part helps to lift the arm up forwards (flexion) and; the back part helps to lift the arm up backwards (extension). 

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Aviance: The Nation’s Hottest Rising R&B Trio

Aviance, one of the hottest rising R&B acts today is taking the world by storm. Members Beyyond, Dominique Nicole and D-Day Da Rappa, who are from different parts of the city, were put together by Ali Hyman and started making music in 2013 under Reel Boy Entertainment. Beyyond has an unparalleled intensity and passion that cannot be ignored. Her voice is as captivating as her personality. Dominique Nicole has both majestic and rugged beauty, upholding classic R&B vocals that put the “REAL” back in real music. D-Day Da Rappa is a zany (damn near insane) rapper and vocalist, whose hip-hop, trap lyrics are the pinnacle and oddly satisfying vibes of “IDGAF” vibes.

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Fit & Fabulous Healthy Skin Care Tips

We all know how important it is to have a healthy and great looking body. And we also want to have that same care with our face and skin. I got a chance to sit down and talk with celebrity makeup artist Sylvia Russell who has been working in beauty and entertainment, with celebrities for over 25 years. She was the key makeup artist for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleaders and has worked on various celebrities, ranging from Hulk Hogan and family to foodie Adam Richman and HSN show hosts. Russell has been a beauty and lifestyle expert host for 10 years in Tampa at WFLA, Channel 8 @ The Daytime Show and Channel 10 @studio10. She has also worked for NBC Dateline, TLC Network, The Travel Channel and has been an educator in the classroom for top beauty companies, as well as owned and managed salon start-ups. Russell founded Puckerd Cosmetics in August 2016 in St. Petersburg, Florida and is a proud mother of 3.

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Six healthy nuts we need to Incorporate

1)  ALMONDS - Almonds contain fiber which helps the body detoxify itself. Also, prevents and lowers the risk of colon cancer. Fiber helps to move your bowels smoothly. When you eat almonds daily it helps improve your digestion and bowel movement. They are an essential source of manganese, copper, and riboflavin. They help improve energy generation and also helps maintain good energy circulation.

2) WALNUTS – Adding walnuts to your diet can help you to maintain your ideal weight (overtime) along with other healthy food choices. It helps maintain your ideal weight, helps to sleep better, provides anti-aging benefits and it helps to keep our heart healthy. Not only is it full of vitamins it helps to increase memory and boost energy levels, it also has omega-3 fatty acids and helps to fight cancer.

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Your health and your wealth!

James is founder, CEO, & President of JRV Wealth Management Group in Philadelphia, Pa. He has been a financial adviser/educator in the financial services industry since 1997. He is a Philadelphia native, Christian and an active community leader who takes pride in giving back and works tirelessly educating the general public about investing, financial literacy, and the importance of building wealth-specifically to those in the African American, Latino and other underserved communities.

James R. Veal believes that not only is your wealth important but also your health. James says, “Without Health-There’s No Wealth.”

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Spiritual health and well being

Raja Mishal, Ph.D. is a Neurobiologist, Wellness and Parent & Family Consultant, a Transformational Speaker, and a Community and Developmental Service Worker. Dr. Raja is the Founder and Executive Director of Shift to Shine, a Canadian grassroots social not-for-profit organization that focuses on the well-being of minorities and vulnerable groups. Dr. Raja is currently working as a Consultant for Family Services of Peel/Institute of Peel Against Violence to develop and implement workshops in the Arabic language for Arab Immigrants and Refugees. She is the author of “Shift to Shine: Bridging Science and Intuition,” and “Make Up or Break Up: Parent the Child Within Before Being a Parent,” and the forthcoming book “Hope Rises: The Power of Taking Action,” I got a chance to sit and talk with my dear good friend of mine Dr. Raja Mishal.

Raja Mishal, Ph.D, D.H.N, Dipl.Ac., M.M.Q. 

Author|Speaker|Parent-Family Consultant| Social Activist

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Spiritual health and well being

Raja Mishal, Ph.D. is a Neurobiologist, Wellness and Parent & Family Consultant, a Transformational Speaker, and a Community and Developmental Service Worker. Dr. Raja is the Founder and Executive Director of Shift to Shine, a Canadian grassroots social not-for-profit organization that focuses on the well-being of minorities and vulnerable groups. Dr. Raja is currently working as a Consultant for Family Services of Peel/Institute of Peel Against Violence to develop and implement workshops in the Arabic language for Arab Immigrants and Refugees. She is the author of “Shift to Shine: Bridging Science and Intuition,” and “Make Up or Break Up: Parent the Child Within Before Being a Parent,” and the forthcoming book “Hope Rises: The Power of Taking Action,” I got a chance to sit and talk with my dear good friend of mine Dr. Raja Mishal.

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Spiritual “Spring House” cleaning and healing

March is here and we are two weeks away from Spring and it’s time to clean up and clear away, what you no longer need and want! For example: You may hold a garage sale to get rid of the toys your children have out grown and all the other stuff that has cluttered your living space (maybe for years). But, what about the clutter in your mind also, what about those obstacles – we keep stubbing our toes on. You know the ones, the ones that keep holding us back from moving forward in our lives. 

This Spring is a good time to consider what’s working in our life and what isn’t. To ask whether you’re under pending beliefs, like the ones you live by – are they really your own and if, they really serve you. When we take the time to be with ourselves and go within, our lives expand and becomes richer, you’ll get a surge of energy, building momentum that will lead you to new places. New faces and opportunity will appear on your landscape. New growth comes when the old weathered and warn out stuff of winter is removed. When we are cleaning out the clutter we may become double minded and start changing our minds about giving stuff away and getting rid of it thinking we are giving away something we may need later. But, the relief we feel is so much greater when we finally let go of the things that no longer serve us. 

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Feel great update: Age proof your body

You can live a longer, better life with easy strategies proven to turn back the clock.

Fit & Fabulous Tip #1 Add 6 years! SAY YES TO INVITATIONS

Finding an hour a week to socialize, whether you join friends for dinner or take a knitting class, increases life expectancy as effectively as losing 50 pounds, exercising daily or quitting smoking, say's scientists at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Joseph Maroon, M.D., author of Square One, A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life, says group gatherings prompt the release of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that cuts stress-hormone production by 25 percent and slows aging of energy-producing mitochondria.

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Reflexology and the Garden of the Creator (El Ha Gahn)

In the Name Of The Most High Creator Of The Heavens and the Earth El Ha Gahn is Thankful to be Blessed with useful understanding to assist in the upliftment of the family of man. El Ha Gahn is the Director of The Academy of the Cultural Arts & Life Sciences, a school that trains people in the art of natural living. He is a graduate of The Gibran Institute. He is also a Master Instructor in the Institute of Certified Martial Artists. He has been involved In the Essene healing arts for 34 years. His interest in this pursuit has taken him literally around the World on a journey of discovery about herbal systems, healing methods and wellness strategies.

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Reverend Betty Hutt

Reverend Betty Hutt is an active counselor healer, medium, event coordinator, and fundraiser, and ultimately served as co-pastor for twelve years. In addition she was elected as Vice President of the Pennsylvania State Spiritualist Association of Churches from 1988 through 1992. In 2007 she received her ordination, and her National Spiritualist Teachers Certification. She received her Charter for the Celestial Spiritual Church in 2008 at the NSAC Convention. And she performs the duties as Pastor, Medium and Lecturer. She has been a guest speaker on numerous radio stations including a internet radio show called 'One Moment In Time'. Her Education includes attending University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, and Drexel University. She also received the 'Women Of Color Award' from the University of Pennsylvania for Outstanding Leadership, and Workmanship.

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Beauty tips from make-up artist Paris

We are now here in the Beautiful Spring Season! It's officially here! And Prom Season is also here, and we all know how important that day is for high school students. The young men getting there fancy car's and Tailored made suits! And of course the women getting all Glammed Up for their dates, making sure there dresses fit them to all there curvaceous curves on their body and of course we can't forget about how important it is to have their hair and make-up done. When we went to proms back in the day we just did our make-up the best way we knew how. Either you knew how to apply it or your mother helped you apply. Well, nowadays things have changed and girls are going to professional make-up artists who are licensed, skilled, and trained in that department. Oh yes this is serious business for these high school young ladies!

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