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December 2019 - February 2020


The Power of Forgiveness

    Do you know how powerful forgiveness is? Many of us today are walking around holding onto stuff from things that has happened to them years ago; and have no intention on working towards healing themselves from the pain, and hurt that others caused them. Because of that, they have now set themselves up for more problems and issues to continue to take place in their life. Like marriage problems, problems with their children, problems at work, they always think that it’s the other person, or persons giving them such a hard time. These people never take the time to ask themselves "what do I need to do differently" because they stay in their "EGO." They continue to suffer, and their  relationships continue to fail. It set's up a mental prison in their mind.  The pain is stuffed down deep inside, with no intention to deal with it or talk about it. It opens up feelings that they have not dealt with properly.

    Well I'm here to tell you The Word of God can transform all your hurts and pains. 

The Word of God can help you be able to move on from the hurt you are carrying. Sometimes people don't even realize that they are carrying unforgiveness in there heart. The pain that you maybe now experiencing in your body, don't even realize that, that pain or disease is stemming from a past hurt that you are carrying around in your subconscious mind and also your cells in your body. OH YES this pain runs deep down to the core of your being and starts to self destruct. Forgiveness means giving up the suffering of the past and being willing to forge ahead with far greater potential for inner freedom. Besides the reward of letting go of a painful past, there are powerful health benefits that go hand-in-hand with the practice of forgiveness.

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JULY 2019


Awake to Healing

We all know how important it is to take care of our bodies. We know we must eat healthy and work out physically and mentally so that our minds can be healthy and fit also. We know that supplements for the body are also key important componenst as well. There are a lot of doctors and nutritionalists that are well- informed and know all about herbs and the right supplements one should take for their bodies. Ma’a Bowman, wife of the late and great Sebi Bowman is one of those doctors. Sebi and Ma’a Bowman  together created the “Fig Tree” an alternative health organization dedicated to providing the community with all their health and nutritional needs. “The Fig Tree” was established in 1971. Their elite product line is designed to treat the entire body by targeting every aspect of the system simultaneously through an intracellular cleansing and a revitalization of the cells. The “Fig Tree’s” products use a biomineral balance approach to healing. They offer individualized nutritional counseling to help reverse illnesses. With this natural methodology, the body can cure itself from diseases such as Aids, Diabetes Cancer, Leukemia, Hepatitis and many more.

VONDA: Ma’a, what is the product that you and Dr. Sebi call the Drink Electra and what is it great for and why should we take it?

MA’A: The Drink Electra is your food, your real food. It’s electrifying the cells. Every one of the items we have are plant- based alkaline, plant-based herbal compound. The Drink Electra is a mixed formula. One of the items in there is Seamoss, also known as Irish Moss. It feeds all the cells. It’s superb for the bones, muscles and ligaments. It feeds all the cells because it has all the minerals, potassium, magnesium sulphate, so it’s electrifies the cells and feeds the cells.

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We are wonderfully and fearfully made by God

Psalm 139:14 declares, 'I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.'

The meaning of Psalm 139:14 is the incredible nature of our physical bodies. The human body is unique, the most complex organism in the world, and that complexity and uniqueness speaks volumes about the mind of its creator. Every aspect of the body, down to the tiniest microscopic cell, reveals that it is fearfully and wonderfully made.

The bodies immune system is able to fight off so many enemies and restore itself, from the smallest repair (even down to repairing bad portions of DNA) to the largest repair (mending of bones and recovery from major accidents). Yes there are diseases that will eventually overcome our bodies as we age because of mans fall into sin and the resulting curse, but we have no idea exactly how many times our immune system has saved us from death that would surely have occurred without it.

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Health and Wellness Yoga Instructor Kind Essence

This week we have Kind Essence, who has her masters in education and is a Certified Yoga Instructor, yoga therapy, Reiki Master, Raku Reiki, intuitive clairvoyant, CEO founder of Sassy Senior Yoginnis, Yoga Soul, discovering your divinity and the curator of Haven.

Kind Essence’s abilities and gifts have been with her since she can remember, things like giving Ms. Cecil the winning numbers for daily street numbers. But now she is more concerned with the healing of physical and spiritual imbalances, helping people move toward freedom from addictions, pains and fears. Kind Essence offers workshops, yoga classes and retreats. The Haven is host to some of the most gifted, holistic practitioners from all walks of life. The Haven is available for private and intimate events.

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The Healthy Benefits of Cucumbers

I love cucumbers; they have so many health benefits. They provide such amazing benefits to the body. Cucumbers are made of 95% water, making them an ideal hydrating and cooling food. A lot of us don’t realize the benefits this vegetable adds assists us with, especially if you’re eating a Western diet loaded with cheeseburgers, French fries, hot dogs, sodas, etc… Cucumbers help with inflammation, if you would like to make your diet healthier with vegetables, cucumbers are a great choice.

• They fight inflammation in the body and help reduce the risk of cancer. As I did some research on this vegetable, I found out that cucumbers can help lower the inflammatory response in the body.

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Your health is your wealth

Are you still struggling with keeping your health goals and staying focus with it? Well don’t worry yourself to hard about it we all fall short on these things sometime in our lives, and the good thing is we can start at anytime to make it right. And why not start right now where you are. You’re probably feeling very heavy, fatigued and exhausted right now in your body and that’s a clear sign that your body is trying to tell you something. We are now in the month of June, summer season will be here shortly, and you don’t want to be battling health conditions with the hot summery days ahead of us. So, why not start making your body a light body instead of a heavy body. The way to do this is changing what you eat. Once again I’m just reminding you and reiterating it into your mind to eat healthier, your body will thank you for it. And you will move more differently.  

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Healthy living

The healthy benefits if drinking a green drink first thing in the morning is that it will reset, restore, and revitalize the body. It will give you immediate nutritional fortification, that will boost your natural energy. Green juice is a super plant base liquid that is filled with a lot of nutrients. I love drinking a green drink because it helps improve my digestion, and overall energize my whole body as well as giving me a full feeling so I don't have to eat a whole lot of food first thing in the morning. Sometimes we think we always need that BIG breakfast, and that's not always good for us. You should start to incorporate this in your lifestyle and it will help improve your body. If you want to cleanse your system a green drink can and will help you do just that.

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Believe the Unbelievable, and Receive the Impossible


Mark 11:23 says, “For verily I say unto you, that whosoever say to this mountain, be thou remove, and be thou casts into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

Jesus tells you to believe for it when you pray, believe that you receive it, not when you get it, not when it manifest, it has nothing to do with payment, it has to do with believing.

Mark 11:24 says, therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Everything God does, God always challenges us to believe with the natural, and the senses cannot grasp this. Do not let anyone who is an unbeliever, or negative thinker, limit you in your beliefs, when you are unlimited. Realize you are unlimited. I will not let any unbeliever or negative person limit me when I am unlimited. Don’t think with your fleshly mind; think with the word of God. How do you do that? You have to read God’s word daily, so that you become saturated in it. It’s the same as you soaking, and marinating your chicken or turkey in your special recipe sauce overnight. And now that meat has become saturated in those flavors that it has now absorbed. And it no longer tastes bland, it now tastes as flavorful as the sauce, but you had to saturate and marinate it overnight to transform it to the desired taste you were hoping for.

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Spiritual health and well being

Raja Mishal, Ph.D. is a Neurobiologist, Wellness and Parent & Family Consultant, a Transformational Speaker, and a Community and Developmental Service Worker. Dr. Raja is the Founder and Executive Director of Shift to Shine, a Canadian grassroots social not-for-profit organization that focuses on the well-being of minorities and vulnerable groups. Dr. Raja is currently working as a Consultant for Family Services of Peel/Institute of Peel Against Violence to develop and implement workshops in the Arabic language for Arab Immigrants and Refugees. She is the author of “Shift to Shine: Bridging Science and Intuition,” and “Make Up or Break Up: Parent the Child Within Before Being a Parent,” and the forthcoming book “Hope Rises: The Power of Taking Action,” I got a chance to sit and talk with my dear good friend of mine Dr. Raja Mishal.

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Spiritual “Spring House” cleaning and healing

March is here and we are two weeks away from Spring and it’s time to clean up and clear away, what you no longer need and want! For example: You may hold a garage sale to get rid of the toys your children have out grown and all the other stuff that has cluttered your living space (maybe for years). But, what about the clutter in your mind also, what about those obstacles – we keep stubbing our toes on. You know the ones, the ones that keep holding us back from moving forward in our lives. 

This Spring is a good time to consider what’s working in our life and what isn’t. To ask whether you’re under pending beliefs, like the ones you live by – are they really your own and if, they really serve you. When we take the time to be with ourselves and go within, our lives expand and becomes richer, you’ll get a surge of energy, building momentum that will lead you to new places. New faces and opportunity will appear on your landscape. New growth comes when the old weathered and warn out stuff of winter is removed. When we are cleaning out the clutter we may become double minded and start changing our minds about giving stuff away and getting rid of it thinking we are giving away something we may need later. But, the relief we feel is so much greater when we finally let go of the things that no longer serve us. 

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Feel great update: Age proof your body

You can live a longer, better life with easy strategies proven to turn back the clock.

Fit & Fabulous Tip #1 Add 6 years! SAY YES TO INVITATIONS

Finding an hour a week to socialize, whether you join friends for dinner or take a knitting class, increases life expectancy as effectively as losing 50 pounds, exercising daily or quitting smoking, say's scientists at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Joseph Maroon, M.D., author of Square One, A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life, says group gatherings prompt the release of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that cuts stress-hormone production by 25 percent and slows aging of energy-producing mitochondria.

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Reflexology and the Garden of the Creator (El Ha Gahn)

In the Name Of The Most High Creator Of The Heavens and the Earth El Ha Gahn is Thankful to be Blessed with useful understanding to assist in the upliftment of the family of man. El Ha Gahn is the Director of The Academy of the Cultural Arts & Life Sciences, a school that trains people in the art of natural living. He is a graduate of The Gibran Institute. He is also a Master Instructor in the Institute of Certified Martial Artists. He has been involved In the Essene healing arts for 34 years. His interest in this pursuit has taken him literally around the World on a journey of discovery about herbal systems, healing methods and wellness strategies.

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Reverend Betty Hutt

Reverend Betty Hutt is an active counselor healer, medium, event coordinator, and fundraiser, and ultimately served as co-pastor for twelve years. In addition she was elected as Vice President of the Pennsylvania State Spiritualist Association of Churches from 1988 through 1992. In 2007 she received her ordination, and her National Spiritualist Teachers Certification. She received her Charter for the Celestial Spiritual Church in 2008 at the NSAC Convention. And she performs the duties as Pastor, Medium and Lecturer. She has been a guest speaker on numerous radio stations including a internet radio show called 'One Moment In Time'. Her Education includes attending University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, and Drexel University. She also received the 'Women Of Color Award' from the University of Pennsylvania for Outstanding Leadership, and Workmanship.

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Beauty tips from make-up artist Paris

We are now here in the Beautiful Spring Season! It's officially here! And Prom Season is also here, and we all know how important that day is for high school students. The young men getting there fancy car's and Tailored made suits! And of course the women getting all Glammed Up for their dates, making sure there dresses fit them to all there curvaceous curves on their body and of course we can't forget about how important it is to have their hair and make-up done. When we went to proms back in the day we just did our make-up the best way we knew how. Either you knew how to apply it or your mother helped you apply. Well, nowadays things have changed and girls are going to professional make-up artists who are licensed, skilled, and trained in that department. Oh yes this is serious business for these high school young ladies!

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Fit & Fabulous: Shoulders

This week it’s all about the shoulders – The Deltoid Muscle is the big muscle on the shoulder. It has three parts the front “Anterior,” middle “Lateral” and back ‘Posterior,” the front part helps to lift the arm up forwards (flexion) and; the back part helps to lift the arm up backwards (extension). 

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Aviance: The Nation’s Hottest Rising R&B Trio

Aviance, one of the hottest rising R&B acts today is taking the world by storm. Members Beyyond, Dominique Nicole and D-Day Da Rappa, who are from different parts of the city, were put together by Ali Hyman and started making music in 2013 under Reel Boy Entertainment. Beyyond has an unparalleled intensity and passion that cannot be ignored. Her voice is as captivating as her personality. Dominique Nicole has both majestic and rugged beauty, upholding classic R&B vocals that put the “REAL” back in real music. D-Day Da Rappa is a zany (damn near insane) rapper and vocalist, whose hip-hop, trap lyrics are the pinnacle and oddly satisfying vibes of “IDGAF” vibes.

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Fit & Fabulous Healthy Skin Care Tips

We all know how important it is to have a healthy and great looking body. And we also want to have that same care with our face and skin. I got a chance to sit down and talk with celebrity makeup artist Sylvia Russell who has been working in beauty and entertainment, with celebrities for over 25 years. She was the key makeup artist for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleaders and has worked on various celebrities, ranging from Hulk Hogan and family to foodie Adam Richman and HSN show hosts. Russell has been a beauty and lifestyle expert host for 10 years in Tampa at WFLA, Channel 8 @ The Daytime Show and Channel 10 @studio10. She has also worked for NBC Dateline, TLC Network, The Travel Channel and has been an educator in the classroom for top beauty companies, as well as owned and managed salon start-ups. Russell founded Puckerd Cosmetics in August 2016 in St. Petersburg, Florida and is a proud mother of 3.

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Six healthy nuts we need to Incorporate

1)  ALMONDS - Almonds contain fiber which helps the body detoxify itself. Also, prevents and lowers the risk of colon cancer. Fiber helps to move your bowels smoothly. When you eat almonds daily it helps improve your digestion and bowel movement. They are an essential source of manganese, copper, and riboflavin. They help improve energy generation and also helps maintain good energy circulation.

2) WALNUTS – Adding walnuts to your diet can help you to maintain your ideal weight (overtime) along with other healthy food choices. It helps maintain your ideal weight, helps to sleep better, provides anti-aging benefits and it helps to keep our heart healthy. Not only is it full of vitamins it helps to increase memory and boost energy levels, it also has omega-3 fatty acids and helps to fight cancer.

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Your health and your wealth!

James is founder, CEO, & President of JRV Wealth Management Group in Philadelphia, Pa. He has been a financial adviser/educator in the financial services industry since 1997. He is a Philadelphia native, Christian and an active community leader who takes pride in giving back and works tirelessly educating the general public about investing, financial literacy, and the importance of building wealth-specifically to those in the African American, Latino and other underserved communities.

James R. Veal believes that not only is your wealth important but also your health. James says, “Without Health-There’s No Wealth.”

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Spiritual health and well being

Raja Mishal, Ph.D. is a Neurobiologist, Wellness and Parent & Family Consultant, a Transformational Speaker, and a Community and Developmental Service Worker. Dr. Raja is the Founder and Executive Director of Shift to Shine, a Canadian grassroots social not-for-profit organization that focuses on the well-being of minorities and vulnerable groups. Dr. Raja is currently working as a Consultant for Family Services of Peel/Institute of Peel Against Violence to develop and implement workshops in the Arabic language for Arab Immigrants and Refugees. She is the author of “Shift to Shine: Bridging Science and Intuition,” and “Make Up or Break Up: Parent the Child Within Before Being a Parent,” and the forthcoming book “Hope Rises: The Power of Taking Action,” I got a chance to sit and talk with my dear good friend of mine Dr. Raja Mishal.

Raja Mishal, Ph.D, D.H.N, Dipl.Ac., M.M.Q. 

Author|Speaker|Parent-Family Consultant| Social Activist

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