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Are you embodying all that you are?

Are you acknowledging the indigenous culture within you? What happened during the colonization of our people is that we had to totally reject our indigenous ways to survive in the new system. That was the exchange. Your culture for their culture. Many of us we don’t think of ourselves as indigenous. We automatically think of Native American Indians. They were not the only indigenous people — we exist all over the world. From New Zealand to Africa to Southeast Asia, there are indigenous people everywhere.

It didn’t dawn on me initially that I was an indigenous person. If you are an African American descendants of slaves, you came from indigenous cultures. 

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When will we stop running from ourselves

Stop allowing people to tell you that you can change the system. They tell you that you can change the system from within. They tell you if you just work a little harder, get to high positions in the system, it will change. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality you have two choices. You can be in the system or outside of the system. There is no in between. It’s a fallacy to believe that you can change the system because it’s a system. And you willfully participate in on a daily basis. So they will tell you, the more you participate in the system, the system will adapt and change which is false. After all these years in this system, we keep believing that the system is changing. It’s not changing. It’s just repackaging itself to make you feel like it changed. It didn’t!

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We are the only capitalists

Capitalism. Are we the only ones still practicing capitalism because it doesn’t look like anyone else is? The dollar circulates in the Jewish community for over 20 days while the Asian dollar circulates one month before leaving its community. The white dollar circulates from 17 days while the Black American Descendant of Slaves dollar circulates for a few minutes before leaving the community. Free market capitalism means that the person with the lowest price gets the business. According the data above, Asian dollars aren’t following free market capitalism. Their business stays within their communities higher than any other community. We glorify these numbers when in fact they are not a good sign for us but a sign of insulation. It’s the complete opposite of free market capitalism — it’s protectionism.

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Our children are the Biggest losers

The childhoods for black children and white children are starkly different. White children’s childhood are free and liberating. They get to explore the world around them. They live in spaces that encompass playing in spacious backyards, climbing trees, and some type of body of water (including a makeshift pool, lake, swimming pool, etc.). The childhood of a black child often include black limitation, and fear. Instead of being free and liberating, childhood for black children are restricted and confined. Our neighborhoods are not safe spaces for us to explore and investigate. Black children are often locked into strict rules that don’t allow for their development.

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Sorry excuses

There are entirely too many sorry excuses for men in the city of Brotherly Love. I’m talking about men who don’t offer their seat on public transportation to elders and women with children. It’s so bad the public transportation authority had to start a public etiquette campaign with slogans like “Dude it’s rude, take a stand, offer your seat.” And still after years of this campaign, they still remain seated. It seems that even these not so subtle hints have not changed the norms of men in this city.

It is the norm for men in this city to be rude, apathetic, and self involved. 

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Who are we?

This is an unending question in the African American community. Who are we? Are we the Descendants of Africans enslaved in the US? Are we the descendants of Egyptians or the descendants of Israel? Are we both? The schools of thought on our origin stories cause so much confusion within the African American community. The majority of us have just given up and relegate ourselves to being unknown people. One can’t really decipher who we are without a benefit of doubt.

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Filling the void of King

In the wake of the nation’s MLK Day events, I am reminded that the void left behind by Dr. Martin Luther King has never been fully filled. Black America is always looking for the next MLK — a young strapping man with great oratory skills and a vision for our future. Let’s imagine for a minute that the next leader of Black America is a woman. What type of reception would she get? We have been socialized to not respect or value black women. It seems to be a left over from slavery. But for the most part men don’t listen to black women. They don’t trust us. Moreover women don’t trust other women. Therefore, it would be highly unlikely that a woman leader would be welcomed to the throne to replace King.

Does Kamala Harris have a vision for our communities

On Martin Luther King Day, Kamala Harris launched her Presidential campaign for 2020. A day where we honor the life and legacy of our slain civil rights leader, Kamala Harris used the day as an opportunity to penetrate our day of mourning to ask for your support. What do we know about her? One thing we know is that she looks like an African American women. As one friend noted, she is black. But regretfully, she is not black like you and I. Kamala’s mom is Indian and her father is a Ivy league professor from Jamaica. She is the daughter of immigrants. Her mother raised her in Oakland, CA and she moved her to Canada. She was estranged from her father and was raised in an Indian household. Kamala will not be the first African American female President in fact she will be remembered as the first Indian American President.

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There Exists, An Africatown

February is Black History Month! This is our opportunity to celebrate our history as enslaved Africans who found themselves in America by force and not by choice. We are descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States, a term coined by Vernellia Randall. Many believe that you and I are immigrants, too. Regretfully, we are not immigrants. We are a unique group of people who have a very clear justice claim in this country. We also have a very clear justice claim with Africa because Africans sold other Africans into slavery. And those other Africans are us.

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Are we Descendants of Slaves or Enslaved Africans?

The current debate happening right now is on how to properly define us. Black is a term that has been defined for us. So is Negro and colored. Are we African Americans? Why do we need to distinguish our group from other groups in America? Well after the Civil Rights movement, the powers that be weren’t happy with our new found success. Former slaves and their descendants were now entitled to access to good paying jobs, better housing, and contracts. Some of us had the opportunity to reach high educational goals through higher education institutions that were once restricted to our kind. So as a way to thwart our success, they opened the flood gates to immigrants.

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Bringing Black Social Media to Black Print Wake up Black Female voters

The way African Americans are treated in the US is criminal. United Nation experts toured black communities in America and developed a report. From the report they concluded that we face discrimination and that reparations is owed to us. The world knows that our people are owed repayment. This happened in 2016 yet many in our community don’t know that our plight has been documented and presented to the world. Yet, here we are still in the same situation. What else is there for us to do to make our lives better? How do we get up out of the situations that plague our communities?

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Bernie, We Are Getting Reparations

Bernie Sanders, I regret to inform that we are getting reparations — with or without you. In 1990, the US paid $1.6 Billion to Japanese families they placed in internment camps following Pearl Harbor. In the 1900’s alone, the US paid over $2 Billion dollars out to Native American tribes around the country. They used the money to build schools, community, and infrastructure for their tribes. Black Native Americans were not permitted to claim native heritage and were firmly excluded from being compensated. Reparations is compensation for unpaid labor from slavery. It can also be compensation of generations of discrimination, racial violence and terror American Descendants of Slaves have endured since the 1619. Or it could be compensation of almost a hundred years of taxation without representation. Our tax dollars and the amount of services we are provided aren’t adding up.

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Sis Dos MARCH 2019


Do we have representation in Congress?

What happens when you find out that we truly don’t have representation in Congress? The highest ranking black Congressmen James Clyburn of South Carolina doesn’t support reparations for descendants of those enslaved in the United States. Despite most 2020 Democratic and Republican candidates discussing and debating reparations, Congressman Clyburn notes that it would be impossible.

What we know is that this country is still based on race. Those that are white have over 10 times the wealth as those that are black. The root of this disparity started when blacks were considered property and white slave masters their owners. Companies insured slave cargo and accounting firms measured and bet on the amount of cotton each slave was projected to pick.

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All You Have to Do is Go to School, Get a Good Job

As African Americans we were told we had to be twice as good to get ahead in life. Our parents and grandparents told us to study hard and despite the color of our skin, hard work and determination would win the day. In light of the recent college admissions scandal in which a few too many high profile celebrities were brought up on charges for bribing college coaches, test administrators, and coaches, I regret to inform you that you were wrong. No level of hard work and determination will level the playing field for African American descendants of slaves. You can be twice, three times even five times smarter than wealthy whites, it still wouldn’t make a difference.

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Linda and David have moved on! Now who is picking up the Baton?

Hey! Hey! Hey! What’s up Everybody? How’s Everything? I trust everyone is doing the best they can with what they have, using the words by my great Pastor, the Reverend Joe Williams, Shepard of Mt. Airy United Fellowship Church. Right-on with the Write-on SCOOP USA Readers, Friends and Supporters! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, my Brothers and Sisters, last week I spoke briefly about Mandela’s 100th B-Day Celebration. I was so filled and enthused with the great sharing, the cultural enlightenment and Hugs/Love exchanges, I would love to give you the real rundown of that day; but, I can only give you another brief insight because another major development came about.  I sincerely apologize.

Trudy Haynes’ 92nd Birthday and 50th Show celebrations, on to Iyanla Vazant Empowering the WURD

 Hello my SCOOP USA family and Friends!!! It is truly a Blessing to once again share with you the beauty of, “What makes this world, what God intended it to be.”   Beautiful!” Yes, yes, yes it is a marvelous feeling when I can sit and write about things that are forwarding and fabulous. This past week was filled with heartbreaks, senseless murders and the many things that tear our community apart but the Creator has also added the uplifting grace and glory of people and things that are dear and near to us to get us through the gloom and doom of our times. 

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Conversing with Rep. Stephen Kinsey, 201st Legislative District, the New Chairman of the (PLBC)

  Greetings SCOOP USA family and friends. Greetings my brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen. Wow! I had a tremendous weekend. From enjoying the loving bliss of a new union (I love weddings) to reconnecting with that Historic and Power Packed phenomenon which happened back on July 4, 1993 at the Civic Center, when Nelson Mandela came to us to say, “Thank you!” Yes our Good Brother Godfrey Sithope from the African National Congress is keeping the dream and its historical significance alive celebrating one of Our Great African Brothers, the former President of South Africa the late, great Nelson Mandela. A Celebration for his 100th Birthday was held to honor his lasting achievements, revisiting his journey and his walk to glory. I will share this glorious and awesome celebration next week, so please stay tuned. 

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Mandela 100th birthday celebration, as promised

HELLO SCOOP USA Readers, Friends and Supporters. Thank you for your faithful support and sharing our information with Family and Friends. For those of you who have been reading my columns and waiting for me to finish sharing the excellent day I had at the Mandela’s 100th B-Day Celebration, “ Here it is!!!” CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION OF THE LIVES OF NELSON MANDELA and ALBERTINA SISULU held at the Calvary United Methodist Church. 

In all sincerity, the day was extremely intriguing and full of good stuff from songs and dances to walks down memory lane exploring the many issues stemming from Apartheid in South Africa boycott legislation created in Philadelphia (and across the country) to the Freedom of Nelson Mandela. It was a historical action packed day and for me, the showing of Film Mandela at the Philadelphia Civic Center on July 4, 1993 brought an unusual mesmerizing heartfelt atmosphere that captivated the minds of everyone who was present. This celebration was one of those holy-ghost good times when folks just lost their composure and went with the flow, screaming, shouting and jumping up and down while the praises seemed like they weren’t ever going to stop!!! 

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Another extraordinary weekend

Greeting Ladies and Gentlemen. Peace My Brothers and Sisters! Today I would love to share with you another extraordinary weekend. Yes, I do  believe I have info you can use. First, you know there's a mega commercial and powerful saying: Just Do It! It may  be wonderful, truly amazing for some things but there are some things you just don't do!!! The Mexican Border Wall has created a political stand-off. Some say, "Just Do It!" Others say, "No You Won't!" This division is crippling the nation while creating unwarranted HARDSHIPS!!! While this national tragedy is very important to discussed, I'm going to use another angle in moving our conversation forward. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I say conversation because as I write, I'm feeling you and believing we are connecting/sharing with one another. Thanks for understanding. 

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Why can’t we get beyond the Violence/Death which continues to plague our Communities

Good Day, SCOOP USA Family, it’s a beautiful day Ladies and Gentlemen. My Brothers and Sisters. I was sure today, I was going to spin the tides of "Uplifting Our Communities” in the wake of saying good-bye to the hype and hoopla of another Welcome to America Extravaganza that takes place in Philadelphia each and every YEAR! Yes, I don’t know about anybody else but it seems as if many of our communities are left out of “The Party” because all the resources are focused in one particular place or certain places. Well the visitors who come for the excitement every year seem to know stay in the “Main-Flow” because some places are off-limits!!! Nonetheless, in the more so-called poor communities we do ok because “Parties” are what we do. Yes indeedy, Fireworks go off from Sun-up to Sun-down many times they go on all through the night. So we’re in the “Spirit” One Way or Another! 

Now, as I move away from the celebratory notion of the Holiday of Independence, I am compelled to come back to Our Reality of trying to Live Large in a condensed volatile environment. Yes Lord, “How do we, how can we live well, or even comfortably, or normal in an insane asylum?” There is something very, very wrong that we have perpetrators of hate, violence, constant trouble making, creators of ongoing disturbances, who rob and don’t care about killing, don’t mind being a murderer.  Yes and the list can go on and on! Thank God, there is a God, for some Allah and for others the Creator, for however You name your Higher Power, we say, “Thank you for the strength, the power and the wherewithal to live through the madness, the craziness, the insanity and not lose Our Minds.” 

Ladies and Gentlemen, my Brothers and Sisters we know terrible things can happen anywhere but just look around and look where it’s happening over and over again! Look around! Look around!! LOOK AROUND!!! We deserve better, we must do better and it’s time for everyone to get involved. We must become a Village again! Loving one another, taking care of one another and Stop Protecting the perpetrators that are making “LIFE” a Real Tragic Story, A Hellish Place To LIVE!!! We cannot allow them to destroy the fabric of Living in Civility!!! Wake up and stop playing their silly games. We have too much to live for. Don’t YOU? 

Whether It’s Suicide or Homicide the Hurt is Unbearable, the Pain is for a Lifetime! Never Walk Alone! Don’t Do It!! Even If You Believe There Is No Other Way!!! Just Don’t Do It. Fatality Is NO WAY OUT…. Save the Babies, Save Yourself, Please Let the World Be What the CREATOR made it To BE….. Peace and Blessings to One and All. Yours in the Struggle, Brother Tyrone L. Reed 

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Another Extraordinary Weekend

Greeting Ladies and Gentlemen. Peace My Brothers and Sisters! Today I would love to share with you another extraordinary weekend. Yes, I do  believe I have info you can use. First, you know there's a mega commercial and powerful saying: Just Do It! It may  be wonderful, truly amazing for some things but there are some things you just don't do!!! The Mexican Border Wall has created a political stand-off. Some say, "Just Do It!" Others say, "No You Won't!" This division is crippling the nation while creating unwarranted HARDSHIPS!!! While this national tragedy is very important to discussed, I'm going to use another angle in moving our conversation forward. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I say conversation because as I write, I'm feeling you and believing we are connecting/sharing with one another. Thanks for understanding. 

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Twisted Melodies, a show with a message

How’s everything my SCOOP USA Family? I trust all’s well under the extraordinary times We are LIVING! There are number of issues/info I would Love To Share With You Today but due to writing limitations, I will share two things!

Twisted Melodies, The Donny Hathaway Story presented at the Apollo Theater located in Harlem, New York. Ladies and Gentlemen, My Brothers and Sisters I must shout out The West Philadelphia Culture Alliance and The Paul Robeson House for this Phenomenal Day from the Beginning to the End it was exceptional! Ms. Vernoca McMichael and Ms. Barbara were the perfect host for the Outing and as always there is a POWERFUL MESSAGE included in whatever they do! I will end this segment of the article with some of their information we as a Family should be very aware of!!!

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The Round House, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Barnes Foundation: What a Day!

What’s up my SCOOP USA Family? Here we go again, trying to fit it “All In!” My Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen there are so many things we are up against, fighting for or moving us over, the questions must be asked, “When can we Sleep? When can we Relax? How do we Enjoy?” Yes, we are in a constant continuum of Strife and Survival. For some of us, its wear and tear, some us it makes us bold and dynamic but for many of us we don’t give a hoot. We just keep on with the get on!!! Today, I’m going to share with You a day of “getting in, getting on and ENJOYING every moment of it!

The hypocrisy of “Rallying at the Round House!” Yes, that’s right, once again the People had to come together to scream and holla about the blatant insults of those who swore to protect and serve its citizens! Injustice has continued to prevail for officers who care less for their sworn duty than their sick, hateful and racist ways. We as a People must once again endure the belittling and degradation resulting from the pure hatred and bigotry of 328 police officers who have the audacity, freedom and sickness to show their true color/madness. 

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From Rev. Joe Williams to Ken Washington and Nicole Fuller all are Winners in the Lives of others

 Greetings My SCOOP USA Family! As always there are many things, issues, activities, programs we can converse about and share the news on. Being one who LOVES to partake on anything that’s uplifting and spiritually divine for our People, I like to participate and share the Good News because surely there is enough negative stuff going around and No One needs to share the madness if not the hype!!! So before I get to the meat of the article, I want to give a High Five to Captain McCoy and Community Relations Farlow of the 22nd PDAC and All of the Volunteers both Police Officers and Community Workers for a most significant coming together Block Party deemed as the “First Annual 22nd Police District Block Party!” It was a Wonderfully Great Event for the Families/Community of the 22nd Police District and everyone must be commended, the Sponsors, the Participants, the Volunteers and most of All the Organizers. From the beginning to the end fun, fun, food and more food, pure excitement and a welcoming atmosphere of Police and Community solidarity, something many of us have been working on for a long, long time. Congratulations one and all!!! 

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Mental Health: How can we be well about it?

Good Day My SCOOP USA News Family! Wow, once again I’m filled with so many things I would Love to share with You unto I’m falling apart at, “Where do I start? How do I begin?” 

Life! Many times are overwhelming because we find ourselves in a “world-wind” and the wind is not blowing!!! Or you find yourself in the forest with no trees or a beach with no sand. That’s what we call the saga of emptiness. I’m in the middle of no where and have plenty of nothing. Are You with me? Do you understand? Well that’s good cause I’m really trying to get your attention!!! 

Now stay with me because the “Beauty of This” is not getting lost in the mental stress of being locked in the middle of this and not having anything to do with it or not being able to get out! 

If you are still me, then You understand why I’m caught-up in “What do I share with you that keeps your interest or perk-up your enthusiasms?” (Please do not write the Editor for further clarification!) 

Well, let me start with this! There were many things in the city this past week and weekend that were praiseworthy and informational fulfilling. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen while some, if not many are living the “Life of Riley, others are working fiercely to have the good times be in reach of everyone! I would love to share with you two “Remarkable Souls who’s Lives were overwhelmed with social abnormalities but their Compassion to bring Glory into the Lives of others is noteworthy! Our/Their Mental Health was well balanced in an extraordinary lost dimension. Taking care of those who care less in taking care of you. 

The Health and Wellness of Life Dynamics are tricky. Sometimes rewarding and beneficial while a lot of times cruel and unwarranted. Ms. Carla Freeman, whose Life was snatched from her by son is a clear and perfect example of how’s one’s “Mental Health” and Physical Endurance can lose out to the ferociousness and misjudging of an incoherent situation. A Motherly Love and Affection being overshadowed by “Can’t You See, I Ain’t Feeling That or You.” Yes the Love for Our Loved Ones can get so deep that depth of it keeps us blindsided to the horrific internal careless/blizzard behaviors embedded within Your Loved Ones Twisted Mind. 

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A letter to my Youngbul

by Kenneth “Ken Roc" Thompson, CC "Your Incarcerated Life Coach"

I have never watched you shoot a basketball or walk through the streets with a book bag hanging heavy on your back. I’ve never seen you swim in a pool, run in a race, or take the first step in an attempt to climb a tree. I’ve never sat in a chair and watched you smile from the height of a graduation stage. For the majority of your life I have been locked away from your thoughts, cries and your laughs. Nevertheless, you are exactly who I was. You are Black, you are bold, you are thorough and as we say in Philly: MyYoungbul. 

Our story is not unique, our story is American. It may not be apple pie, but it is sweet potato pie, macaroni and cheese, soft pretzels and water ice. It is the story of your mother, my mother, and your cousin. It is the story that is hidden in our history, suppressed within our courtrooms and legislated on the desktops of Capital Hill. Our story did not begin with me nor will it end with you. It is a story that dates back to the birth of this nation and the passing of souls that have produced the essence of ours. 

I write this letter because you deserve to know me. You deserve to know that I care. My mistakes should never have to determine who you are and all that you have the potential to be. You are better than what you see and believe me, you are WAY more than what you have ever been taught to believe. 

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This column is part of a series of columns written by Mr. Kenneth "Ken  Roc" Thompson. Mr. Thompson is incarcerated and who has made it is his responsibility to share with our youth the realities of life.  You can read this column in its entirety in the Scoop, October 19, 2018 edition. 

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