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Review this Section of Scoop to get updates on the latest articles for this week's paper. We introduce the items that our columnist have covered this week, and you can view the full article in This Week's Edition. 

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Check out this week's Entertainment features..  Columns submitted by our Entertainment columnist and special photos and display ads for upcoming Entertainment events. 

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Black History

Each week we provide an update of Black History that was featured for the week. The Black History section provides a link this week's Black history feature. 

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About Us

Community News

Community News

Your Community News Platform...  A pure community paper in the sense that our articles are By the Community and For the Community.... 

You Have A Voice!!!

You Have A Voice

Let Scoop Help you find your Voice,,, Many of us have been trained to keep our opinions to ourselves... Scoop is here to give you a Platform to share your stories and opinions....  

If you would like to share your thoughts, you are more than welcome to submit a column to Scoop at

Scoop is An Active Community Partner...

Scoop is An Active Community Partner...

As members of the Community, Scoop and its columnist are directly impacted by and share the same concerns of our Readers...  We are a part of the Community, and as a result the columns that are submitted are reflective of the current Community Concerns 


Submit your Thoughts, Community Events, Stories

Submit your Thoughts, Community Events, Stories

We All Have A Voice!!! And Scoop USA Newspaper believes that each of us should be allowed to share our stories.. If you have a community news story you would like share. As a black media platform, our responsibility and goal it so Community and Educate our readers, and help them understand the value of their VOICE!

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