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March 2020

Due to the current climate and life changes that we all have had to make as a result of the Coronavirus... Scoop has increased its digital presence with Scoop Digital... so we now have two papers... One on Tuesday and one on Friday... It is now more important that ever that we share our stories and let our truths be known.  People need information and guidance and this platform is that very necessary resource tool that provides that opportunity.   So Use It,  and use it wisely... because we all have and need to share our VOICE!!! 

Special Note... Also due to closures and the limitation of advertisements (which ultimately pay print and production costs) Scoop will publish all papers  in digital form until the stipulations that have been enforced are removed.  Please take care and remain INSIDE YOUR HOMES AND SAFE... 

Sherri Darden


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Community Connections


ScoopUSA Media Community Education Program

We are in the Business of developing neighborhoods.  

Bringing neighborhoods together for the betterment of the City... We must come together to Accomplish our Goals....  


Family and Community Development

Working within the communities to Congregate with Hopes of Reconnecting, Rejuvenating and 

Restructuring communities and families..


Community Success

Identifying the Root and working with  Communities to resolve the cause of the problems... instead of focusing on the Interests that have evolved... We must identify the Root and work together to resolve the problems... Weeds do not die the spread... and in order to "kill" weeds you have to kill the root and kill them all at once... or else they will spread..  And your Treatment will have been wasteful... Work together to have a combined "strike" and we will Achieve Success... there is Strength in Numbers.. 

About Us

Community News

Community News

Scoop is An Active Community Partner...

You Have A Voice!!!

Your Community News Platform...  A pure community paper in the sense that our articles are By the Community and For the Community.... 

You Have A Voice

You Have A Voice!!!

Scoop is An Active Community Partner...

You Have A Voice!!!

Let Scoop Help you find your Voice,,, Many of us have been trained to keep our opinions to ourselves... Scoop is here to give you a Platform to share your stories and opinions....  

If you would like to share your thoughts, you are more than welcome to submit a column to Scoop at

Scoop is An Active Community Partner...

Scoop is An Active Community Partner...

Scoop is An Active Community Partner...

Scoop is An Active Community Partner...

As members of the Community, Scoop and its columnist are directly impacted by and share the same concerns of our Readers...  We are a part of the Community, and as a result the columns that are submitted are reflective of the current Community Concerns 


Submit your Thoughts, Community Events, Stories

Submit your Thoughts, Community Events, Stories

We All Have A Voice!!! And Scoop USA Newspaper believes that each of us should be allowed to share our stories.. If you have a community news story you would like share. As a black media platform, our responsibility and goal it so Community and Educate our readers, and help them understand the value of their VOICE!

Submit your article at 

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