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Adelaide Adbul-Rahman

Rev. Dr. William Rocky Brown, 3rd

The Honorable Reverend Dr. William Lewis Rocky Brown, 3rd, a public servant, preacher, motivationalist, counselor, author and consultant was born and raised in Chester, PA. He has three daughters and two grandchildren.

Dr. Brown graduated from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science.  He also holds a Master’s Degree in Religion from the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Jameson Christian College.  He has also pursued graduate studies in the field of Adult Education at Cheyney University, received training in non-violent direct action from the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change in Atlanta, Georgia and is a graduate of the University of the Virgin Island’s Institute for the Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction and The F.B.I. Citizens Academy, Philadelphia Division. 

Dr. Brown is President and CEO of Brown and Associates, LTD, which provide Business Community Development and Public Relations.  He is a Certified Anger Management Specialist and State Certified Drug / Alcohol and Gambling Addiction Counselor. He also serves as the Chester Community Charter School Program Director for Anger Management Services. 

A preacher by calling, yet a political activist by choice, Dr. Brown is an ordained Baptist Minister of 38+ years.  He has spent six of these years as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bernardtown in South Coatesville, Pennsylvania. He is presently the Pastor of Youth and Community of the Bethany Baptist Church in Chester, Pennsylvania and an ICPC Master Police Chaplain. Dr. Brown is a prolific writer who has been published in various mediums. He has published his 1stbook entitled: “800 Sayings By Old Folks Who Raised Us”. He also has a weekly religious column that appears in Scoop USA and a daily Blog on his web site:

In the 80’s and 90’s, he traveled around the country motivating youngsters to stay in school and to say no to drugs and violence.  His motivational assemblies consist of a unique technique of raps, chants and audience participation. Thus, he was affectionately known as the “Rappin Rev.”

As a former member of the City Council of Chester, Pennsylvania, Dr. Brown was a strong voice for the people.  Before being elected to council he spent 16 months in the U.S. Virgin Islands where he served with the Governor’s Drug and Crime Prevention Program as Special Assistant to the Drug Czar.  He was also elected and served two consecutive four-year terms as City Controller of Chester, Pennsylvania.  

Dr. Brown has been actively involved in numerous community and civic organizations over the years.  He is a Prince Hall Past Master and 33 Degree Mason, a Shriner, Past Grand Worthy Patron, a Past Grand Exalted Ruler of I.B.P.O. Elks of W. and a devoted member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,Inc.  

His community work has earned him over 250 awards and commendations. 

Yanina Carter

Yanina Carter, is known throughout the City of Philadelphia by many because of her long-term years as a journalist.  Often referred to by her friends as “the energizer bunny” – because she “keeps going and going”, Yanina always has her hands full with various projects in the field of mass media.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio but raised most of her life in Philadelphia, Yanina is the youngest of nine children.  She is a graduate of Duquesne University and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree while there, with a duo major in Mass Media studies and Theater Arts.  Her initial dream was to be an actress, dancer, and singer but she put those dreams on hold to pursue writing, her hobby.”

Formerly, she worked with State Senator Vincent Hughes for 5 years as his Media Relations Coordinator; Public Relations Marketing and Community Relations Specialist for the 521 Management Group, an entity of The Amoore Group.  Yanina has also worked with BET’s Screen Scene,YSB Magazine and Time Life Books. Under her own direction, she is currently under contract with various companies doing public relations through, “Yanina World Productions.

In addition, Yanina was known for her 16 years of service as the Entertainment Editor for the Philadelphia New Observer;  and as Executive Producer for the Urban League Speaks Radio Show on WDAS, 105.3, a talk show dealing with issues affecting the African American Community for 10 years. She is currently heard on WURD 96.1 with the New World View with David Barnes and co hosts Yanina Carter and Que Rainey on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. She was the  co-host for Magazine Showcase, an entertainment video show that appeared on Urban Cable of Philadelphia on Channel 74, Saturday nights 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. for two years and is currently working with Trudy Haynes TV Network and Life and Spirit On Line, Entertainment UTube show.

In 2001, Yanina Carter, founded of the Bobbie Carter Foundation, a non profit organization, in honor of her mother who died from diabetes. The foundation was established to raise awareness about diabetes through radio, television and print media,  as well as community events.  

Yanina is the recipient of the National Newspapers Publishing Association Award for outstanding youth section while working with the Philadelphia Tribune for four consecutive years – 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990.

Over the past five years Yanina has received Volunteer of the Year Awards from the American Diabetes Association for her outstanding commitment to Diabetes.

Namibia El, South Jersey Editor/Columnist

Community/events, News, Arts, Education, and Entertainment in Southern New Jersey
Namibia El, educator and humanitarian, is an outspoken advocate on behalf of Camden children-teachers, parents and community members as the South Jersey Editor for SCOOP newspaper, Director of Voice of Action, a founding member of the Camden Parent Union, instructor and official of the Unity Community Center, and member of the National Journey for Justice Alliance.

Since the age of 14, she has served in several non-profit organizations throughout Camden. In addition to her community volunteer advocacy work, Ms. El serves as a teacher for the Rites of Passage Course at Khepera Charter School in Philadelphia.

Namibia specializes in working with "at- risk" youth, and empowering individuals to overcome barriers that impede their ability to achieve their vocational, educational, employment, and fitness goals. Ms. El is a passionate supporter of the performing arts and local artists. She is a principal dance member of the World Renowned Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble.

Namibia is a proud mother of three daughters: Naadia, Alani, and Noni, who all attend Camden City Public Schools.

David Fritz

Haru Sen Haru

For the past twenty-five years Haru Sen Haru has been developing and mastering an impressive and highly visionary array of leadership skill sets for transforming neighborhood base organizations into high performing agents for social and community change.

Haru is the President of Anu Trust, an enterprise focus on helping businesses, families, and organizations to better position themselves as high performing change agents. 

Haru’s visionary approach towards community economic development can be found in his book  “When Destiny Calls”, under the name Nathaniel J. Bracey.

Haru’s visionary approach to education and schooling can be found in his book “Love Is The Right Education for New Beings” under the name Nathaniel J. Bracey.

Haru’s visionary approach to love and relationships can be found in his book, “Black  Man, For the Lover In You (not the Romantic)” under the name Nathaniel J. Bracey.

Haru, the professor, lectures on Global Intercultural Communications, African American Culture and History, Community Based Business Models, Fiscal and Organizational Management, and Renewable Energy Technologies as core practices for businesses. 

Haru earned his B. A. degree from the University of Connecticut, his M.A. degree from the University at Albany. 

Haru, the family man is the father of three sons, Naim, Nadif, and Nuri and daughter Nymaat.


Marilyn Kai Jewett

Marilyn Kai Jewett is a Philadelphia-area marketing consultant/writer. Her career has been concentrated in the areas of marketing communications with extensive expertise in advertising, public relations and promotions.

Jewett began her career in 1977 as a staff assistant to the District of Columbia’s City Council Committee on Education, Recreation and Youth Affairs. She then relocated to North Texas where she focused her career on advertising. Returning to Philadelphia, she continued in the field of marketing communications.

Recent projects include providing community/public relations and developing a Philadelphia Black Biz Directory for the Beech Companies, Inc., public relations for the 43rd Odunde Festival, the African & Caribbean Business Council of Greater Philadelphia and Vets in the Hood. Jewett served as publicist for a group of nursing students in their lawsuit against the now-defunct St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing. She was director of the “It Takes a Village”violence prevention campaign and provided services to Logistics Management Consultants, Inc. for their community technology safety project. She also developed a marketing plan to document the role of the Church of the Advocate in the Black Consciousness/Black Political Movement of the 1960s/70s. In 2009, Jewett single-handedly produced the“Sharing the Wealth Technology Conference” in the state capitol to assist “minority” tech firms access state contractsin Pennsylvania.

Jewett was public/government relations consultant to the Black United Fund of Pennsylvania for several years where she produced and co-hosted their monthly radio program, “BUF Reports to the People,” which aired on WDAS AM in Philadelphia. She was editor of and produced the Housing Association of Delaware Valley’s quarterly Infill magazine. In 1999, Jewett assisted in the establishment of New Millennium Foundation and served as its first manager andmarketing director. She was instrumental in establishing the foundation’s school-to-work academies in three Philadelphia high schools and served as program manager for the foundation’s Electronic Shopping Opportunities Program (ESOP) one of the first of its kind in the nation.

Former assistant media relations manager for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Legislative Information Office, Jewett is a political consultant and veteran of over 12 judicial, legislative and city campaigns. She was an integral member of the Pennsylvania Minority & Women Business Enterprise Statewide Task Force, wrote a series on its activities and testified on behalf of the taskforce before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. Jewett was communications director for retired PA State Rep. W. Curtis Thomas, Democratic chair of the House Commerce Committee, was his liaison to the business community and produced several business outreach events for his office.

A talented journalist, Jewett currently writes a business column for SCOOP USA newspaper. She began her career in journalism in the 1980s as a Philadelphia art reviewer for the Chicago-based New Art Examiner Magazine and was Philadelphia correspondent for the National Black News Journal. She covered business, politics and culture for thePhiladelphia New Observer for 11 years and covered the same beat for the Neighborhood Leader. Jewett wrote a monthly column, “Black Tech News,” which appeared in several publications. She also wrote the first series of articles documenting the movement to commemorate the Africans connected to and enslaved at the Philadelphia President's House. Those articles are part of the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection at Temple University. In 2009, she was awarded an Art & Change Grant from the Leeway Foundation to research her forthcoming book, “The Wisdom ofMy Elders.” An ordained priest in the Yoruba tradition of West Africa, in 2014 Jewett led and established a Sacred Libation Ceremony for the 150 documented Black women who were lynched in the U.S. between 1870 and 1957.

Jewett is one of the seven founders of the John W. Coltrane Cultural Society and assisted the effort to obtain historical status for the Coltrane House in North Philadelphia. She is presently a member of the historic Arthur L. Hall Collection Advisory Committee and the Mayor’s Commission on African & Caribbean Immigrant Affairs. A native of Philadelphia, Jewett is a graduate of Howard University’s School of Communications.

Sherri Y. Johnson

Napoleon Kingcade

Napoleon F. Kingcade broke into the newspaper business with the Philadelphia Tribune in 1983. Then he joined Scoop USA in that same year. He went under the name of Dr. Sportsmaster Flash. The greatest interview in Kingcade’s career was with NBA legend and Hall-of-Famer Wilt Chamberlain. Kingcade was the last newspaper reporter who did an interview with Wilt Chamberlain before he died on October 12, 1999. His friend, Jimmy Sadler, hooked him up with the interview. Sadler was a teammate of Wilt Chamberlain at Overbrook High School. He contacted Wilt Chamberlain and informed him that Napoleon Kingcade wanted to do an interview with him. The interview took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. He asked Wilt Chamberlain over a dozen questions and Chamberlain answered every one of them. All Napoleon Kingcade could remember how large Wilt Chamberlain’s hands were compared to his hands. Wilt Chamberlain’s hand could cover Kingcade’s whole hand. Kingcade was also surprise how polite Chamberlain was during the interview. Kingcade said Chamberlain was such a gentle giant with many stories to tell.  

Here’s Napoleon Kingcade’s list of other sports celebrities he has interviewed and done stories about in his career. The list includes: Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, Allen Iverson, Moses Malone, Mike Quick, Larry Holmes, Dawn Staley, Sheryl Swoopes, Shaquille O’Neil, Darryl Dawkins, Gene Banks, World B. Free, Tyrell Biggs, Dr. Julius Erving, Grant Fuhr, Charles Barkley, Maurice Cheeks, Rodney Peete, Randall Cunningham, Meldrick Taylor and Tim Witherspoon. In the past, Kingcade has covered sports for the Philadelphia Sunday Sun, Westside Weekly, University City Review, Philadelphia Tribune and The Spirit Newspaper. He has estimated that he has written over 7,000 newspaper articles in his 35-year newspaper career. Today, he’s currently doing a sports column for Scoop USA.  

In his career, Kingcade was a close friend to former heavyweight world boxing champion Joe Frazier. He became a good friend with Joe Frazier after he wrote his first article about him back in 1983. His friendship meant a lot to Kingcade. Frazier took Kingcade to many places. Joe Frazier took Kingcade over to his house where he met the entire Frazier Family. Kingcade tells a story about the time he took Joe Frazier over to his God mother’s house. When his God mother ( Sister Sarah Abdur-Rahman ) opened the front door, she seen Joe Frazier standing there on the steps with Kingcade. She wasted no time inviting them inside the house. She cooked dinner for them while they talked in the living room. It was indeed a shocking moment for Kingcade’s God mother. Before Joe Frazier left the house, Kingcade’s Godmother asked Joe Frazier for his autograph. He wrote his name across a picture of Muhammad Ali. Kingcade thought that was so funny. His God mother was a Muhammad Ali fan.  

As a sports columnist for Scoop USA, Kingcade intends to give the readers good information and a great sports column every week. He loves his Philadelphia sports teams. You may not like everything that he writes, but he will always be straight forward about his thoughts and opinions. One thing about Kingcade, he will never give you anything less.  

In addition to being a sports columnist, Kingcade is also a summer league basketball coach. He has coached basketball teams for the last six years. He has coached at many recreation centers and AAU leagues. His girls basketball team won a league championship in 2016 in Wilmington, Delaware. The Philadelphia Black Hawks went undefeated ( 10-0 ) and swept every team in the playoffs. So far, this has been the greatest championship in his life. It’s a championship that Kingcade will never forget.

Please hit Napoleon Kingcade up on Facebook if you need to share a sports story or topic with him. He looks forward to hearing from you. And you are also welcomed to write to him and send him letters to the office of Scoop USA.  

Ari Merratozon

Thera Martin Milling

Thera Martin first came to the SCOOP USA Community Newspaper in 1980 after having just graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was seeking to write articles for the SCOOP. After being urged by Bruce Webb, longtime friend and confidant of Sonny Driver, the owner and founder of the SCOOP, and the lead photographer for the SCOOP, Bruce Webb is to be credited with insisting that Thera come meet this man, “Sonny Driver.” It was an introduction that Thera says she will never forget, and from that day, until Sonny Driver passed in 2018, Thera considered herself a diehard part of the SCOOP USA Community Newspaper Family. She often says she considered Sonny Driver as if “He were a sometimes father figure, big brother, uncle, and boss to her”. 

Thera began her radio broadcast career at WDAS AM/FM radio stations where she started in 1979, as a non-paid intern. She worked her way up, over a 26 year period, to Special Assistant to the General Manager, and Director of Community Relations. She loves covering news stories and sharing that news with the world. After working 26 years at WDAS AM/FM, Thera spread her wings and moved on to work for U.S. Congressman Chaka Fattah for a few years, but at the same time, continued broadcasting at WDAS on the weekends. She was then called to work at 1340/AM WHAT radio station as program director, which she did for three years, not only being a senior manager at the station, but a 5 day a week, on the air talk show host. 

Her next stop along the way of her career in communications landed her in the John F. Street Administration as a part of the Mayors’ Office of Community Services, (MOCS) public Affairs/Community Outreach team. There for one year, when 911 struck, and terrorist flew planes into the World Trade Center, Thera followed her heart and went back into radio broadcasting full time, back at WDAS.  Opportunity struck again about three years later and Thera was called back to 1340/AM WHAT as a full time talk show host. She answered that call.

Loving her gig at WHAT as a talk show host, minus the pressures of being in management, Thera said her plan was to stay at WHAT as long as she could. Once again however, God had another plan and she suddenly found herself in corporate America, working for Dr. Walter P. Lomax at his company called Healthcare Management Alternatives, (HMA). 

Working at HMA Health plan was exciting. It was fun. It was hard work. But it wasn’t broadcast radio. So when another call came, and an offer, to become the Program Director at WURD Radio station, (also owned by Dr. Walter P. Lomax), Thera accepted and walked away from her “corporate America” job.


Through all her moves and opportunities in broadcast communications over the years, The SCOOP USA Community Newspaper has always a constant. No matter what else was going on, no matter where else she may have worked, Thera hung in there with the SCOOP and with its publisher, Sonny Driver, until the day he made transition.


Now under the leadership of the new owner and publisher of the SCOOP, Thera has made a commitment to stick and stay, as long as Sherri Darden will have her. Her motto is, “Long live the SCOOP USA Community Newspaper.”

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson, M.S. is an award winning business leader and in-demand keynote speaker.  Robinson is the recipient of Philadelphia's Industry Icon Award, 2017; award nominee for the Delaware Valley's Human Resources Person of the Year Award, 2016; recipient of the Internship Provider of the Year Award, Fox School of Business/Temple University, 2015; Board member, Philadelphia Baptist Association; Board member, Pennsylvania Eastern Keystone Baptist Association; City Commissioner, Mayor's Commission on African American Males; FBI and U.S. Department of Justice/Drug Enforcement Administration's Citizens Academy alumnus; freelance journalist; and he serves as Senior Pastor of Greater Enon Missionary Baptist Church, 1854 North 22nd Street, Philadelphia PA 19121.  For all inquiries/comments:

Patrick Robinson

As the Acting Assistant Regional Commissioner, for Processing Center Operations, I serves as a member of the Regional Commissioner’s Executive Staff.  Daily I coach and provide leadership in identifying problem areas, developing corrective measures to manage difficulties in operations and overseeing execution of remedial plans.  

I direct the activities of approximately 1500 to 1575 employees in a range of grade levels from clerical support to executive/supervisory level.  I ensure special attention is given to management of backlogs, processing of sensitive cases, handling of critical case inquiries and other problem areas.  Assures that lower level managers in accordance with the requirements of the Agency performance management system take all appropriate actions. I plans, directs and coordinates the activities of the operating components in three states Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and the three  National Tele-Service Centers under the  Assistant Regional Commissioner, for Processing Center Operations jurisdiction.  

James Scott

Jim Scott, MS, MBA, is a retired corporate sales executive having served in leadership roles for two decades in the consumer food products industry. My corporate career was followed by answering the call of the International Youth Foundation, to serve as a Vice President of its global millennium campaign “The Children’s Hour.” The success of this global collaboration facilitated a career shift into the area of nonprofit management. This change opened the door to an opportunity of a lifetime. Surprisingly, I was selected to help transform the country of South Africa, as the leader of a major health and education initiative.

As President and CEO of Medical Education for South African Blacks (MESAB), I received the blessing to lead an international effort resulting in the training of more than two thousand Black South Africans in the health professions. Education and training, previously unreachable, to most of the Black population, became a reality for many young, impoverished, South Africans. Through our corporate fund-raising efforts in the United States and South Africa, the cost of paying tuition and fees was removed as an obstacle for these students. The success of this effort bolstered the dual goals of this program to both build a Black “economic middle class” and increase the number of, desperately needed, health care professionals in the immediate aftermath of post-apartheid South Africa.

My African adventures were followed by another “wish list” opportunity allowing me to work “back home” in the Philadelphia area for the School District of Philadelphia. My position within the school district allowed me to lead the districts’ efforts to better engage the entire community in the search for lasting solutions to seemingly intractable problems in public education. As the Director, of the office of “Parent, Community and Faith-based Partnerships” we offered; both support to families, and reached out, for support from the community and the many faith-based relationships we established. Proudly, many of the initiatives started during this era are still being used today as “best practice” for driving community and faith-based involvement in schools.

I hold a Master of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the National University - Sacramento, California, and a Bachelor’s degree from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. I am previously a board member of: Medical Education for South African Blacks, The South African Education Trust, and the National Sales Network. West Philadelphia born and raised, with many relatives from North and South Philly. Being a graduate of West Philadelphia High School makes me a proud “Speedboy.” I am the father of two sons and reside with my wife of “thirty plus” years.

Junious Stanton

Junious Ricardo Stanton was born in Philadelphia on February 18, 1948. He attended Philadelphia public schools, matriculated to Cheyney State College in 1965  earning a BA in Liberal Arts English in 1969 and after Cheyney attended the University of Pennsylvania earning a Masters Degree in City Planning in 1971.

            Junious worked as a Philadelphia Juvenile Probation Officer for thirty years. Always an avid fan of radio and seeing its potential as a social change agent he brokered time on WHAT 1340 AM in 1990 producing a half hour talk program called Positively Black. To promote the show he started writing a weekly column of the same name for SCOOP USA a popular community newspaper. That column eventually was syndicated to over 200 African-American newspapers by the National Newspaper Publishers Association from 1996-2002.

            In 2000 Junious became a pioneer in Internet talk radio producing a program on The Black World Today's talk channel which he helped start. When TBWT closed he migrated to New Black City hosting a live interview program called The Digital Underground. Junious continues to produce The Digital Underground on Junious also produced and hosted The Cyberspace Sanctuary which was heard on the Blake Radio Network's Rainbow Soul for many years.  Currently Junious produces and hosts The Digital Underground on the Harambee radio and television network, Akoben on and and writes a blog From The Ramparts

            Junious has been married to the former Sonjia Harmon for forty-eight years.

Shelly Shell "Word on the Street"

I still don’t know whether Ki Ki Loves Drake or if she’s riding but I do know this, I am writing and sometimes I get all in my feelings!  

Most bio’s tell you a lot of about what we did, do, or done to achieve this thing, called success.  And I have that,  but how about hearing more about me!  Who is Shelly Shell Williams #PhillysOprah?  I’m unapologetically me and I am the me that God fearfully and wonderfully made, to create, prosper, love and live for him.  Along this gift called life, I’ve been blessed with the opportunities to be the Executive Producer of Urban X-pressions, the longest running video show in Philadelphia broadcast history as well as Produce Single On A Saturday Night, Relationship Talk Show.  But what does that mean to you?  Could mean a little or could mean a lot, however, what’s really important is that I’m a contributing columnist for the Scoop USA Newspaper. Each week I give you the Word on the Street. I do have a formal bio (because I’ve done a lot things interviewed a ton of celebrities and even founded a non-profit, X-pressions, Inc.) that you are more than welcome to review on my site 

I am here to serve the Lord and help others, want to see more, visit my website  In the meantime, thank you for reading Scoop USA Newspaper – it is fundamental!  

Shelly Shell Williams @Shellyshelllux

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To Be Equal is a syndicated weekly column by National Urban League President Marc H. Morial, which is distributed to more than 400 newspapers and websites nationwide. Each week's topic focuses on issues affecting both African American's and the nation as a whole. Started in 1963 by CEO Whitney M. Young, Jr., as "The Voice of Black America," the column was immediately picked up by major newspapers and radio stations across the country. Today, the To Be Equal column continues to present a unique insight on national and international issues.