Sales representatives

We are developing as Sales Task Force! We are looking for individuals who can turn a cold lead into a warm lead, someone who is familiar with Philadelphia and its businesses and programs and can communicate the goals and objectives of Scoop to our potential customers.  

What we need…

· Sales representatives will work in specified assigned geographic areas and identify the target market and work closely with all businesses and programs in the designated areas. 

South Philadelphia/Center City/GraysFerry

  • West/SouthWest
  • North/North Central
  • NorthEast/Far NorthEast
  • Olney/Logan
  • East Germantown/West Germantown
  • East Oak Lane/West Oak Lane
  • Overbrook/Wynnfield
  • East Mount Airy/West Mount Airy
  • Kensington/Frankford
  • Delaware County/Chester
  • Camden, New Jersey
  • Wilmington, Delaware

· Sales representatives will be compensated a commission of 33% to 40% with an minimum expensed monthly sales $1,000

· In addition to commission sales representatives will receive 10% of renewal ads (residuals)  

· All sales representatives must sign and adhere to the agreement in the Scoop Non-Compete clause


· All sales representatives must maintain daily and weekly sales performance and develop consistent sales accounts

· Identify and establish annual ad buys… first priority, bi-annual… second priority, quarterly ads… 3rdpriority, one-time business adds are accepted

· Create a Scoop Community Database for all businesses and programs located in the assigned geographic area, including name, address, telephone and email address.  (i.e. businesses, community organizations, churches, schools, charters, colleges, music, dance and drama

· Recruit columnists, guest writers and news stories

· Promote and advertise Scoop at all time

· Provide a weekly report of contacts and progress in excel

Send resume and cover letter to