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Publication Information


Column Submission and Deadlines

Columns should be submitted Monday afternoon no later than 5:00 p.m. for the current week's edition.  A courtesy note should be submitted if you are submitting Time Sensitive materials which may require a later submission. 

Column Deadline:  Monday before 5:00 p.m. 

Advertisements Deadlines and Payment

If you wish to Advertise with Scoop and have display copy materials you can submit your Advertisements by Tuesday of the advertisement week.  The ad must be camera (display ready) for Tuesday submission. 

Payment: Payment is required prior to advertisement for private and small businesses.  

As a small business, who must pay all printing and production costs on a weekly basis, we ask that all payments are made at the time of advertisement.  

Press Dates

As stated in the Column Submission and Advertisement Deadline sections all submissions should be submitted no later than Tuesday (with approval and courtesy notification for columns)...  

All copy and advertisements are typeset, proofread and edited on Tuesday and Wednesday for submission to our printer on Wednesday evening.  

Print and Distribution Dates

All papers are dated for Friday of the distribution week.  However, they are distributed Thursday via personal delivery to the delivery sites listed in the Distribution section listed under the page subtitle of More...