scoop usa mission and values

This site would not be complete if we didn't Communicate and Celebrate the Results of what a community can do when it's people Come Together.  Pictured above is the VALUE of Community Newspapers, and understanding the commitment of not just providing news but using this platform to Bring people together for the Betterment of our Communities.

Mission Statement

If you know anything about History, the role of Black Media is to be that conduit, the one person/place/thing that provides consistent information. The Black media was instrumental to the challenges and triumphs of Black History, acting as that vehicle for sharing information that communicated the nature of the struggle and the importance of meetings and events to bring people together to address the challenges.  It is noted that during the Civil Rights movement the Black Media played an pivotal part in communicating the good, bad and indifferent acts that resonated around the movement and the challenges that minorities faced and the triumphs that they achieved. 

Scoop was an active participant in the Civil Rights activities that occurred in the Philadelphia area. We covered the news and shared the outcomes with our readers, all while also providing Entertainment news that would always cast a Shadow on the negative and show the determination, faith and focus of our communities.  

Today, our focus is the same... our mission is to provide a platform to discuss the Issues of Today,  Emphasize the positive, Engage and Encourage our Communities... our goal is to emphasize that for every Obstacle and Challenge we face, we can Achieve and Succeed... and Scoop will be there to share Success stories, Congratulate and Celebrate with our Communities.