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Chester State of the City Address

Thaddeus Kirkland along with his esteem team hosted the second annual State of the City Address, on Friday, May 31, 2019.

Talen Energy Stadium, home to the Philadelphia Union Soccer Team, graciously hosted the event. Mayor Kirkland started his remarks by thanking and acknowledging City Council members, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, the Police and Fire Commissioners; as well as, the various other organizations and businesses that accounted for the success of the city's endeavors.

The highlights of Mayor Kirkland's speech were the decrease in homicides and violent crimes, made possible by a Police Department almost fully staffed.

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I am my father’s daughter

Father's Day 2019 is Sunday and I'm faced with the stark reality, that this is my first Father's Day without my dad. I so miss his physical presence in my life though I feel his spiritual presence on a daily basis. Yes, I am beyond any shadow of doubt; a self confessed 'Daddy's Girl.' As any daddy's girl will tell you; my daddy was the best daddy in the entire world. There was no other daddy like mine. I'm no exception in this belief and believe it I do; to the very core of my being. Every child should have that feeling about their father. Father's touch our lives in such pivotal ways. This holds true for all children; but, I think especially so for girls. I can only testify to this from the female point of view. The presence of a father in a daughter's life really does shape her perspective of the world and the people she'll encounter traveling the road of life. It's definitely made my view of the world much broader than it would've been; had I not been my father's daughter.

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The Importance of Preschool and Kindergarten Education

In this season of proms and graduations as children prepare for summer break; it's a good time to shine a light on the early education of our children. Education is the mitigating factor that shapes the direction and often changes the trajectory of many young lives.

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Graduation Ceremony of the Kindergarten Class of 2019, at Stetser School. Stetser's Kindergarten 'Move Up' Ceremony was a motivating occasion that left students with a strong sense of their accomplishments and parents full of pride. There was a large parental presence at this stellar event and all of the young graduates were in rare form. Ms. Elaine Gunderway said, 'Both of my sons attended Stetser. The principal and the teachers are excellent. They take the time for the students.' Ms. Gunderway's son Raymond Jackson was among the delightful young graduates and her older son, John Jackson, 3rd is a second grader.

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6th Annual Father’s Day Brunch

Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland, City Council and Ms. Rosetta Carter, Director of Community Health Education for the City of Chester, hosted the 6th Annual Father's Day Brunch at City Hall in the Community Room, on Saturday, June 15, 2019. Sharing hosting duties were Glenn Ellis broadcasting live on WURD Radio 96.1 AM. Mr. Ellis is a well known writer, lecturer, consultant and medical ethicist; who regularly participates in city health events. This important event didn't just just celebrate fathers; it put a serious focus on the health of fathers (and the sons that will one day be fathers). Dr. Christopher Hannum, MD a long time Chester physician; was in attendance. Dr. Hannum discussed the importance of men getting annual checkups and engaging in a dialogue with their physicians; so that medical issues can be diagnosed early and treated. Prostate Cancer remains a major concern and early detection is key. The gentlemen engaged in honest discussion on their experiences with the disease. Councilman Calvin Bernard of Chester Township shared how early detection and honest dialog with his doctor was instrumental in his recovery.

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The Importance of Supporting Community Based Publications


Scoop Media outlet, under the leadership of Ms. Sherri Horsey Darden; is rebranding. In past it was known primarily as a Tavern paper; which catered mostly to bars and taverns. A weekly publication; the paper has always published articles featuring members of the communities it serves and put a spotlight on social and economic issues facing those areas. It's with this in mind that I stress the importance of community involvement. Community based publications are the lifeblood of neighborhoods; and in many cases, the only newspaper that some residents read in any given week. As with Scoop, most community publications are free of charge. This is beneficial to the communities in that the things affecting the people who live in the neighborhoods and surrounding areas are well informed.

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Free black community print publications are quickly becoming more difficult to locate. This means that news that matters to communities in dire need of the information these publications disiminate, aren't being made aware of what's happening in the neighborhoods once served by these papers. This is occurring for a variety of reasons.

Media conglomerates are gobbling up smaller news outlets; leaving smaller news outlets struggling for survival. Community Publications that used to focus solely on neighborhoods and neighborhood events find themselves in competition with larger media outlets; covering those stories for major news outlets that used to not cover those minor events. With the competitiveness in news today any story that'll garner a front page headline is fair game.

Over the past few decades print media has taken a backseat to the internet; with all manner of social media platforms supplying 24-hour news. It matters not the validity or source of the news; it appears that all that's important is that it was on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Google or some other media platform. Citizens don't have to go beyond their computers, smartphones or other devices to have news at their disposal instantaneously. Technology is great and extremely useful; however, what about those citizens who are not able to afford this technology or to whom technology isn't available? What about that segment of the senior population whom aren't technologically savvy? Those who are hardwired to getting their news from newspapers. Even with the popularity of technology; I can tell you of more than a dozen or more people who still read print publications daily. My father read four national newspapers daily as well as all of the community publications that were available. I in turn; follow suit. It's how many marginalized citizens know what's going on in the world where they live and beyond.

The only free print media publications that I'm aware of at this time besides Scoop Media are Chester Matters and Town Talk. That is not to say that there aren't other free community oriented publications out there; but, these are the ones that I've observed being accessible to the Chester community. Chester Matters is due to put out its first print edition since 2018 and has primarily been an online publication. Town Talk is consistent; but, rarely if ever spotlights any news about Chester. 

Scoop Media has been a constant weekly publication in the city since 1960. It continues to inform the communities it serves with news affecting those areas. Always mindful to keep the needs of communities in mind and ever conscience of lesser served populations; Scoop Media has  served the tri-state area for near 60 years and is free of charge to public.

Yes print publications definitely still have a place in our communities, neighborhoods ----our society and we should do all we can to support such publications.

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JULY 2019


What Happens When The Two Most Important People In Your World Fail You?

Our parents are initially the two most important people in any person's life. They're the reason for our existence. They gave us life and we look to them; for our sustenance and our very survival from birth and as we mature. Things taught to us by our parents become an integral part of us; shaping who we are as children and as adults. 

This is an important question; especially if you're a young impressionable child. A child looking for love, self acceptance--a place where you fit in. You're constantly searching for somewhere to belong and someone, anyone to accept you for who you are. 

Society tends to label and compartmentalize many of those young people. This only heightens the problem; further exacerbating issues and situations that could very well have far reaching consequences; long into the future. There are times when it's beneficial to look at past family dynamics when determining what's helpful now--in the present. People, all people are products of their environments. A person can change your behavior, your attire, your residence, and your  general circumstances overall; but, still what's been taught, learned and experienced in the nurturing years will remain.

I've seen the wreckage that remains when the parents fail their young. I've glimpsed the pain and suffering that emerges when generational curses are passed from one generation to another; allowing for misguided myths to continue guiding future generations down a path of destruction.

I've also witnessed the healing and the healthy future rewards that await those who toss aside those generations of old legacies that bog a person down; restricting their ability to move forward. 

Not everyone is gifted with a nurturing spirit and I've always felt that those gifted with nurturing spirits are among the most gifted of humanity. Educators, medical professionals and clergy are just some professions touched with the gift of a nurturing spirit. Mothers and fathers are a child's first exposure to nurturing spirits. How we care for our children is important and has a lasting effect on future development. The basics of their core values are shaped through the intense bond formed with loving parents. 

If the parents are loving and kind the child learns empathy. If the parents are hard and cruel the child learns bullying behavior. And so on.

I'd encourage everyone, blessed to be a parent or not, to make every effort not to fail our youth. Uplift them always, because what we pass to them; they will pass to future generations.

Scoop USA Media July 12, 2019 page 13