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October 2019

More to the Story

    You know there is more to the story surrounding former Philadelphia Police Commissioner’s Richard Ross August 20, 2019 abrupt resignation from the position of Police Commissioner. It seems no one officially or publicly, espcially so-called local African American politicians and jurists, want to even whisper what they “feel” is the main reason for his resignation. Ross is another example of a prominent African Native American Public Servant left hanging by their peers. It seems once you have violated Slavemaster’s statutes or codes you become like a herpes sore, unsightly and unwelcome! 

    Regarding former Police Commissioner resignation, you cannot know what is in someone’s heart but knowing what is going on around someone is more rvealing. The official reason for Ross’s resignation involves accusations and allegations of racial and gender discrimination from two Philadelphia Police officers in a lawsuit they originally filed without specifically naming Ross, in the beginning of this year. That lawsuit was amended by the two officers on Monday, August 19, 2019, and specifically cited Ross as a defendant because Ross allegedly “ignored the plaintiffs initial complaints due to one of the plaintiffs terminating an affair she had with Ross two years ago”.  The next day, Tuesday, August 20, 2019, Richard Ross resigned as Police Commissioner. 

    The above is the conventional story. Unconventionally, former Police Commissioner Ross was battling against one of the biggest “elephants in the room” influencing Philly Politics, and they are the directors of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). 

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We are Legal Criminal Slaves

Inspired by Tyler Durden

   African Native Americans, ever since conned by the biggest magic trick in history, a trick using a piece of paper, the Emancipation Proclamation, to say they are free, have been espousing all kinds of illusions and falsehoods as if they are free and not a slave anymore. For example, you never own your home outright, even when the mortgage is paid off. Every year you must make your extortion payment to County Rulers call property tax. If you don’t, say hello to foreclosure. The same thing with your car. If you don’t pay your annual extortion payment on your vehicle and pay for a tiny sticker that gives you permission to drive it, it will be promptly towed away by County Rulers. Then, like a hostage negotiation gone wrong, you’ll have to pay even more money to cover their theft and storage of YOUR vehicle.

   On a regular basis, you must pay a fee and ask the Government Managers for permission to do any number of things, such as driving a car, traveling outside the country, running a business, adding another bathroom to your home, or even catching a fish for dinner.

   Permits and licenses are big revenue generators from start to finish – and if you proceed without getting permission, the Luciferians will extort more money from you in the form of fines. If you refuse to pay the fines or if you can’t, they’ll kidnap you and lock you in a cage, where you’ll be forced to perform manual labor for 10 cents an hour for whatever length of time the legal authorities feel is sufficient to teach you a lesson. Do you know the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution says that anyone and everyone in prison legally can, and must be treated like a slave? 

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September 2019

It is not your War--Part 3

    There is a large group of European Caucasian Americans calling themselves in part Sovereigns, battling against some of their own who run Local, State and Federal Governments operations.  Government officials say these people do illegal acts, are subversive and are anti-Government. One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter.  What is a Sovereign? There are many attributes. One, a Sovereign does not see themselves as a US Citizen though they are Natural Born Americans. A US Citizen according to Federal Law are mainly Military soldiers and their dependents, wards of the state, born in one of the territories of the United States such as Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, etc., or people working for the Federal Government mainly as Civil Service workers and their dependents. Sovereigns say they are not Federal Citizens. Instead, they say they are Non Citizen Nationals, State Nationals or other similar titles, all which have legal standing in the United States. There are two sets of legal governing edicts in America. One is the law. Laws originate in nature and in legislation voted on by elected public servants. Other governing principles are statutes and codes. Bureaucrats in Government agencies make statutes and codes. Being a United States Citizen is a code or statute designation.  A US citizen is not the same legally as someone who is a citizen of the United States of America. Words and the phrasing of words matter.


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Love, Ascension and Natural Law together is the Perfect High

    Even though I am an artist, visionary, critical thinker, a discipline, not a freedom lover, a soulful traveller incarnating presently in the form of a Nubian Melaninated Child of the Sun, and more, I am not in expert in anything. That is a result of being schooled and not educated to discover and practice what it is I love to do, of which I was born to do. Schooling and education are not the same. Nevertheless, I am knowledgeable in science, energy mechanics, esoteric knowledge, luciferian conspiracies, law (Natural Law, contract law, trust law, common law, etc.), natural technology, economics, history and herstory.

    What is Natural Law? Natural Law, also known as the Laws of the Universe, the Laws of Nature, the Laws of the Creative Force of Will, Cosmic Law, not God’s Law, is a body of organic Laws used by Natural Nature to govern everything in the Boundless Universes. Without Natural Law, life cannot exist. Natural law governs life, not death. Everything in the Universe is bound to Natural Law. It does not matter if it is a soul, a demon, subatomic particle, atom, microorganism, planet, star, or galaxy. 

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It’s not your Birthday

    Here in America and especially among African Native Americans, birthdays have become like holy days. A birthday is the day when you exited or emerged from your mother’s womb. The fact is only mothers have birthdays, since they and only they can give birth. If we go with this reasoning some mothers can celebrate many birthdays in one year. I taught my children that on their “earth day”, the day they emerged out of the water, from their mother’s sac, onto dry land, they should give thanks to their mother for that moment and act. I also taught them that at the time of their arrival onto Planet Earth some very powerful cosmic forces converged at the same exact time of their arrival, to help bring them into this dimension.  These forces come every year and communing with them properly can increase and improve one’s cosmic standing. Luciferians know this and this is why they encourage you to get drunk and act silly on your birthday so that you will never have the quiet time to converse and commune with your Guardians who arrived with you on your “Earthday”.  

     Another corrupt result of Luciferian’s interference with your “birthday” is when they induced your mother to “register” you, the newborn, through a birth certificate. Doing so, paradoxically, makes you a fictional entity, a decedent. As a legal, certified decedent, “you” become a ward of that entity doing the certification. Usually a State Government. Furthermore, a birth certificate not only lowers your status to a certified ward of the State, it also turns you into a US citizen. A US citizen, like a ward of the state, are all corporate persons, fictional, not real flesh and blood living beings, according to their statutes and codes. 

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A true democracy has no politicians

  • A true Democracy has no politicians, only public servants. Public servants come from We the People. Politicians are career electors selected by private corporations called political parties. America’s “Founding Fathers” are responsible for establishing this exclusive non democratic electoral process. First seen with the omission and subsequent exclusion of African Native Americans and Women from voting and holding political office for 100 years after the Founding Father’s staged their coup d’etat in 1776. Furthermore, America’s Founding Fathers through their “unique” political system legalized the imprisonment of African Native Americans in Concentration Camps simply because of their skin tone. Obviously undemocratic. Even though Caucasian women could not vote or hold political office, the contract called the Constitution still offered them other rights and protection. Not so for African Native Americans. 

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Savior Part, III

The definition of a Savior for most people comes from religious teachings. In fact many people think it is blasphemous to view anyone as a “Savior” if they are not associated with either Judaic, Christian, or Islamic teachings. Sometimes a Savior is seen as a Messiah, that is, someone who is “anointed.” “Saviors” are specific to certain people though many followers of historical “Saviors” like to say their “Savior” is universal. 

Talking about Saviors and a Savior outside of religion is one of the quickest ways to ignite fire to a conversation. 

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Celebrating our Natural New Year, Part II

Many African Native Americans participate in a foreign and unnatural ritual that starts December 31-January 1. This ritual is called “Making New Year Resolutions,”  based on a calendar created by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 A.D. This Gregorian calendar is totally out of step with Natural Nature. Prior to the year 1582 and especially before the Racist’s Holocaust Invasion and Kidnapping of African Native Americans beginning around 1600 A.D. and still ongoing, most African Native Americans followed a calendar based on the correct heartbeat of the universe.

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Reborn again through Nature

Every 25,000 years Mother Nature in consort with her Natural Nature renews herself. We are in the dawn of that new time cycle. Coincidentally, this 25,000 year renewal coincides with the dawning of a new astrological age; Aquarius. This happens every 2,100 years or so. 

Earth is also moving from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension.  And of course we are at the end of the 6,000 Lunar Lunacy Cycle and in the beginning of the Universal Sun Cycle. This unique juncture of time cycles has fascinating implications. The renewal our Planet, our Solar System and even our Galaxy are experiencing is part healing and part restoration of justice. 

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Incarcerating people is not Justice

Many people equate incarceration or a prison sentence for law breakers as justice. If this is true then America is the most just society ever on the planet, because it proportionately has the most people incarcerated than any other nation on the planet. Furthermore, worldwide, looking at the staggering numbers of people incarcerated, suggests we are living in a just world. Neither is the truth. 

Much of the world, and America in particular, is epidemic with violence, corruption and injustice. It is perverse to call a legal system “Criminal Justice.” Justice is certainly not the end result. Only incarceration. Why is justice only seen as punishment for criminals? What about people who do good? Where is their justice? 

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Black Men Are Unhireable (part 4)

The previous three Scoop articles on this subject explained how certain type of Black men are unhireable. It stems from a 400 year plus Luciferian campaign of dehumanizing  and incarcerating Black men in particular; ensuring that they are no longer desireable and valued as husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, teachers, providers and protectors. 

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January 2019


Black Men Are Unhireable (part 4)

The previous three Scoop articles on this subject explained how certain type of Black men are unhireable. It stems from a 400 year plus Luciferian campaign of dehumanizing  and incarcerating Black men in particular; ensuring that they are no longer desireable and valued as husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, teachers, providers and protectors. 

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Stop the violence: How to hire unhireable Black men the conclusion

As promised, this article is a sequel to last week’s article and three more related articles on why certain Black men are unhireable. Also, this article is a critique of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s $4.4 million plan for addressing the “senseless” gun street violence and homicides in the city. That report is titled “The Philadelphia Road Map To Safer Communities.” It is a 32-page report first released to the public on January 17, 2019.

The city’s report allocates large sums of money for job training for men whom the city’s report intimates, are the ones responsible for so much “senseless” city gun violence. These men need much more than job training. Anyway the city's report is a scam.

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Turning the world upside down

Our world is turning itself upside down. The magnetic North Pole is no longer in the Arctic. It has been moving since the 1990’s. Where is it going? It is going south. It is going to switch places with the magnetic South Pole. Why? It is part of Mother Nature’s spring cleaning. It started when She entered the Universal Sun Cycle between the period 1970-2003. Just like when our Elder Sacred Feminines radically clean and change furniture placings in a home during Spring Cleaning, Earth’s Mother Nature in consort with her celestial Natural Nature is cleaning and changing furniture on Planet Earth. She is getting rid of outdated furniture, including outdated people, and changing other things such as the North and South Poles.

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Turning the world upside down

It is time to give our children the Right Education instead of schooling. An universal education. For the past 400 hundred years our children have suffered in a learning system that mainly benefits government rulers, particularly their need for obedient soldiers and public servants, and for corporate board directors, who need obedient employees. 

Ironically, even though many people have enjoyed long government and corporate careers, they still feel something is missing in their lives. A sense of incompleteness and unfullfillment. Completing a “bucket” list is the new rave for filling this void. Some constantly travel. For many our lives are petty, trivial and uninspiring to our own selves. Our society evil rulers try to get us to overlook this spiritual void by bombarding us 24/7 with entertainment, religion, gossip and drama, including political drama. They also encourage us to be competitive and ambitious, to have some kind of “inner drive” to buttress the calls from our spirit and soul for a greater union. 

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Mother nature’s ascension versus 5G technology

There is a war going on. It started around 4,000 B.C. when Satanic adverse forces, with Luciferian support, made mankind in their image and simultaneously terra formed parts of Planet Earth into devil’s playground. This war has accelerated in the last 20 years due to Planet Earth’s Ascension. The ascension that Planet Earth is participating in, is aligned with an ascension movement that our Solar System, our Galaxy and even our Universe are all partaking. On Planet Earth the ascension involves moving from a three dimensional paradigm and lifestyle to a five dimensional existence, full of new potentialities. Planet’s Earth ascension means in part devils have to find another planetary playground or go extinct. Natural Nature and Mother Nature’s terrestrial, extraterrestrial and celestial helpers are orchestrating this vast upgrade. It is part of the Natural Nature of existence; to grow into ever higher unity base on love. Though a war is taking place, Mother Nature is not involved. Mother Nature does not fight wars.

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Is the Black Messiah the Anti-Christ, Special for Black History Month

The above question for some is controversial. In a society that allegedly prides itself on freedom of speech, there are many taboo subjects. Most people believe the titles Messiah and Christ are original religious titles. They are not. The English word Messiah comes from the Hebrew word “Mashiach.” It means “anonited.” Anointed means to “smear or rub one with oil.” This smearing or rubbing of oil is an ancient Nubian Egyptian ritual. It was done by High Priests on the installation of a special Pharoah. The oil used to anoint a Pharoah comes from Crocodiles. The word for Crocodile in Ancient Nubian is “Messeh,” hence the word Messiah or “Anointed King.” A Sacred Feminine could also be a Pharoah in Ancient Nubia.

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MARCH 2019


To be perfect is death

Imperfect people strive for perfection. Perfection is commonly recognized as “without error or complete.” Perfection is not a part of Natural Nature. It is not a part of the revolutionary, evolutionary, natural cycle of existence. The revolutionary, evolutionary, natural cycle of existence is a verb, an action. From rest to movement, movement to rest. Always, growing, developing, evolving and always returning to rest, silence, stillness, for renewal into a new revolutionary cycle of growth and development.

That which is perfect is finished. It is done. The perfect man is no exception to this rule. The perfect man is only and always of the past and was made according to the rules of the past, therefore, incapable of growth. Because the perfect man is of the past. He is dead to tomorrow. 

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Voting for Reparations is the Right and ONLY Loyalty Test

What is the biggest test to determine whether people seeking public office are honest about justice for African Native Americans? Of course that test is their stance on reparations for African Native Americans. Their endorsement gets a yes vote. Finally, after 150 years of waiting for the proverbial “40 Acres and a Mule,” African Native Americas have as a whole, mustered the courage to test Presidential and all Candidates stance on reparations. Already one candidate has failed; Bernie Sanders. When asked what is his position, he said “no.” Some say he was evasive. There is no straddling the fence on this issue. It is either an endorsement or not! Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, wants to establish a commission to “study the issue.” BS! She is either an elementary level school drop out or just deceptive. The issue has been studied enough! Be careful. There will be many “African Americans” going on various social medium and talk shows speaking on why reparations, especially if it is straight cash, is not good for Black people and for race relations. They don’t speak for our ancestors.

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Voting for Reparations is the Right and ONLY Loyalty test (part 2)

Why is it that everyone else has gotten reparations but not you nor your/our ancestors? Some of those groups were discussed in a previous article. Do you really believe that the timeline for justice in this matter has expired? Time may heal all wounds but time does not heal or satisfy the requirements for justice. In fact if there is no justice there can never be peace. This is a universal equation. What can be done? Well justice has to be served. If we wait for the elemental forces of Nature to bring justice, that is not a pretty sight. Justice involves righting a wrong through some kind of compensation, repair or reparations. Do you know the United Nations “Report of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent on its mission to the United States of America” published in August 2016, recommended; “Past injustices and crimes against African (Native) Americans need to be addressed with reparatory justice” (Page 19). There is an international consensus for African Native Americans to get justice or reparations. Do you want justice now? 

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The government cannabis marijuana racket

Government Criminal Politicians have many schemes to extort trillions of dollars from We The People. It started with the ratification of their Constitution in 1787 and accelerated in 1933 with the conversion of America’s Federal, state and local governments into corporations. And today, the nationwide movement on legalizing marijuana is another example. There is a major difference between decriminalization and legalization. Legalization favors Government Organized Criminals, a.k a., politicians. Decriminalization favors We The People.

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Slavery through vaccination I have theright to be a slave or not

Slavery is legal in America and has been ever since Europe’s Royal Families established it here in 1600 A.D. Their Constitution, still enforceable today, has a clause in its 13th Amendment saying “slavery is illegal except as a punishment for a crime.” Not one so-called African American politician has dared to make this amendment null and void. Clearly American descendants of Europe’s Royal Families and their political lackeys today see slavery or Human Trafficking as an integral part of America’s culture and economy.

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The Storm before the Calm

We are living in exciting, tumultuous, and revolutionary times. Now that our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe, all coordinated by Natural Nature’s 9-Ether Forces, have moved from the Lunar Cycle into the Sun Cycle time zone; new potentialities are at our beck and call.

The Sun Cycle also allowed a Savior, someone specially breeded by Mother Nature, with guidance from 9 Ether Forces, to open up the Seven Seals in 1970. As a result of the opening of the Seven Seals, what was once secrets prior to the Sun Cycle, are now available for full disclosure. Unfortunately there is no peaceful transition from the Lunar Cycle to the Sun Cycle. The Lunatic Rulers of the Lunar Cycle and their thoroughly corrupt Governments have caused so much injustice during their reign, from 4,000 B. C. to 2,000, A. D., that to repair, to restore justice, may require almost the complete eradication of what we know as a way of life on Planet Earth. Leaving just a few edifices intact.

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APRIL 2019


Not everyone loves the Sunshine (Part 5)

Of course climate change is real. Historically, it gets cold in the winter, and the climate changes to warm in the summer months. There is your climate change. It has been going on for millions of years! This is natural climate change.

What is unnatural, and what presents a clear and present danger to all Life on Planet Earth, is the application of a worldwide artificial Geo-engineering climate change program, conceived by some evil people and carried out by some crazed scientists. These same scientists say that the new natural Climate Change Planet Earth is experiencing is bad. For example, Ray Larsen says “Climate change is having and will continue to have a bigger impact on humanity than the Internet has had or will have.” Yes, Global Warming or New Natural Climate Change is the greatest enemy to Vampires, and others of their kind, which characterizes many of Earth’s Evil Rulers, including some Extraterrestrials. It is also a problem for Fake Artificial Intelligence. It needs to be housed in a “cool” environment.

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How government criminal politicians work with banksters, money launderers to fleece “We the People”

According to a research article by Jamie Redman posted on the “Activist Post” website, March 12, 2019, an estimated $2 trillion dollars of money gained from illegal narcotic and human trafficking crimes are “washed clean” or money laundered annually through banks. Mega banks such as Wachovia, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsch Bank in Germany, ING in Amsterdam, Bank of Australia and many others have been “convicted” of money laundering. These banks use a variety of banking transactions to convert illegal money into legal commercial and banking transactions. These practices are so widespread that the best way to stop this is to change all banks into interest free public banks or bank cooperatives.

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Cherish your Heritage, Not History: On the other side of Time

Is the destiny of people classified as Negroid Melanin Dominant the same as those who are not Negroid Melanin Dominant? Do all people have the same future or fate? The quick response is to say “of course. We all are on the same Planet hurtling through the same space and time, together. This is a silly question”. Others say, “of course our fate or destiny are the same, because we all are going to meet Death”. Is the answer really that simple? Why do some people on the same plane, hurlting through space and time, survive a plane crash while others don’t? As far as Death is concerned, it obviously is not the end of life or existence, because life is constantly and continuously being renewed inspite of Death. So Death is not the ultimate Destiny or fate. Sharing superficial external conditions does not mean everyone experiences the same fate. If you have the ability to see into the future then you would be in a better position to answer this question? Well, we all have that ability because today is the future of yesterday. Clearly, today, not everyone is enjoying the same fate or destiny on Planet Earth and looking more narrowly, Negroid Melanin Dominant people, the ones still looking for justice from “Slavery”,  are not experiencing the same fate in comparison to the descendants of those ancestors who enslaved them for 250 years. Quality of living social indexes shows the fates between these two classes of people are substantially different today! 

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We Need the People, Not a Committee of Seventy

In Philadelphia and practically in every political district in America there are a plethora of political special interest groups all claiming to represent “We The People.” Or they claim they are acting in the best interests of “We The People.” They all have some plan, some strategy for “tweaking” the system to make it work better and more ethical. BS. America’s political system and governments are rotten to the core. It is worse than unethical. It is illegal and unlawful. Just ask the millions of people who call themselves Sovereign. Ask the millions of people who had their “assets forfeited” without due process. Ask the millions of people living paycheck to paycheck. And of course ask the millions of intergenerational victims of the Race War, wrongly called Slavery involving Human Trafficking and Satanic Sacrifices wrongly called lynching, who have yet to receive any justice nor an official apology from Politicians who manage government affairs.

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Stop voting for elected officials and put in place a Lottery to bring back Public Servants

As long as voting remains the main vehicle for selecting politicians the status quo of White Supremacy and Corrupt Corporate Governance will stay in place. It also means We The People will remain locked out of the political process. America’s Founding Fathers put in place centuries ago, a slick criminal political structure to keep elite groups like themselves in power.

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Our Savior has arrived: Part Four

The current President of these united States of America has pledged to “Make America Great Again”. His followers believe him. Donald Trump is a Savior to his people. Donald Trump was both prophesied and predicted long ago to become the President of these united States of America. Many also predict that he is going to be reelected as President. Is his reelection also a part of prophesy? Meaning, is his ascendancy to the Presidency related to a cosmic plan that is out of this world? Well members of the Sanhedrin believe so. The Sanhedrin is the highest religious authority of Almighty Father God’s Chosen People, the Jews, in the State of Israel. Do you know when Donald Trump won the presidential election, soon thereafter, he was beseeched by Sanhedrin leaders to help them rebuild Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem? Why is this significant? Because according to Almighty Father God’s Chosen People Jewish Messianic prophecy, their Messiah, Jesus the Christ, will come to Planet Earth once Solomon’s Temple is rebuilt and after a certain amount of blood sacrifices are made on its newly built altar. It seems the President has accepted the offer. He officially had the Embassy of the United States relocated from the city Tel Aviv after being there for 60 years, to Israel’s capital Jerusalem, much to the chagrin of other World Leaders, Congress and other V.I.P.’s. Very few other nations have their embassy in Jerusalem because of the emotional consternation it brings to certain religious groups and nationalities who also claim Jerusalem as their Holy Land. Well Trump, the Savior, obviously is beating to a different drummer and is not constricted by political correctness. 

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MAY 2019-JULY 2019


The Sins of hourly wage are Slavery

“Wages are a cunning device of the devil, for the benefit of tender consciences who would retain all the advantage of the slave system without the expense, trouble, and odium of being slaveholders.” Quote by Orestes Brownson, a Caucasian social scientist in his article “Chattel Slavery vs. Wage Slavery”, in the Boston Quarterly Review 3 (1840). Prior to slavery no one on Planet Earth made an hourly wage. You were paid according to what was expected to be done or produce in a day or what you felt was your self worth. And in other more civilized societies such as those of Nubian Melanite Children of the Sun, one only “work” six hours out of the week, and that work was community work. Work to sustain and/or advance the community, such as planting and building. No one back in the day earned an hourly wage. Hourly wages came into existence particularly here in America in the 1800’s, when criminal Human Traffickers knew they needed to camouflage their slave system. Hence, hourly wages. But not without a fight.

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All Rise to the Practice of white magic

Government officials and the Politicians that oversee them all say matters regarding Church and State are legally separate in America. Not so. Enter any courtroom at any level in America and you will experience and/or participate in a variety of religious rites under the cloak of jurisprudence. How so? You know when you enter a courtroom at any level here in America, for any infraction, or even as a witness, you feel a strange unsettling anxiety in your inner being. It gets worse during your actual trial. The feelings may become devastating if you lose your case, as if a mighty blow has hit your psyche. Or the other hand if you won, you feel overwhelmed, elated, as if the keys to paradise was given to you! Both responses, whether positive or negative, is a reaction to a very insidious and devious form of evil White Magic you have just participated in.

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Relief for the Elders, Making players a good thing at our Cultural Gatherings

On June 9, 2019, one of the most beautiful gatherings of African Native Americans took place in Philadelphia. Called Odunde, it is a celebration based on early African rituals that acknowledges the help, intervention and oversight of certain Ancestral Deities. For many Odunde participants the religious base to the celebration is not a factor. Instead, it is more of an opportunity to showcase their natural beauty in the diversity of lifestyles and beauty that is integral to the African Native American experience. Also, it is an opportunity for commercial and information sharing vendors to market their services, products and messages and for the participants to partake of them if they choose.

I have been to many Odunde gatherings and now as a 60 year plus Elder, instead of making multiple promenades of the entire festival space I now make at most two. In the years to come, it is going to decrease to one and for many Elders, they do not make the trip anymore, simply because you really need to have strong or youthful stamina to really take advantage of the glory of this celebration as it is currently presented. Hopefully, festival organizers will incorporate some processes into the celebration that makes it enjoyable and less tiresome for elders to participate, and to want to attend. How about a Tram to transport us around?

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Using Black Magic in the Courtroom (Part one)

See Previous Article “All Rise”; White Magic In The Courtrooms”

The following story and lessons within are for entertainment purposes only. Some of the language and terminology below may be unfamiliar because America’s religious and legal authorities don’t want you to use Black Magic in the courtrooms, and it is not taught in their law schools.

Before entering a courtroom, it is best to go in there with help and support. Especially if you are in danger of going to jail. The White Magic in courtrooms cuts to the soul, so it is prudent to have some soul remedies and protectors on hand. For example, bringing love ones with you. Other remedies include you beseeching the presence of your Ancestors, Overseers and Providers to be with you as Protectors in the Courtroom. Specific ones that you called on from participating in a prior ritual. From you sitting in front of a table with your ancestors photographs on it, (transitioned parents or grandparents), flanked by two white burning candles in front of a mirror with you looking into the mirror, praying, chanting and meditating for at least nine minutes or more. Now, surrounded by Black Love, Black Magic, you are better prepared to do the following, which is to establish that you are not the soul whose name appears like yours on their summons. More importantly, none of this means anything if you enter the courtroom with fear:

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What’s Love Got to do with it (5G)?

The Dawning of the Aquarius Age began in 1970. It means in part that Air is now the prime medium for transmitting commerce, information and outformation. Thus the pervasiveness of wireless technology. The Aquarius Age also heralds the arrival of sentient, advanced loving beings residing in our atmosphere. They come from more advanced space time coordinates. They are here assisting Planet Earth’s Mother Nature, with moving Planet Earth into the 5th Dimension. These special light souls of dark energy and dark matter are also elevating the biorhythms of certain humans. Especially those known as the Golden Children. The convergence of benevolent intergalactic forces on Planet Earth is a major pain in the rear end for the wicked, anti-human, inhuman and non-human cabal that brazenly controls world’s governments and commerce. To block the effects of these intergalactic light forms, this wicked cabal has embarked on a crazed scheme to irradiate just about every square inch of Planet Earth with continual bursts of deadly microwave energy beams known as Fifth Generation Technology or 5G. As reported in an earlier article, this wicked Cabal has embarked on launching 20,000 satellites since November 2018 to blanket Planet Earth with 5G microwaves. Their purpose is two-fold: 

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Will the Real Earthlings, Please Stand Up and Do Your Thing?

Inspired by an article posted on “Son of the Wind” web site, April 19, 2019.

Do you really think all Humans or in fact all life forms, originated naturally on Planet Earth? Some people say they have a Creator, a God, someone not from Planet Earth, that made them on Planet Earth. Then there are other people like Nubian Melanite Children of the Sun who say they have no Creator. That no God made them. They say they have been around for at least 76 trillion years and that they grow naturally in stages from when the Universe and Planet Earth was first all Gas, then Liquid and Gas, and now Gas, Liquid and Solid. Crazy thinking? Think again. 

Planet Earth’s environment DOESN'T MATCH what is needed for Human existence. Including animals. The air on Earth is 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen. 

For humans and animals physical bodies, there is no need for breathable Nitrogen.

Nitrogen is needed for PLANTS to survive, even though they don’t get it directly from the air, but from the soil. Humans and animals take in Nitrogen compounds from plants by eating them. So, Planet Earth in its origins was/is STRICTLY a “PLANT” base environment. You know Plants would quickly take over every space on solid ground if there were not any human intervention.  The first Humans were herbivores, not carnivores.

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JULY 2019



Back in the day, thousands of years ago, playing natural, live music in your homes and communities was a regular part of cultural living. All kinds of drums, woodwind and string instruments graced people’s homes, or they had regular access to instruments housed in the community’s treasure/warehouse. Even during the horrific American Holocaust wrongly called Slavery, African Native Americans kept natural music alive mostly by singing. 

In the early 20th century, many African Native American families had pianos in their homes. Pianos were a ready source for entertainment. Even if no one in the household played it, when you had gatherings someone would know how to play, and all kinds of spontaneous rejoicing would take place around the piano. However, according to Marilyn Vos Savant in her December 2, 2018, page 9, Parade Magazine column she says; “Piano sales have been decreasing for decades. In 1900 the American population was 76 million, about 171,000 pianos were sold or found in one in every 178 homes, 2.5 people per household. In 1909 one of every 99 households. 1978 peaked with a population of 223 million having 282,000 home pianos, one in every 316 homes. In 2014 only one of every 3,788 owned a piano.” Of course the numbers are even less today. Schools use to have Music Appreciation classes and in those classes in addition to voice, every student had some kind of percussion instrument to play during group singing and playing. Once evil people got full control of the nation’s public school systems, music classes along with other self help courses were generally discarded. Also, these same evil people beginning in the early 20th century started mandating musical instruments be tuned to 440hz, an unnatural frequency from the natural rate of 432hz. This was to prepare people for the onslaught of artificial light and sounds coming across radio and television airwaves, programming you and I to commune better with fake Artificial Intelligence and malevolent entities.These new frequencies along with the mass consumption of illegal and legal psychotropic drugs, is part of a great evil vision of a global evil cabal as articulated in the notorious book, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. The evil writings in this book was mandatory reading in high schools around the nation in the 1960s. A “scientific dictatorship” is another one of this crazed man’s vision.  In a speech on the U.S. State Department’s radio show, Voice of America, in 1961, Huxley spoke “of a world of pharmacologically manipulated slaves, living in a concentration camp of the mind, enhanced by propaganda and psychotropic drugs, learning to love their servitude, and abandoning all will to resis.t” “This,” Huxley concluded, “is the final revolution.”

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V.I.P. means, “Very Important Person.” In Nubian Melanite Children of the Sun’s culture, sometimes refer to as African and African Native Americans, there are only two classes of people having the distinction and honor of V.I.P’s. They are Elders and Babies.

Why are Elders and Babies revered? Elders are living cultural resources. Babies represent hope, the future, a better life. Elders are the ones who, when, the youth fall physically, financially and emotionally, are the best ones to help you get back on your “feet.”  Higher functioning Elders can even help you jump, once you get up on your “feet.” Civilized societies make sure Babies and especially Elders, have all the comfort they need.

Age is wisdom. In a civilized country, age is respected. Age is honored. When elders tell of their traditions, they are treated with reverence, at least by those who are civilized. This is not the case in America. Aging is often seen as a curse. An eyesore. Many people are trying all kinds of activities and products to retard the aging process. There is a difference between aging and deterioration. In uncivilized countries, governments and younger generations build and put their Elders in senior citizen housing residences. They have them spend their days in senior citizen activity centers. Having little or no contact with younger generations, therefore, disconnected from hope and the future. Elders surrounded by younger generations live longer and have greater vitality than those that do not. The generation gap that exists in America and in much of the world is artificial. Created by anti human, non human, inhuman people and artificial entities who want We The People to revere them and not our Elders (and Babies). This is why when you go to conventional social events, certain people are acknowledged as V.I.P.s. Such as politicians, corporate executives, even faceless corporations! Celebrities are also given V.I.P., status. From an African and African Native American Cultural perspective only Elders (and Babies) have V.I.P. status.  

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How to be a Natural Revolutionist?

(Inspired by Daisy Luther and Our Savior)

Grow your own food

Shop at local businesses with no corporate ties

Use natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals whenever possible

Hometeach your children

Walk, bike or use public transportation instead of driving when possible

Get care from naturopaths and healers instead of doctors

Make paper logs from scraps for free heat if you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove

Stop eating processed foods

Stop eating meat

Shop at local farmer’s markets

Give vouchers as gifts for an evening of babysitting, a homemade meal, doing a repair, or cleaning

Join Co-op’s

Get Off Social Media, Visit People/Friends Face To Face

Stop using Microwave Ovens

Participate in the barter system – if no money changes hands, no tax can be added

Buy secondhand from yard sales, Craigslist and thrift stores

Sell your unwanted goods by having a yard sale or putting an ad on Craigslist

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Subscribing to Scoop is a ‘Soul Lution”

The publisher of Scoop USA Newspaper, Sherri Darden, put out a call for help. She needs more revenue to justify continuing the newspaper. Main sources of revenue are advertisements and now subscription fees. At current levels the income from them are unsustainable. Some newspaper owners can tap into other income sources and “mainstream” advertisers for regular income. Scoop’s Publisher does not have access to these alternate sources. The challenges Scoop’s publisher is facing has been developing for a long time and a sign of a bad omen. 

One sign or bad omen is related to the ongoing attacks on the city’s Sheriff Office. It started with former Sheriff John Green when he declared a moratorium many years ago on court ordered evictions while simultaneously authorizing millions of dollars in advertisement in many city local newspapers on impending evictions. The ads are a major source of revenue for low circulation newspapers. The ads are also helpful to low and middle income people wanting or needing to get involved in real estate transactions.  Current Sheriff Jewell Williams has continued this practice. Both men, like you and I, have flawed characters. Neither one are inherently evil. But they have been targeted for removal by Philadelphia’s nonelected Rulers, including, elimination of the Sheriff position, under their disguise of “Good Government.” On the surface you would say their demise is due to them breaking the law. They did not break the law. They violated some rules and procedures. Not the same.  Another more compelling reason for their demise as explained in previous articles is, that the city’s Sheriff Office was an important defense against unlawful home evictions and gentrification of traditional African Native American neighborhoods done by corrupt judges conspiring with unscrupulous developers. Again, the Sheriff’s office newspaper ads was/is, a major revenue source for non mainstream news

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The Hood is the new Killing Fields and the Homes to Punkish Black Men

He seemed sad and was teary eyed. Sitting on a concrete stoop that surrounds one side of Presbyterian Hospital in West Philadelphia. He looked like he was high school age. My oldest son and I were walking past him.  My oldest son asked him “is everything alright” and the young man said “no.” We continued walking and I said to my oldest son “why did you ask him that if not to comfort him?” So we stopped. He went back to the young man to comfort him and found out that he was in mourning of his older brother, a younger man, just pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital from gunshot wounds. After conveying some words of comfort we kept walking. That Friday night at the hospital turned into a horrible display of slaughter, evil and profound heights of mental illness, wrongly called urban violence, street violence or black on black crime. Hospital employees told me that this Friday night, a total of 12 young African Native American men were admitted to the hospital including my middle son, all suffering from gunshot wounds. Most, like my son, were innocent victims. Hospital employees told me the number of shooting victims that night was high. Normally they see about 1 to 5 victims of violence per day. And this is just one trauma center in one section of the city. 

What is going on? Why are so many African Native American men and women on such short fuses that any transgressions to their ego or person requires an extreme violent reaction? Are these people suffering from an extreme form of mental illness? Are they evil? Is it a combination of both? Is it not a mental illness to get angry over someone infringing on your “territory” when you don’t even own a house on the block, or where you are probably not even a legitimate tenant, just squatting? Is it a sign of mental illness or just plain demonic and evil to approach someone and just shoot them at point blank range because they “dissed” you or or owe you a ridiculous low amount of money? What about these new weapons that do not allow you to just wound a person, but always go for the kill? By purchasing these weapons does it indicate that you are demon possessed, mentally ill or both? What about the violence among African American females who now physically fight with such ferocity that if they were strong like men, we would see more fatal consequences from their violent conflicts? What about the adult men and women you see cussing at their children often for long periods of time or berating them excessively? Is that not a form of mental illness. What about the adult men and women, especially parents who come outside with their children with little wardrobe decorum, occupied on their cell phone, totally ignoring their children and often having a drama fill, expletive laden conversation on the phone? Is this not a form of mental illness. What about the men who are regular terrors in their homes? Are they evil or just mentally ill. I am sure you have many more examples. 

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