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"The Thanos Effect: COVID-19, The Snap Heard Around the World!"

     In Marvel's blockbuster superhero movie, "Avengers Endgame" - a galactic villain named Thanos dons a bejeweled gauntlet of infinite power. When Thanos snaps his gloved Infinity Gauntlet fingers, half of life throughout the entire universe ceases to exist; resulting in a dystopian Earth and a universe laid in ruin.


    And just like that, in real life, the COVID-19 Coronavirus has decimated the world economies, taken lives, and rendered millions sick around the world.

    Currently, there are 2,565,879 known cases of Coronavirus worldwide, and 177,789 attributable deaths, according to source Worldometer. Every death represents households upended, futures cut short, workers lost forever.

    "As confirmed cases of COVID-19 spread, it has the potential to take lives, overwhelm health systems, and trigger lasting geopolitical change. The International Monetary Fund says the global economy now faces its worst downturn since the Great Depression, and Oxfam International has warned that half a billion people could be pushed into poverty. Around the world, desperate efforts are underway to contain what has become a profoundly disruptive outbreak." This isn't an excerpt from a Hollywood blockbuster script, but an actual quote published by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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Churches in the Wake of Corona Virus

  Philadelphia, PA – The COVID-19 Coronavirus has everyone making major adjustments, from social distancing, wearing face masks and latex gloves, sanitizing everything, to staying at home to greatly help flatten the curve of spreading the virus exponentially.  Even ministries have shut their church doors to honor the stay-at-home orders by the Governor and the White House to help reduce the virus aggressive spread.  
    Ministries that weren’t so tech-savvy have pivoted to now offer their worship services, prayer gatherings, class offerings and business meetings via social media and streaming services. It’s become a booming trend!  Many weddings, baptisms, communion services, and baby dedications are on hold because of social distancing.  With Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter right around the corner, churches are scrambling to adjust to ministering to members while they are at home under quarantine.
   Rev. Dr. Wayne E. Croft, Sr. is a nationally renowned and award-winning clergyman. He’s the Senior Pastor of St. Paul’s Baptist Church in West Chester, Pennsylvania, an affluent suburb of Philadelphia.  He is former President of the NAACP West Chester Branch; inductee into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Preachers of Morehouse College; author of the book Unexpected Calls to Unexpected Places; former Dean of the Pennsylvania Eastern Keystone Baptist Association; alumnus of Princeton Theological Seminary; and alumnus with distinction from Drew University in Madison New Jersey earning a Doctor of Ministry degree. Croft is certainly a brilliant scholar and leader, indeed, but even he admits that his tech skills were a little lackluster.  He had to lean on his tech staff to pivot the church to live and pre-recorded streaming and social media broadcasts.

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Boys-to-Men, Raising Up Civil Men!

    Recently, while listening to New Edition's song 'Boys to Men' (featuring Johnny Gill on lead vocals), I thought of the character of many male youth today, versus the character of male youth of generations' past. Are today's boys ready to become prominent, productive, and positive men of tomorrow?

Many current era males in America are being raised in single parent households headed by females. According to November 2016 Census data, of the 73.7 million kids under the age of 18yrs. old, 23% of these children are living with and being raised by a single mother, it's the "second most common family arrangement" in America.

    Ms. Tracy Moore, staff writer for MEL Magazine, reported in an April 2019 article, that "one in four kids under the age of 18 are raised without a father, or about 16.4 million children."

    "The statistics on single mother parenting don’t exactly look great. There’s a greater risk of poverty, behavioral problems, suicide, substance abuse and dropping out of high school. Generally speaking, criminals (who are typically male) are more likely to have grown up in a single parent household. Prisons are lousy with fatherless men, and some 92 percent of men currently behind bars are fathers themselves, carrying on the legacy of their own fatherless childhoods," wrote Moore.

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Dating? It’s Complicated!

    Years ago, when a person was asked if he/she were in a dating relationship, a trendy response was "It's complicated."

    Dating relationships can be very complicated. From the angst teens experience in approaching their crush for the first time, to college students experimenting with same sex dating partners, to single moms cautiously dating new guys, to religious folks daring to date others outside their faith, to divorcees finding new love after contentious breakups, to domestic abused and sexually abused victims not fully trusting new dating partners - - dating relationships can indeed be very complicated. 

In an article by Christine Switzer - "Dating Problems" - on, she lists the following major issues that can make dating relationships very complicated...

*Different Expectations 

*Different Backgrounds

*Inadequate or Nonexistent Boundaries

*Differing Levels of Commitment 

*Poor Communication

    These aforementioned issues, if not addressed and resolved, can really undermine the health and well-being of potentially good dating relationships. 

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Tips for a Healthy Marriage

    Over the 2020 Super Bowl weekend, one of my good friends, author Dr. Stephen Jones, challenged me and my wife to write a list of tips for a healthy and successful marriage. As a Pastor and Couples Relationship Counselor, I thought this would be a great activity for me and my wife to work on.

I didn't take this assignment lightly because research reveals how spousal relationships have great impact on workplace performance. In fact, "A surprising new study suggests that personality plays an even bigger role in workplace outcomes than previously thought — but in an unexpected way. Brittany Solomon and Joshua Jackson from Washington University found that while our own personalities influence our job performance, our spouses' personalities are also associated with professional success," reports Dr. Cindi May, a Professor of Psychology at the College of Charleston.

    In a Forbes article, Amy Morin, contributor and international bestselling mental strength author, also cites the Washington University study, "The 5-year study examined 5,000 married people who ranged in age from 19 to 89. Approximately 75% of the sample included homes where both spouses worked. Researchers administered a series of psychological tests to assess participant’s scores in five broad areas of personality–openness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, and conscientiousness."

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