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January - February 2020


Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn: You've Got This!

    It is a brand new year and there are new goals to achieve! Let our in-house life coach get us empowered and equipped with the tools to take 2020 by storm. 

Don't give up! I know it's only just a couple weeks since you've thought about your Vision for 2020, but you've got this! However, the end of January is near and you want to be sure that you stay on track and FOCUSED! 

Yes,  we set goals for ourselves and never achieve them for different reasons. But we can't and won't let that stop us because WE CAN MAKE IT! Attaining goals can be challenging and overwhelming if you don’t have the correct tools. Here are some effective strategies for not only setting goals but achieving them as well.

1. Create SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time frame

2. Write them out- using boards, to do lists, etc. It is easier to achieve if it’s written out visibly

3. Create action items to help you achieve the goals in smaller steps- This way you’re making a commitment to see it through

4. Identify the resources that are available to help you meet the goals

Who are those people, agencies, events, etc. that can educate you and provide insight or guidance. Some resources or tools may be easily found online or in a book so, be sure to be creative when searching for resources that can help you achieve your particular goal.

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“Noah’s Notes” Mediations, Vol. 2,

    With a new year comes new blessings and opportunities. Since its inception, Indie Go Worship (IGW), under the leadership of founder and CEO, Patrice DeLisser has been a platform for independent artist to display talent and network with industry professionals. From numerous concerts, to seminars, summits and one-on-one sessions, IGW has been the silent yet proactive voice and advocate for the indie artist. 

IGW has been the one stop events company for many artists including Anita Wilson, Lecrae, Beloved St. John Evangelistic Church, Tamika Patton, Anton Milton & Glorified, Zak Williams & 1/Akord, Monique Walker and so many more. The platform given by IGW has allowed other blessings to indie artists, some of whom are nominated for major Gospel awards.

     Last year, IGW launched its extended division, which primarily focuses on managing artists.  Its current roster includes Anton Milton & Glorified and Bro. Marcus.  Indie Go Worship recently welcomed their newest addition, Grammy winner, Jay Morris. IGW CEO and founder, Patrice DeLisser was elated that such an "amazing Grammy winner" signed with her management company.

     Jay Morris is a native of Philadelphia who grew up with a mission to uplift, empower and inspire by writing life changing music. In 2019, he composed “All of My Help,” by Northern Delaware GMWA Mediations Vol. 1.  He composed, arranged and wrote “Cover Me” on indie artist Tim Wortham’s single. He also did a remake of The Christmas song featuring Jay and Angell.

 He is currently promoting his latest single entitled, “Noah’s Notes” Mediations, Vol. 2, which intricately blends melodies together that allows the listener to have that intense yet precious intimate time with the Lord to reflect.  Each note carefully played is a reminder of just how precious God’s love is towards us and penetrates the soul. Working with IGW is certainly a great strategic move for Morris as his music is getting more national and international traction.

     To connect with Jay Morris follow him on social media. Facebook: Jay Morris and Instagram: @jaymorris_201 and follow Indie Go Worship on Facebook: Indie Go Worship | Instagram: @officialindiegoworship

November - December 2019


Vision 20/20

    As we celebrate the end of the year and God’s faithfulness, we are eagerly anticipating the blessings that are     on the way in 2020. Our in-house life coach KaMyka Glenn is here to help us fine tune or vision for the New Year. Let’s get inspired!

The year 2019 is quickly coming to an end. As we look back over the year think about the good and the bad times, the ups and the downs, the lessons gleaned throughout the year, all of your accomplishments, areas of improvement, and so much more. I am sure we all set goals as well as made resolutions for the year. 

    Now, answer this did you accomplish or achieve everything that you set out to do for the year? Did some things occur that hindered your progress? Were there some barriers that you had to overcome in order to keep moving forward? If we did a self- check, were there some things that we could have done differently? I believe there were and so we want to look at that now in order to have 20/20 vision. For us to have 20/20 vision we have to change our mindset, look at things from a different perspective, and have an open mind when it comes to how we do things.

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Richard Smallwood’s Total Praise: The Autobiography

    Multiple Award-winning recording artist, songwriter, and author, Richard Smallwood, released his memoir TOTAL PRAISE: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY, with the Foreword written by Tony Award winner Phylicia Rashad on November 11, 2019, two weeks before his 71st birthday. In TOTAL PRAISE, Smallwood chronicles his life as a musician and composer and the highs and lows of his music career. He also shares his journey of love, loss, grief, and his bouts of depression, mental illness and his obsession with suicide. Published by Godzchild Publication, TOTAL PRAISE is available on digital retail outlets, including Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.

    TOTAL PRAISE also documents his humble beginnings from Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC, to his love of music as a child prodigy to his memories of segregation to the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. As a young child, Smallwood also experienced trauma with regular beatings and physical abuse by his stepfather, including the time his stepfather sexually molested a little girl at the church, who was one of his friends. TOTAL PRAISE is an intimate and engaging autobiography with countless stories of tragedies and triumphs by one of America’s most revered music legends.With all of his many career achievements, accolades, and awards. Smallwood, like many other people, has suffered from depression and mental illness for decades.

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True Light Christmas Concert recap

The sounds of the season returned this past Sunday with the music ministry of True Light Fellowship Church (TLFC). They hosted their Christmas concert with the theme: “We Beheld His Glory” and featured recording artists Danielle “Sunny” Bryant and Beloved St. John Evangelistic Church Choir.

The concert began with the True Light Fellowship combined choirs walking down the three aisles of the church. Dressed in black with gold accessories the choir looked ready to usher in the presence of the Lord. The Cantata is the first for True Light with narration, poetry, singing and live instrumentation.

TLFC choir sung song after song of original Christmas music coupled with cover tunes. Narrated by TLFC’s Tiffany Davis, the story of the birth of Christ began to come together. One of the songs, “Breath of Heaven” was beautifully blended in between the narration followed by the upbeat song “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men.” The youngest members led the song entitled, “El Shaddai” and one of the younger boys recited his poem, which was well received by attendees and put tears in everyone’s eyes.

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Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn “I am Grateful”

It is that time of year when we all gather and give thanks. Our in-house life coach (Life Coach K) shows us the importance of a grateful heart.  

Say it loud and proud I AM GRATEFUL!!! This is the time of year where we tend to think about what we are grateful for, the pros and cons of life thus far, and what improvements can be made. So here’s the big question…

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? We should definitely think about the big things like you have kids, saved your life, healed your body but it doesn’t just stop there. Think about the little things as well such as being able to pay your bills, being in your right mind, having a job, and just being able to live life freely. I think sometimes we take for granted our lives, our freedom, being afforded opportunities, taking risks, and the freedom of choice and so much more.

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2nd Annual Indie Go Worship Pre-Thanksgiving Concert Highlights

Saturday, November 16, 2019, Patrice DeLisser and the Indie Go Worship and Merge Music Group team hosted its second annual Pre-Thanksgiving Concert at Greater Exodus Baptist Church.  The concert featured Monique Walker (best known for hit song “Second Chance” by Hezekiah Walker) as its headliner.

The concert began with an opening prayer by Mrs. DeLisser and with the introduction of the Merge Music Group team followed by the emcee for the evening—Fred Blain of Gospel Highway 11.  He started with his famous greeting, “Hi this is Fred Blain the morning man from Philly’s first all Gospel radio station” and it was received with a warm welcome from the attendees.

Independent recording artist and 2018 IGW concert contest winner, Corinthia Nicole, led with a beautiful medley of praise and worship songs that ushered in the presence of the Lord and set the tone for the rest of the evening. Following Corinthia was the current year’s IGW contest winner, Tim Wortham, Jr., who sung an original song called “Bye Felecia” that encouraged saints to tell the devil to go away. Its upbeat tune was head bopping and had everyone telling the devil “bye Felicia.”

Anton Milton & Glorified took the stage and just maintained a worship that was the best. Promoting new songs from his project included “All Praise” and a few others. As tears flowed and hands went in the air, Milton continued to let the Lord use him mightily.

After Anton Milton, the next IGW contest winner, Tracy Shy Simmons ministered. She took her time to and connected with the audience as she sung about God’s goodness. Her vocal range was extensive and penetrated hearts.

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2nd Annual Indie Go Worship Thanksgiving Concert

This Saturday, November 16 Indie Go Worship will hosts its 2nd annual Pre-Thanksgiving Outreach Concert at 6pm at the Greater Exodus Baptist Church located 704 N. Broad Street in Philadelphia, The concert will feature Pastor Monique Walker (best known for hit song “Second Chance”), Anton Milton & Glorified, Zak Williams & 1/Akord, Beloved St. John Evangelistic Church Choir, Corinthia Nicole (2018 IGW contest winner) along with this year’s contest winners Tim Wortham, Jr. and Tracy Shy Simmons.

The goal of the outreach is to help families in need with food for the holiday season.  Its non-profit outreach partner, Supreme Gospel Entertainment, has been helping families for over 20 years and will be reaching out to over 50-75 families again.  IGW will also be choosing a select amount of attendees to receive gift baskets on the spot this Saturday. Advance tickets are available for $15 at or by calling 267-428-0116.

IGW’s founder, Patrice DeLisser always had love for music ever since her preschool years.  She sung at events and talent shows growing up and was offered a singing contract during her teenage years. Her love for music and independent artists grew more intense as an adult to the point she established Out On a Limb Productions (parent company to IGW). OOAL focused heavily on giving artists a broader platform to share the musical gift.

To read more Sherri Johnson visit SCOOP USA Media, November 22, 2019, page 11

2nd Annual Indie Go Worship Thanksgiving Concert

This Saturday, November 16 Indie Go Worship will hosts its 2nd annual Pre-Thanksgiving Outreach Concert at 6pm at the Greater Exodus Baptist Church located 704 N. Broad Street in Philadelphia, The concert will feature Pastor Monique Walker (best known for hit song “Second Chance”), Anton Milton & Glorified, Zak Williams & 1/Akord, Beloved St. John Evangelistic Church Choir, Corinthia Nicole (2018 IGW contest winner) along with this year’s contest winners Tim Wortham, Jr. and Tracy Shy Simmons.

The goal of the outreach is to help families in need with food for the holiday season.  Its non-profit outreach partner, Supreme Gospel Entertainment, has been helping families for over 20 years and will be reaching out to over 50-75 families again.  IGW will also be choosing a select amount of attendees to receive gift baskets on the spot this Saturday. Advance tickets are available for $15 at or by calling 267-428-0116.

IGW’s founder, Patrice DeLisser always had love for music ever since her preschool years.  She sung at events and talent shows growing up and was offered a singing contract during her teenage years. Her love for music and independent artists grew more intense as an adult to the point she established Out On a Limb Productions (parent company to IGW). OOAL focused heavily on giving artists a broader platform to share the musical gift.

To read more Sherri Johnson visit SCOOP USA Media, November 15, 2019, page 11

First ever Redeemed from the Curse Fundraiser a Success

This past Saturday, Redeemed from the Curse Ministries held its first fundraiser. RFCM addresses the causes and effects of poverty in the African-American communities throughout the Philadelphia area.  Its goal is to form a coalition of churches and vision oriented entities to join forces against poverty, violence and illiteracy. This ministry provides job and computer skills training to empower and educate participants to excel.

The fundraiser was held at St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is West Oak Lane and had a diverse audience in attendance.  Sharon Caldwell, president of the ministry, welcomed everyone and highlighted the importance of the organization.  After prayer and a detailed explanation of how the RFCM is structured by its founder, Pastor Derek Jackson, it was time to fellowship over brunch.

To read more Sherri Johnson visit SCOOP USA Media, November 8, 2019, page 12

Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn Live and Let Go!

Living Life!!! These two words are so impactful and powerful especially when spoken from a 14 year old male. I facilitated a workshop and asked this question, “What is important to you?” This young man answered, “Living life.” I was so in awe at his response but he reminded me just how precious life is and how easy it is to take it for granted. When I asked him why he said that his response was simple. He said, “Many people my age are dying and are not making it to adulthood and I want to live… I want to live life to the fullest!” My heart dropped, but I totally understood where he was coming from. Think about it, this year many people have experienced loss, some hardships, trials and tribulations; which can take the focus off of living in the moment and living life to the best of your ability. Things will occur that will make life appear to be difficult but just know things will get better, but there are times when you need a little help to see the light at the other end of the tunnel.

So here are some tips to living your best life now and on purpose.

Be Committed- Set goals (long or short term) regardless of what they are but you want to stay committed. It’s through your perseverance that you will continue to make changes and the improvements you need to better yourself. What goals have you set? Are you committed?

Be Grateful – Be grateful for every moment and every day!!! If we took the time to think about the things that are happening that are positive or have positive effects on us then we would begin to stop complaining because we would realize just how good we have it and how bless we are. My grandmother would say count your blessing… well I urge you to take the time to write down what you’re grateful for each and every day. I bet you’ll begin to see a difference in your perspective and outlook about yourself as well as life in general. What are you grateful for today?

Take Action- when you take action it boosts your confidence and your belief in your ability to succeed. So READY, SET, GO!!!!.... What actions can you start today?

Embrace a Growth Mindset – a “fixed mindset” assumes that our intelligence, character, and creative ability are stagnant.” But a “growth mindset” flourishes on challenges and sees failures as a heartening springboard for growth and stretching our existing abilities.” What mindset do you have?

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September - October 2019


A Golden kind of Love

Saturday, September 14, 2019 -

 Surprise Golden Celebration for Marvin & Barbara Johnson at Knights of Columbus in Glenside, PA 

    In honor of love and marriage this month I chose to write an article featuring my beloved parents. This is not an entertainment article but one that is entertaining.

    My parents, Marvin and Barbara Johnson, met in 1965 at a Youth Revival. She was 14 and he was 17. Four years later at the age of 18 and he 21 they married on September 14, 1969. From this union two children were born: Marvin, Jr. and Sherri (me).  This past September 14, 2019, they celebrated 50 years of marriage. 

Since it was such a great milestone our family decided to throw them a surprise anniversary dinner party with 150 of their closest friends. We were blessed to get in touch with some of their friends and family members that we had lost touch with over years. 

    In order to get them to the party they were told that our cousin whom recently retired from the school district was having a retirement party. However, once they arrived they quickly saw that the party was for them. With the hook  part of Tone Toni Tony’s “Anniversary” song coupled with Kool and the Gang’s “Celebrate” my parents walked through the room filled with 150 guests, and greeted each person while in amazement.

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The Whitfield Company live recording with Derrick Starks!

    Two-Time BMI Award-Winning composer, producer and music director Derrick Starks has a steady and consistent record of creating timeless musical masterpieces.  He continues the tradition with a  salute to the iconic Thomas Whitfield with the Legacy recording of his beloved ensemble The Whitfield Company on his newly minted label Starks Music Group distributed by UAMG/The Orchard/Sony Music.

    Founded by Thomas A. Whitfield, The Whitfield Company is highly regarded around the world as a premiere singing aggregation recording a string of choir hits and radio chart toppers for the Sound of Gospel, Benson and Crystal Rose Record labels for over 30 years.

    "Can I say leap for joy all ye people, clap your hands and let your praises ring? This is the fulfillment of destiny", states Starks. "TWC is the house that Thomas Whitfield built with unforgettable classics like "Hallelujah Anyhow," "Dear Jesus," "  "Praise His Name" and so many more.  With  40+ years of music under their belt, God has blessed them to still be around to make a joyful noise and let the joy flow.  I prayed about the idea of recording the group and met with some members of the TWC administration team and we began to put some things in motion.  The evening is going to be a spectacular night of praise.  God has favored our undertaking and we have received song submissions from some of Gospel music's greatest songwriters in addition to doing some of Tommy's songs, some old and some previously unrecorded.  Its going to be a great celebration of legacy."

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Commissioned Reunion coming to the MET

    The smooth harmonies that comprised the group of six men known to us all as Commissioned are coming back! Philly get ready for some of their best hits from “I’m Going On,” “Go Tell Somebody” to “Will You Be Ready?” and many more. On Friday, November 22 at 8pm, the Commissioned Family will be reunited on one stage to take us through decades of memories in song. 

    The six original members of Commissioned (Fred Hammond, Mitchell Jones, Keith Staten, Karl Reid, Michael Brooks, and Michael Williams) all came from Detroit, Michigan and formed a group in 1982.  They began to sing and record songs that were heard all over radio airwaves nationally. From “Ordinary Just Won’t Do” to “Matters of the Heart,” Commissioned reshaped our minds on how we should appreciate Gospel Music. 

    As the years progressed, the dynamics of the group changed.  In 1990 Staten and Brooks left the group and were replaced with Marvin Sapp, Maxx Frank, and Eddie Howard, Jr.. By 1994 Howard had left the group, and Williams left a year later. Hammond also left to pursue a successful career with the choir Radical For Christ. He was replaced by Montrell Darrett. 

    In  1999, Marcus Cole and Chris Poole had taken the place of Sapp, Frank and Darrett on the group's last studio album.

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Donnie Mcclurkin’s “Pour My Praise On You”

    Multiple GRAMMY® Award-winning Gospel legend Donnie McClurkin continues to deliver heartfelt soul-stirring songs with the release of his new song “Pour My Praise On You” (CamDon Music/RCA Inspiration). The new single is available now instantly with pre-order of McClurkin’s forthcoming album A Different Song. “Pour My Praise On You” marks the third single released from the album which is set for release on November 15.

Written by McClurkin, “Pour My Praise On You” offers a high energy response of gratitude to the faithfulness of God. Following the theme of hope, breakthrough, and encouragement the new track trails the moving singles “Not Yet” and “There Is God,” which are both also available with the album pre-order.

    “I want you to hear these songs. I want you to be ministered to. These songs are different from any songs that I’ve written before. It’s worshipful; it’s something that everyone can sing along with. It’s something that was birthed out of my relationship with God. Let God bless you through this new project,” says McClurkin.  

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Supreme Empowerment Week with KaMyka Glenn “It’s time for a REBOOT!”

It is almost the end of the year and we have our final article for 2018 from our in-house life coach teaching us how to reboot for the New Year. Let us learn and reboot together. 

As the year is quickly coming to a close people begin to deeply reflect on all that has occurred throughout the year. Thinking on all the gains, losses, pros and cons, glows and grows is very common. As you think about your future and life in general I want to challenge you to look at things differently as you begin to REBOOT your life. 

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Maranda presents: A Holy Christmas available now!

One of the most successful breakout artists this year has released a brand new album. Maranda Curtis is currently celebrating the success of her new album, Open Heaven, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Gospel charts.  It has also spent over six months as a Billboard Top-25 Current Gospel Album, making her one of the Top-10 Independent becoming a household name.

From her talented worship and praise music to her songs for the season Christmas project that celebrates the joys of the holiday, Maranda blends various musical arrangements with octave breaking vocals to usher us into the Christmas season. The project is titled "A Holy Christmas and is produced by Grammy nominee Dana Sorey.   Some featured guests that include Benita Jones, Amante Lacey, Dr. Kevin Bond and several others.

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Scenes from “Just Jesus” musical play

This past Sunday, True Light Fellowship Church hosted its first Christmas musical drama production on the birth of Christ.  Written and directed by Priscilla Baker (TLFC Drama Ministry Leader) the play began with a foreshadowing of mothers who had lost their male babies under the age of two due to the order sent by order of King Herod (from the Bible) after hearing that the birth of Jesus meant he would be king.

All subsequent scenes showed the journey of Jesus’ miraculous birth from when the angel appeared to Mary and told her that she was “highly favored” and that she would conceive a baby by the Holy Spirit, which would be the “Son of God” to Mary becoming startled by the angel.  She then questioned him how could she conceive a child when she had not been with a man.  The angel proceeded to tell her what the Lord sent him to do.  With that news, she slowly accepted the will of the Lord.

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The Caldwell Family Christmas CD Release

Singing duo David & Trina Caldwell along their children David III and Dai’Onna debuted their Christmas release, “Caldwell Family Christmas” this past Sunday at True Light 

Read more, Scoop USA Newspaper, January 4, 2018Fellowship Church (TLFC) in Philadelphia to a full house. The new project is full of creative and ambitious rearrangements of Christmas favorites from “O Come All Ye Faithful” to “Silent Night.”  Original compositions includes, “Little Drummer Girl” featuring Dai’Onna Caldwell, “There’s No Other Name,” and “It Belongs to You.” 

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Watch Night Service

Watch Night Service in the Black Church in America symbolizes the historical fact, that on the night of Dec. 31, 1862 during the Civil War, free and freed blacks living in the Union States gathered at churches and/or other safe venues, while thousands of their enslaved black sisters and brothers knelt and prayed on plantations across America waiting for President Abraham Lincoln to sign the Emancipation Proclamation into law. The Emancipation Proclamation legally recognized that the Civil War was fought for slavery.

One hundred and fifty years later, African American Christians continue the tradition to celebrate the fact that they are the survivors of a people who were defined in the U.S. Constitution as three-fifths human, shackled in chains and denied the right to vote. It is now used as an evening to usher in the New Year in praise and prayer.

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Supreme Empowerment Week with KaMyka Glenn “Pursuit of Happiness”

It is the first empowerment article of 2019 with our in house life coach, KaMyka Glenn. As we are trying to reach our highest goals in our lives let us learn the proper techniques to implement as we pursue happiness personally and professionally. 

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Stellar Awards goes back to Vegas, the Nominees are...

Central City Productions announces the nominees in 28 categories for the 34th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards, hosted again this year by history-making artist, Kirk Franklin on Friday, March 29. Contemporary gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds leads the field of nominees this year with nine nominations. The powerhouse singer earned recognition for his work on the album “Make Room” (Entertainment One) as well as in the key categories of Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, CD of the Year, Producer of the Year, Contemporary Male Vocalist of the Year, Contemporary CD of the Year, Urban/Inspirational Single or Performance of the Year and Recorded Music Packaging of the Year.

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Valentine’s Day Love & Laughter Comedy Dinner Show

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday but with so many people working the next day, CEO of A’Chade Events, Carleen Ervin wanted to sponsor an event that would be filled with excitement and extend into the weekend.  On Friday, February 15 at 8pm, bring your sweetheart to Majestic Hall located at 800 W. Olney Avenue in Philadelphia to enjoy great soul food, singing, dancing and laugh out loud comedy.

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Scoop Praise and Worship Gods Posse Releases New Single “Anchored” Video Commercial

The song 'Anchored' encourages you to make sure to be rooted and grounded in God and his word! The song speaks to the believer to have your faith anchored in the Lord!

Gods Posse was founded by Nelson Larkins in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. The members are Ray Burnett, Tim Henderson, Anthony Watkins, John Atkins, Deonadre Sanders, Randy Berry Sr, Keith Hoskins Jr, and Maurice Harmon. Gods Posse's purpose for their ministry is to be used by God to round up souls for the Kingdom, so that God can get the glory through it all.

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Zak Williams & 1Akord “Unpredictable God”

Zak Williams & 1Akord are a Philadelphia based choir of individuals from various areas and denominations united together to uplift the word of God through song.  Founder and front-man Zak Williams created the group in 2003 and developed a dynamic vocal choir with a pristine and unrestricted delivery.  Zak also led the group to win two Rhythm Of Gospel Awards for Contemporary Choir of The Year and Community Choir Of The Year.

As an independent artist, Zak & 1Akord have two albums under their belt – THE DECLARATION: LIVE FROM PHILLY (2006), THINGS ARE GONNA GET BETTER (2010), and 3 singles – “Go Tell It” (2015), “Wonderful Jesus” (2015), and “He’s All I Need” featuring Bishop Bruce V. Parham (2017).  Zak and his singers have now found a record label home and are preparing for a new single release.  

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Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn JUMP into your Destiny

It is that time again to get empowered and inspired with our in-house life coach. Let us learn how to jump into the destiny that God has for us.

Whether it’s jumping the broom or skydiving out of a plane or bungee jumping... all of these actions require you to actually jump. Jump into action, take a leap of faith and trust beyond your fears, your feelings, and what you see. Many of us are afraid to take the risk and jump into that new position, that new relationship, a new journey, or change because we fear the unknown or what’s uncomfortable. BUT what if what you need is waiting for you to jump? What if what God has predestined for you is waiting on the other side as your feet land on the ground? If you never jump or even attempt to you’ll never know what’s on the other end if you never try. Some times God has laid out the plan and all he needs us to do is take a step, a leap of faith in the right direction and he’ll do the rest. But you’ll never know if you don’t JUMP.

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New Gospel Artist Isaiah Templeton

One of Gospel Music’s rising stars, Isaiah Templeton, has a new song that is quickly touching hearts of people worldwide. Born in Massachusetts but reared in Dayton, Ohio, Isaiah began crafting his gift at an early age.

Through his childhood years and adult years, he shared his musical talent with many across the globe and now he is quickly becoming a hit in the Gospel industry. His voice has afforded him to connect with award winning national Gospel artist Smokie Norful as well. It all started when Norful was searching for female background vocalists. Although, Isaiah did not fit the billing, he remained determined to take the trip and meet his favorite singer. Such determination paid off because he landed an audition for the Praise and Worship Leader position at Norful’s church.

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Donnie McClurkin new single “Not Yet”

Stellar, GRAMMY®, and Dove Award-winning international Gospel icon Donnie McClurkin has released a new single “Not Yet.”Available now at all digital music providers and newly released to Gospel radio, the new single is being released by McClurkin’s label CamDon Music, in partnership with RCA Inspiration. “Not Yet” serves as the first single from the Gospel legend’s forthcoming eighth solo album.

One of the most beloved reigning voices and musical trailblazers in Gospel, with the undeniable ability to minister and harvest a transformative atmosphere, Donnie McClurkin does just that in his transformative new single “Not Yet.” Written by McClurkin and co-produced byTrent Phillips, the poignant single comes at a significant time in McClurkin’s testimony, divinely inspired following his experience of God’s omnipresent power in surviving a recent serious car accident. The single carries a potent reminder that even in the midst of our crises God has the final word, and if He has declared not yet the circumstance will move in our favor.

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Female Gospel Rap Artist Miz. Tiffany on Verge of Stellar Win

Gospel Hip Hop and rap does not always get the recognition in the Gospel music industry. However, this year the Stellar Awards announced Miz Tiffany as the first ever solo female rapper to be nominated for Rap/Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year and the accolade is certainly welldeserved. Not only could Miz Tiffany potentially be recognized as the first for her self-written hit, “I Ain’t Preachin to the Choir” but for also performing alongside Emcee N.I.C.E., and Jor’Dan Armstrong in the Hip Hop Cypher LIVE at the 34thStellar Awards Gospel Radio Awards & Showcase, March 29 at 10:00 AM in Las Vegas during Stellar Weekend.

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Empowerment Week with KaMyka Glenn “Your Future You”

It is time to meet the future version of yourself with our in house life coach, KaMyka Glenn. Get empowered and get inspired!!

As a child I would sit in my mom’s basement listening to music dreaming of what my future would look like. I dreamed of owning my own music studio, having other types of businesses, singing and performing in various places. While in that basement I got lost in my future by trying to imagine how it would be, how I would get there, learning and creating music that helped channel my inner me and get focus on the task at hand. While many of those dreams came true, there were others that grew as I matured and became an adult. So now there is a new FUTURE ME that I am speaking to so I want to help you speak to yours.

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Maurette Brown Clark Guest presenter at Indie Go Worship Artist Summit

In a sea of independently produced music, it can be difficult to decipher some of the most talented and gifted artists. That is the primary reason Patrice DeLisser, founder of the Indie Go Worship (division of Out on a Limb Productions, LLC), is hosting the first ever Indie Artist Summit (IAS) in Philadelphia. IAS will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 8am-4pm at the Dare to Imagine campus located 6611 Ardleigh Street in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.

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34th Annual Stellar Awards Highlights

Last week was the week of Gospel music industry stars! Anybody who is somebody filled up the Orleans Hotel and Arena with their talent and fashions. Central City Productions wrapped up the taping of the 34th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Friday, March 29 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV. The biggest night in gospel music, hosted by Kirk Franklin, will premiere on BET Network on Easter Sunday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. CT.

The evening started out with a prayer by Pastor Shirley Caesar followed by an outstanding performance from Bishop Hezekiah Walker singing some of best-selling hit songs. Brian Courtney Wilson did an exemplary rendition of his popular song, “Great Work.” While an emotional tribute performance by Kelly Price, Erica Campbell and Regina Belle honoring the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin brought everyone to tears. Family members of the late-legend Brenda Corbett, Jordan Franklin and son Kecalf Franklin were presented with the inaugural Aretha Franklin ICON Award to give posthumous recognition of her lasting impact on the Gospel music genre.

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Gods Posse’s “Anchored” in Top 100 on Billboard

In 1999, a passionate group of singers came together to form Gods Posse. Founder Nelson Larkins had a vision of bringing together some of Chicago's finest singers for this group. Members, Ray Burnett, Tim Henderson, Anthony Watkins, John Atkins, Deonadre Sanders, Randy Berry, Sr., Keith Hoskins, Jr., and Maurice Harmon comprise 'Gods Posse.' Gods Posse is purposed and determined to be used by God to round up souls for the Kingdom. Their only wish is that God will get all of the glory out of their ministry.

Their new single 'Anchored' is an up-tempo groove that drives home the importance of being 'Anchored' in God. Gods Posse's sound stays true the Quartet sound with tight harmonies, the powerful sounds of the electric guitar, and a hard hitting drive.

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APRIL - MAY 2019


Indie Artist Summit 2019 a total success

Last week on April 13, 2019, Patrice DeLisser of Indie Go Worship hosted its first music summit catered toward independent artists. This conference taught artists how to properly design their CDs and flyers and how to produce a high quality music and how to ensure that it gets into the right music executive’s hands.

Workshops on branding, promotions, marketing, radio servicing and music production provided attendees with a day of empowering and educational information. The “Top of The Top” experts from our area came to share their perspective and they did not disappoint.

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Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn “Spring Cleaning”

Spring is here and it’s time for spring cleaning! However, not the type of spring cleaning that we are accustomed to, during this season. Our in-house life coach KaMyka Glenn a.k.a. Life Coach K is getting us ready to clean out the clutter from our lives and jump into a healthy season of positivity and prosperity. Let’s go!

It is springtime and many people are getting ready for the weather change, outdoor activities, new experiences, and family time. Many have even started to clean out their closets and do a full cleaning of their homes, but never think to spring clean their minds or mental space. It is important to do this because just as our closets and other spaces in life can become cluttered, so do our minds. Our minds, mental and emotional environments can become cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, worrying, negative thoughts and people, and unhealthy activities or behaviors. So it is good to cleanse our minds, bodies, and mental and emotional space from these things periodically throughout the year. There are benefits of having a clean and positive energy that will decrease stress and include better life performance, healthier relationships, and a healthier perspective.

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Jeff Roberson God is So Good

Grammy nominated Jeff Roberson and Nulife is one of the those gospel groups that’s constantly changing the landscape of Gospel. 

Their recent “THEN 2 NOW”  project which features the profound EP single “GOD IS SO GOOD” is full of worship and praise the ushers the listener into the presence of the Lord.  

Born and reared in Long Island, New York, Jeff Roberson, the son of Pentecostal parents who had a unique appreciation for music was given his first piano as a child. As a teenager, he was mentored by the late Rev. Timothy Wright as well as the late Professor Benny Cummings and the Kings Temple Choir. As he was being mentored he developed his skills as a keyboardist and songwriter.

His desire to learn more about music grew stronger after he graduated from high school. He decided to deepen his academic journey by attending the Manhattan School of Music in New York where he studied Music Theory, which helped him hone his professional skills even more. 

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The Davis’ New Singles “Amazing” and “Pressing On”

Reared in a tight knit community in the suburbs of Michigan were two brothers (Carl and James) and two sisters (Andrea and Angela) that quickly developed a love for Gospel music. With loving parents that encouraged them to sing for the Lord and share the Good News of Christ during their upbringing, the Davis' were destined for success at the onset.

They grew up singing in the church choir and continued to develop their musical talent throughout their adult life. Each Davis family member reflects the love of Christ in song by sharing their musical talent with the Gospel music community and mainstream audiences alike. Their strong harmony and distinctive sound sets them apart from many in the industry. The Davis’ have performed and shared the stage with Grammy and Stellar Award winning recording artists including The Winans, The Clark Sisters, Donnie McClurkin. and The Ranee Allen Group.

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John P. Kee Signs with E-one

Entertainment One Nashville recently announced the addition of Grammy-nominated gospel music pioneer and living legend John P. Kee to its roster. Winning many accolades including a Billboard Music Award, a Soul Train Award and numerous Stellar Awards, Kee’s songwriting and vocals have been hailed by critics throughout his career. He now, once again, showcases those skills with his new single “I Made It Out (feat. Zacardi Cortez),” available for pre-order today. “I Made It Out” precedes a fulllength album due later in 2019.

“We are excited to welcome Pastor John P. Kee to Entertainment One Nashville. He is an artist who has inspired many of today’s leading mainstream and gospel music acts. It’s an honor to share his gift with the world,” says Gina Miller, VP/GM of Urban Inspirational Music of Entertainment One, Nashville.

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Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn I’ve Got the Power

Our in-house life coach is here with a special message to let us know just how powerful we are. KaMyka Glenn (Life Coach K) gives us the essential elements to increase our power. Let us get empowered!!

In the movie, the Last Dragon the main character, Bruce Leroy loved martial arts and was a student of it.  However, he found that he had some insecurities in life when it came to his martial arts, approaching women, and even conflict. Although, Bruce Leroy was a humble and respectful young man he lacked confidence in himself as well as some of his abilities, especially when it came to interacting with some people. His adversary, Sho’nuff would antagonize Bruce Leroy every chance he got. He could smell the fear and lack of confidence within Bruce Leroy every time they encountered each other. Sho’nuff would bully him every chance he got be it trashing his family business pizza shop, embarrassing him in front of others, or challenging him to fight in front of others. Bruce Leroy felt embarrassed and ashamed that Sho’nuff had humiliated him all around the city in front of his family and friends; that he felt forced to accept the fighting challenge. 

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MAY - JULY 2019


Marvin Sapp's NEW Syndicated Radio Show

It just keeps getting better for Marvin Sapp!  After celebrating multiple successful songs, receiving numerous Stellar awards and Grammy nominations, Sapp is now the newest member of national radio. 

He said that he was asked me to do a show and he did one at his house, recorded it then submitted it.  After it was sent, the radio contacted Sapp to inquire if he'd be interested in syndicating.  It seemed so fast, but “The Marvin Sapp Radio Show” is currently #2 in over 40 markets right behind the ‘Steve Harvey’s show.

Superadio, and Marvin Sapp, produce “The Marvin Sapp Radio Show” in syndication for American Urban Radio Networks (AURN). AURN is the result of a merger between National Black Network and Unity Broadcasting.  It is the only African-American controlled communications network that targets the African-American communities with its over 200 weekly news, entertainment, sports and information programs and over 300 radio stations.

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Industry Vet Benita Bellamy Kelley celebrates debut book

From the heart of Nashville, TN comes a gentle giant force by the name of Benita Bellamy Kelley. She has been a successful promoter and publicist for recording artists for years and currently represents Philly's own Zak Williams. The Tennessee native has over 20 years experience and is founder and CEO of The Bellamy Group marketing agency.

Benita is now celebrating her newest title--author and radio personality. Benita's first book, BORN 2 BE, is an inspiring 31-day devotional and enlightening guide to motivate you to tap into your full potential. Benita‘s powerful book includes many of her own life experiences while growing up in the mountains of East Tennessee, as a single mother for 20 years, and as an entrepreneur.

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Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, LeAndria Johnson and others celebrated by RCA Inspiration

RCA Inspiration (RCAI) has launched a month-long celebration with their campaign for Black Music Month, with the month of June commemorating the 40th anniversary of Black Music Month this year. During this month, RCA Inspiration’s Black Music Month campaign highlights the legacy of Gospel from RCAI and Verity Records’ current artists and catalog of releases spanning twenty-five years. RCAI’s digital campaign is themed on celebrating Black culture and great music every month, spotlighting the renowned cultural contributions of Gospel and inspirational music, and its evergreen impact on uplifting and bonding communities together.

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Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn Outliers

It is another month with our in-house life coach, KaMyka Glenn (aka Life Coach K). Let us dive right into what inspirational message she has for us today! 

As I was reading the book Outlier by Malcolm Gladwell, I was reminded of a quote from Sir Ken Robinson, where he stated so eloquently that, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong then you’re afraid of being original.” The Book, Outliers is about men and women who do extraordinary things. They have the will, determination, opportunity, and a desire to pursue their passion regardless of their situation, circumstances, or environment. They are in pursuit of their happiness by any means necessary and this book points out vital parts to their success. For many of use, we think that being successful is a gift that people are born with but in reality, it is really the work that people put in that makes them successful.  You take a Michael Jackson, Deion Sanders, Flo Jo, and more many others for instance….. if you look at their life and their success you will see that they failed many times but kept practicing, never took no for an answer, and NEVER GAVE UP! They had a passion or love for something and kept setting and reaching goals in order to get better at the thing they loved.

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Beloved St. John Evangelistic Choir 'I Can't Make it Without You'


Philly is popping with great choirs and great music! None more true than the brand new single, 'I Can't Make it Without You' from new recording mass choir, Beloved St. John Evangelistic Church Music and Fine Arts Ministry. Enjoying the success of their debut single, “Praise Jesus” released last year, “I Can’t Make it Without You” is the perfect follow up as it continues to top music charts nationwide. The new single is featured on their forthcoming debut CD titled, “The Praise Worship Experience” presented by Pastor Clement M. Lupton, III.

Under the musical direction of Min. of Music, Scot Stevens, “I Can’t Make it Without You” is an upbeat song that thrusts the listener into a jamming sensation with its feel good melodies and relatable lyrics. As you listen, notice the analogies listed in which makes this song so identifiable. “I need you like the river needs water. I need you like a son needs his father. I need you like a baby needs his favorite toy you bring me joy” are words creatively penned to paint a picture of just how essential God is in our life. “I Can’t Make it Without You” is currently available on all digital music outlets.

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J.J. Hairston to Release New Music & Book

GRAMMY nominated, Billboard Music Award Winner, and seven-time Stellar Award winner JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise are set to release their 10th album “Miracle Worker,” on July 26 via Hairston’s JamesTown Music, which is distributed exclusively by Entertainment One. Hairston’s 10th album will be accompanied by the release of a relationship book with his wife, Trina Hairston, titled, “A Miracle Marriage.”

The acclaimed contemporary sound and trendsetting impact of JJ Hairston has continued to explode, with the monumental success from the 2017 release of JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise’s #1 album “You Deserve It,” and its #1 smash hit song “You Deserve It.” Hairston’s new album is sure to follow up with just as much success as its predecessor. “Miracle Worker” is the first single lifted from the upcoming JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise album set to release on July 26. The single has quickly gained traction, currently sitting in the top 15 on the Billboard Gospel Charts. The upcoming album, “Miracle Worker,” was recorded in two sessions, one in Abuja, Nigeria at COZA Church and the second half was recorded at Hairston’s home church City of Praise in Landover, MD.

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JULY 2019


Supreme Empowerment with KaMyka Glenn “You Belong Here!”

It’s time to get enlightened by our in-house life coach —KaMyka Glenn a.k.a. Life Coach K. No matter who tells you otherwise know that you belong here!

Think back to the times when you were the new student or a new school year had begun and you were ancy because you didn’t know anyone, your surroundings were new, or things may have changed where you were. You just wanted to belong and fit in! Perhaps you started a new job or moved into a new area and didn’t know anyone and felt out of place. What did you do to adjust to your new surroundings? Did you try to fit in? Did you attempt to socialize and make friends or did you just wait to see what would happen? 

 Perhaps you stayed to yourself and just let time pass and let things naturally progress. Some times it is the environment that makes us feel out of place or feel that we don’t belong but more often than not the main reason tends to be because of our own differences. Some times our differences can feel awkward and out of place because we haven’t fully embraced them ourselves. If we aren’t confident in our differences and our uniqueness, then how can we expect others to be? Don’t get me wrong, some people will never embrace or accept us no matter what we do, but that doesn’t change the fact that YOU BELONG HERE! Our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful and makes us who we are. If we all had the exact same gifts and talents the world would be kind of bland. But the fact that we all have different gifts, talents, quirks, styles, dialects, and perspectives is what makes the world unique. It’s the reason why we travel to see, experience, and learn new things. It’s the reason why various trends from different cultures become trendy. 

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Celebration of Life for the late Bishop Andrew J. Ford II

Bishop Andrew Ford II, pastor of Ford Memorial Temple in Philadelphia, died on Friday, July 19, 2019 at the age of 66.  To many in our area he was a charismatic preacher who loved people and always encouraged and inspired greatness.  Ford II was known for leading the church’s award winning choir with his raspy voice. The Anointed Voices received many accolades as they traveled extensively across the country singing in competitions ranging from the McDonald’s and Verizon national choir competitions.

Raised by Bishop Andrew and Elrita Ford, founders of Highway Christian Church of Christ, (later changed to Ford Memorial Temple Baptist Church in honor of his parents), Bishop Andrew J. Ford II, was inspired by their desire to start a church that provided a safe and inviting environment for people to worship. After the death of his parents in the 1990's Bishop Ford continued the legacy of his mother and father and was coined the "People's Bishop."

As children, Bishop Ford and his brother were heavily involved in music. Ford was placed in the choir and eventually made choir director. In the late 1970s, he started Sweet Rain Records and kept it running for 10 years and sold it after the passing of his mother.  Additionally, he was a proactive member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, a convention founded by the late Rev. James Cleveland, and was an instrumental figure in the Philadelphia chapter of GMWA.  

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2nd Annual Merge Music Group Showcase in DC a Success

With Washington, DC as host city, The Merge Group had its second annual Music Artist Showcase during the 52nd annual Gospel Music Workshop of America convention.  

Taking place at the Washington Hilton’s Lincoln Room, some of the music industries most elite came out to support the event from Dr. Leonard Scott of Tyscot Records, Sheilah Belle of The Belle Report, Stellar Award winner Earl Bynum had so many others. 

This showcase featured some of the music industries up and coming independent artists including multi-award winning Zak Williams and his choir, 1/Akord, who closed out the showcase with a 25 minute mini concert that was out of this world.  National recording artist Tamika Patton, beautifully shared her gift and sung her new song “I Love to Praise,” which was well received. New recording artists Beloved St. John Evangelistic Church who’s currently moving up the music charts, hit it out the park with their hit songs “I Can’t Make it Without You” and the showstopper song — Praise Jesus, which had the entire room of attendees on their feet.  Indie artists Corinthia Nicole sung her new single “Love to Worship” but brought the room to tears with her rendition of “Total Praise” by Richard Smallwood. Vanessa Howard took her time and ushered us right into the presence of the Lord with her musical interpretation of Kurt Carr’s “That’s Why I Praise You” while Byron Harvey came on strong singing new music that had the participants and delegates grooving. 

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Supreme Empowerment Week with KaMyka Glenn Dream. Believe. Achieve.

In this week’s edition of Supreme Empowerment we learn how to dream, believe and achieve with our in-house life coach KaMyka Glenn a.k.a. Life Coach K. Get inspired and become empowered to achieve!

As a young girl, I dreamed of having my own business, working with children, working with music, and in the entertainment industry. As I got older, I dreamed of going to college, getting married, having children, traveling the world, and living in another state. Now many of my dreams manifested into reality while others faded away.

We must never stop dreaming… So what do you dream? How many of your dreams have come true? For those that did not manifest, why? Was it due to fear, self- doubt and sabotage, finances, etc. Sometimes our dreams don’t happen because life gets in the way so we put them on hold, we’re afraid to take risks, fear sets in, and that good ole self sabotage--- I’m not good enough, I’m too young or too old, I don’t have what it takes, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know anyone, I don’t have what it takes--- Sounds familiar????

LIES, you can do anything you set your mind to. Sometimes we have to get out of our own way, believe in ourselves and what God has gifted us to do, and TRSUT GOD.

There are times when God just wants us to trust him and take one step so that he can do the rest.

Connect with KaMyka on social media. Facebook/Instagram: Transformational Coach K | Twitter: @4lifeCoachK or  If you want to get in touch with our promo team, call 267-428-0116. Facebook: Supreme Gospel Ent. and Sherri Y. Johnson | Instagram: @sherrisupremegospel - Until the next column, remain encouraged!

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