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What a powerful Black History Month weekend

My SCOOP USA Family, Wow, Wow, Wow! What a “Magnificent Walk,” Iconic in nature, true to form in enlightened pleasure and yes, something to share! Well my Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen by now you know I’m easily “Hyped!” Our month is our time to shine.  What are you doing to energize yourself and those around you? It’s time to enjoy all the creative noise of Blackness, the ingenuity of pure greatness. Holdup the historical messages, join in the heightened reflections and joyous accommodations for our folks! “Power to the People everywhere, yes indeed we are in full swing of our ancestors coming alive. This week was kind of special for me, because I did not plan it, I fell into it. Thank you, State Rep. Stephen Kinsey (201st Legislative District) for inviting me to the Oak Tree’s African American/Black History Month Arts celebration. The room was packed with very enthused, excited Elders enjoying themselves to the “Max!” I met two distinguishable Artists that sugarcoated my fancy!!! Please bear with me and allow me to introduce these two interestingly wonderful Sister and Brother in Art.

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    It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and a time to “SCOOP it All Up!!!” What’s happening SCOOP USA, My Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen, yes it’s Black History Month and Man/Woman, what a time to be acknowledging it. 

    Yes it’s our month to reflect on the beauty, the magnificence of who we are as a people ~ The wonderous essence of our traditions and heritage (that boggles even the brightest minds, on “how do we do it when their treachery has been barbaric and firmly Inhumane)!” Nonetheless, I’m going to flow and ride on the good note, yes Lord, the good news of “Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection. Yes, much love and great respect for us as a people.”  

    This past week, I heard Solomon Jones on (WURD, 990am/96.1fm) make some very powerful and enlightening statements pertaining to our growth, our development our push forward as a people in these perilous and prolific times. My sis, my fearless Nubian Queen, Kwasa always has an insightful poetic young people’s analysis of the topics being discussed. She makes it real for the people, particularly the powerful true warriors of our people - the soldiers of our times (the Teens, the Millenniums, the X and Y-Generations). She keeps it positive and she keeps it “Real!” 

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Kobe and Gianna almost stole my 47th Anniversary

    Greeting My SCOOP USA Family. The year is moving right along and for many of us on high-octane (fuel pushed synthetic energy). We are moving at a fast pace and carrying a lot of stuff. So down, smell the coffee before you drink it. 

    Yes, Sunday the 26th of January was a very special day for my wife and I, the anniversary our special day of blissful union some 47 years ago. 

The day began with my Pastor, Rev. Joseph Williams in Our House of Love (as coined by Mother LaVern Williams (that’s her name for Mt. Airy United Fellowship Church, the Church on the hill of Bluebell Circle - Walnut Lane and Johnson Street) allowing me to stand before the congregation to ask boldly for an anointing uplift and heartfelt prayer for the continuance of this most wonderful and precious marriage. We are extremely grateful for the time in but more than that, we were appealing for even greater longevity. Also, we used this moment to place-kick our intention to Renew Our Vows for the 50th Anniversary (God’s Will). Floating in an awesome state of Matrimony Exuberance our 47th was in motion. 

    My Sister Denise called for us to stop by to pick-up her and Brother Herbie’s gift. When we got there, of course Bro. Herb, Sunday’s dinner was going to be smoking so we could not leave without indulging. Ms. Sherry and Brother Rick called (whom already invited us out) and said where the heck are y’all? We were supposed to be there hours ago. Now ladies and gentlemen here’s where the day made a horrendous turn. 

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