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January - February 2020


Philly wins #1 @lilsheeno at the “Philly Meets Baltimore” Top 5 Showcase

     And the winner is....Philly!! “Philly Meets Baltimore” was the third stop of the Top 5 Showcase and Philadelphia based artist, Lil Sheeno was crowned #1! Lil Sheeno will be the headliner of the next stop on the Top 5 Showcase “Philly Meets Delaware. It’s looking like Philly is crushing it and I can’t wait to see who wins. The next show is February 29, in Wilmington, DE. I will be updating you monthly on the winners, in support of our Philadelphia artist, as they compete.

Novi J is the CEO of the Philadelphia based Artist Management Agency, Noveee Records LLC & Top 5 Entertainment. Novi J, has a passion for developing and highlighting up and coming talent. She created The Top 5 Showcase Tour, calling it The Crown Me Tour to provide artist with a platform. She is on her third stop: The “Philly vs. Baltimore” stop, which took place at the Atrium Event Center located at 3121 W. North Ave. Baltimore, Maryland. Considering the bad weather we still had an amazing turn out. Goes to show you, we are unstoppable and blessed, said Novi J, CEO of Noveee Records.

     Female Artist @hantifah_gb who was Crowned #1 of the Top 5 Showcase NYC, was the headliner for “Philly Meets Baltimore.” The Top 5 Showcase was hosted by Reese Banga, CEO of Banga Productions. Reese Banga served as one of the judges for the Philadelphia showcase and now is on tour as the host. The official tour DJ is @djse7en_7. The Philly artist that performed and represented Noveee Records included, Gambit, Deuce Wellington and Sah Mullion.

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Empowering Your Way into 2020 | Living The Dream | Happy Birthday Martin Luther King

    No one's business personality can be condensed into just one word, and yet which one word defines you best? This was the opening question in my interview with the Empowerment Team, the hosts and speakers for the Empowerment 2020 conference. To get our 2020 started off in an empowering way; I had the opportunity to interview the Empowerment Team; guests on the radio show “Single On a Saturday Night” on Below, six entrepreneurs share the one word they find most compelling in describing who they are as a brand. Consistent (Shelly Shell) Execution (Rashon) Legacy (Terri) Faith-Filled (Traci) Super (Super Dave) and Ready (Roniesha).

    These words, when applied accurately, can help you set your business apart from the pack; which the Empowerment 2020 Team does. Members comes from different organizations, teaming up to ensure that you get 2020 started off right!

January is not just the beginning of the New Year, it is the month we observe the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose life and legacy continue to align with the over all purpose for the Empowerment Conference, taking place January 23 to January 25, 2020.

Shelly Shell: How does the Empowerment 2020 Conference align with the message and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King?

    Rashon M. Howard: We're empowering people to fight some of the barriers that still exist by bringing resources and knowledge to them that they otherwise would not have received. Empowerment through knowledge, knowledge and action allows us to live the Dream. The Empower 2020 Conference, January 23rd to 25th features distinguished speakers @oyvempowermentco, @iam_ronieshaseaton, @terricouser, @supa_dave_philly_ and of course myself. The conference will be MC’d by Philly’s Oprah @shellyshellwilliams.

Shelly Shell: What are some of the topics that will be covered at the Empower Conference?

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Walt Reeder, Jr. Celebrates Big Bloc Entertainment’s 20th Business Anniversary

    I remember when my long time friend and supporter; Walt Reeder, Jr. branched off to open Big Bloc Entertainment, Inc. Now he’s celebrating 20 years in business. Big Bloc Entertainment, Inc., is one of the largest African American talent booking agencies in the US. He can literally call, or text to speak directly to the artist to book them for events, etc. 

Walt Reeder, Jr. has managed DJ Kool, since 1992. DJ Kool is known as one of the Best Entertainers & Best Voices in Hip Hop!! DJ Kool @legendary_dj_kool aka MR ”Let Me Clear My Throat,” has the hit song “Let Me Clear My Throat” which was recorded live at a club in Philadelphia. The song splashed again on the big screen, during a scene in the Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks 2016 movie Office Christmas Party.

Yes, I've worked in the Entertainment Industry a lot longer, but I'm Celebrating 20 Years on My Own! I stepped out on Faith after working in the Family Business and started my own company. Through hard work, dedication, perseverance, adversity, trials and tribulations, great times and bad, I always BET ON ME, and knew God called me to this work!!! I'm a firm believer that God orders our footsteps! 

    I want to say, Thank you to all the promoters, artists and artist’s managers alike, that we have had the ability to touch and do great business with over the last 20 years. Come Celebrate with me at the All Star of Hip Hop Celebration, January 19, 2020 in Atlantic City NJ said Walt Reeder, Jr. CEO of Big Bloc Entertainment.

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Exquisitely done by Lotus Beauty Spa Holiday Giveback—| Live, Love, Life Art Show

    Over fifty women from various shelters were treated to a day of pampering at Lotus Beauty Spa located in the Cedarbrook Plaza.

    The Makeover and Pampering day included hair wash, deep conditioning, blow outs, weave ponytails, massages, toy giveaway, shopping and even breakfast (grits, salmon cakes, bagels, donuts) and Lunch (curry chicken, fried chicken, pasta, salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, rolls and so much more.)

    “I love my haircut and I love everybody here and I won...the gift card, I had a great day, thank you everyone,” said one of the recipients of the pamper day.

Each woman was treated warmly and they all left with glowing attitudes and gift bags filled with hair products, toiletries, and lots of toys, beautiful hair and smiles.

It’s our 9th annual charity event “Exquisitely Done.” Every year we provide makeover’s for 50 women from various shelters! I feel so blessed and grateful to be in a position to help put a smile on these beautiful ladies faces... Thank you to all of the friends/ families and local businesses that helped make the event a success!! @myblue_heaven @knightsbeautysupply @hairtownonline @shellyshellwilliams @lotusbeautyspa112 @annies_spa @kingstablephilly @missionsministry @beau_2go thank you for all of your help! Rasheena Stewart – owner of Lotus Beauty Spa.

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November - december 2019


Jaime Lane-Ragan turns Inevitable Pain into Undeniable Strength

    There’s always two sides to a story and at times some stories need to be told in order to heal.  Jaime Lane-Ragan is speaking her truth in her newly released book titled “Inevitable Pain.”  From a drug addicted mother to being incarcerated for several years; to having her children illegally stolen from her,   Jaime Lane-Ragan’s life is a bestselling book but it’s not all a fairytale.

     Over the weekend, Jamie was the guest of honor as she launched her book “Inevitable Pain” at The Grand Room Cafe, 4728 Spruce St.  Believe me when I say it, the place was packed and you could feel the love from everyone.  Jaime made her star studded entrance to hundreds of her friends and family eagerly waiting for her arrival.   She of course, walked through the loving crowd hugging and taking pictures with each supporter.  She was greeted by her mother, aunt, siblings, children and her wife.  Everyone waited in line to purchase a copy of this highly anticipated book; that’s an in-depth view into the life of Jamie, her mother and family. 

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Aviance, spread holiday cheer at the Suburban Station and Fashion at Fridays

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, Why is the impeachment process taking so long? Joking, not really but just for one night we forgot about the real world and we had a moment of Crackin’ up for a Good Cause.  The real question is: What are you doing for others?  Too often we underestimate the power of a laugh, a smile, or giving someone your time.  That’s exactly what the collective group of comedians, entertainers and friends did; they offered their time and talent to add a little Merry to those that need it most during the Christmas season.  It is easy to give to someone who has the resources to give back to you, but what about the lives of those who are in need on a daily basis.  We can’t solve homelessness or world hunger at one time, but together we can help one family at a time.  

Saron Travels, Rodney Ford along with me and the Single On A Saturday, Urban X-pressions team (Antoinette Lee, Monie on da Scene, David Scott,) hosted the 1st Crackin’ up for a Good Cause Comedy & Karaoke Show at the TGI Fridays on Ben Franklin Parkway.  The comedic lineup included; JMonet Just Laugh, Comedian Bikini Body’d, Rich Owens, Josh Kosh and a special performance by Ambition the Poet.  The evening started with a round of Karaoke songs with music by DJ Smoove.

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@fridayscentercity hosts Crackin’ Up for A Good Cause... Comedy on the Parkway!

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, Why is the impeachment process taking so long? Joking, not really but just for one night we forgot about the real world and we had a moment of Crackin’ up for a Good Cause.  The real question is: What are you doing for others?  Too often we underestimate the power of a laugh, a smile, or giving someone your time.  That’s exactly what the collective group of comedians, entertainers and friends did; they offered their time and talent to add a little Merry to those that need it most during the Christmas season.  It is easy to give to someone who has the resources to give back to you, but what about the lives of those who are in need on a daily basis.  We can’t solve homelessness or world hunger at one time, but together we can help one family at a time.  

Saron Travels, Rodney Ford along with me and the Single On A Saturday, Urban X-pressions team (Antoinette Lee, Monie on da Scene, David Scott,) hosted the 1st Crackin’ up for a Good Cause Comedy & Karaoke Show at the TGI Fridays on Ben Franklin Parkway.  The comedic lineup included; JMonet Just Laugh, Comedian Bikini Body’d, Rich Owens, Josh Kosh and a special performance by Ambition the Poet.  The evening started with a round of Karaoke songs with music by DJ Smoove.

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Female Artist @hantifah_gb Crowned #1 of the Top 5 Showcase NYC

Philadelphia based Artist Management Agency; Noveee Records LLC & Top 5 Entertainment takes The Top 5 Showcase on Tour, calling it The Crown Me Tour.   After the success of the Philadelphia Top 5 Showcase, Noveee Records and Top 5 Entertainment are taking the head to head competition on tour.  The first stop was New York City’s 4th Floor Studios.  I will be updating you monthly to support our Philadelphia artist as they compete.  

The Top 5 Showcase was hosted by Reese Banga, CEO of Banga Productions.  Reese Banga served as one of the judges for the Philadelphia showcase and now is on tour as the host.  Round 2 of the Competition took place at 4th Floor Studios in Brooklyn, NY on November 23, 2019 with a packed house,  including artist from Philadelphia (60 %) and New York City (40%.)   The Philadelphia 1st Place winners, MDE 215 had a chance to compete in NYC along with Da Profit @Bmb247365, Medusa @MedusaPhil215, Deuce Wellington @DeuceWellington and Nee Nee @NeeNeeGotbarz just to name a few.  

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2019 Bigger and Better Business Awards hosted by Pi Gamma Sigma

“I attended the 2019 Bigger and Better Business Awards Breakfast” said Bigger & Better Business Chairman, William Streeter, III.  He encouraged all the attendees to remember this line to tell everyone on Monday, if they ask.  However, by Monday I’m sure most of us forgot the exact words; I know I did.  But why wait until Monday; we were too excited so we posted on social media right away.  

 On Saturday, November 16, 2019, Brothers of Pi Gamma Sigma Chapter held the 2019 Business Awards Breakfast at the North Hills Country Club in Glenside, PA. The event honored individuals and businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The keynote speaker for the program was Rev. Dr. Alyn E. Waller, Pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church of Philadelphia.  Rev. Dr. Alyn Waller is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.  as well.  Rev. Waller preached on the title “Where do we go from here,” reminding us that our living shall not be in vain.  One phrase that stood out was “The Blessed of us must go out and help the rest of us,” said Rev. Dr. Alyn E. Waller.  Author, columnist and radio host Solomon Jones stopped through to show his support for the organization and the sponsors. He took a quick flick with vendor Elethia and Vernon Smith.  

 The 2019 Bigger and Better Business Awards celebrated and recognized the best in our community!  The nomination process was hosted online throughout the months of September and October.  Pi Gamma Sigma received tons of nominations, but they had to narrow it down to 15. 

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The Camden Monarchs Historic Season Opener and Laughter for the Soul Philly

All Hail the Monarchs, Camden’s first basketball franchise made its debut Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the KROC Center in Camden, NJ.  As I entered the parking lot of the Kroc Center; I could see a parking lot filled with vehicles and people walking up to the door with excitement.  The Camden Monarch’s season opener is a success, with people in line waiting to purchase tickets, seats filled and the team waiting with eager anticipation for the game to begin.  

The Camden Monarchs are the newest American Basketball Association Expansion team and for the season opener, they played against the San Diego Guardians.  The Kroc Center was transformed into the official Camden Monarch’s headquarters with Gold & Purple everywhere.  The VIP seats were covered in custom Camden Monarch covers, walls adorned Monarch banners and at the entrance was a purple and gold balloon arch.  Mascot Louie The Lion, greeted everyone by shaking hands, taking pictures and the dance team prepared to wow the crowd.

Owner Giovonni, used her superb marketing skills to fill the seats and add the flair, star power and entertainment to make this, one of the best game openers. 

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MDE 215 won 1st Place in The Top 5 Showcase Monica “Yvette Money’s 50th Birthday

Philadelphia based Artist Management Agency, Noveee Records LLC & Top 5 Entertainment presented The Top 5 Showcase.  

The Top 5 Showcase was hosted by Deuce Wellington with music by the legendary DJ Too Tuff of Tuff Crew “Philly’s first Rap Supergroup” known for the hit “My Part of Town.”  

The Top 5 Showcase welcomed 14 recording artist, performing to win the Top 5 spots and receive the Gold Crown.  I had the pleasure of co-judging with Reese Banga, Host, Artist, Actor, Songwriter and CEO of Banga Productions.  As the artist took the stage they gave their all.  It was so difficult to narrow it down so the second round included the top 7 battling it out for the Top 5. 

And the Winner is……

Everyone waited in anticipation to see who would be crowned the Top 5 and who would be number 1.  Deuce Wellington and Resse Banga took the stage to announce the Top 5.  

Taking the #1 Spot was MDE 215 (Mask Down Entertainment) featuring Dre Mugga & Lyrikal, receiving the Gold Crown and studio time.  The winners are as follows; 5th place "Sah Million," 4th Place "Bizzy Bazz,"  3rd Place "Authentic Bars,"  and 2nd Place "Jah Peeks."  

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October 2019


Philly gathered to the Godfather of Harlem | Tiona Brown launches “Please Don't Touch Me There” 100

Philadelphia gathered at the Landmark Ritz Movie Theater to watch the TV series “Godfather of Harlem” on the big screen.  We are super proud of Philly’s own Jazmine Sullivan who played Mary Wells. It was a Philly family reunion at the theater.  Charlie Mack and Epix team gathered everyone together K. Foxx from the Quincy Harris morning show along with Jimmy Da Saint, Wiz Gamb, Gary O, Tiona Brown with her sisters and so many more.  

There is a new Godfather in Harlem and his name is Bumpy Johnson.  Throughout the years I’ve heard of “Bumpy Johnson” and his story however seeing it come to life in the Epix original series; was a real history lesson.  It has altered my perspective of a crime boss; the intelligence and strategic moves it takes to be able to run the streets; I liken it to the corporate world.  His business skills were mind blowing.  

About Godfather of Harlem

Created by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein, with music by Executive Music Producer Swizz Beatz, and starring and executive produced by Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, Godfather of Harlem tells the true story of infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson (Whitaker), who in the early 1960s returned from eleven years in prison to find the neighborhood he once ruled in shambles. As part of the Original Series Soundtrack for the EPIX series Godfather of Harlem, superstars Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, & DMX released the music video for “Just In Case”  The cinematic visual plunges viewers into the heart of the show’s world. 

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“Philly Invades Detroit” Dr. Deshawnda Williams speaks “Healthy Leadership Mindset”

    Life is full of experiences and when you surround yourself with incredible people; God's favor can position you in places that allow you to see life from different perspectives.  

Dr. Deshawnda “Dee” Williams was chosen out of several speakers to be a featured speaker at The Leadership Experience Tour featuring Shawn Fair and the Chosen 12. Shawn Fair, an internationally renowned self-development and leadership expert, created The Leadership Experience for individuals and leaders who are looking to become a better version of themselves.  It was an intensive, interactive session designed to change the trajectory of your life and leadership journey.   The Leadership Experience took place at the Emagine Theater, Novi, Michigan.   

    You might ask, what does this have to do with Philadelphia?  Good question, Dr. Deshawnda Williams born and reared in Philadelphia, decided that she would share her experiences with eight (8) of her family members and friends. And that’s what happened, eight of us from Philadelphia traveled to Novi, Michigan as Dr. Dee spoke on having a “Healthy Leadership Mindset.” She provided the strategies and interventions on understanding the importance of balancing your mental health and personal life as a Leader.

    While in Michigan, Dr. Dee planned a trip to visit the youth from the Covenant House in Detroit Michigan.  The Covenant house is a faith based homeless shelter that offers both sanctuary and a support system for homeless and trafficked youth.  It is a well run, newly renovated facility with an awesome staff. 

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September 2019


Charlie Mack takes over 100 youth to see 47 Meters Down: Uncaged | Zarinah’s Apologues Fashion Sh

    Whew!  August was a busy month and September is shaping up to be just as exciting!  So many things happening; that I have to fit it all in one to catch up.   If you enjoy reading the Scoop make sure you tell a friend to subscribe, purchase and support

    I have to thank Charlie Mack for his continued contributions to the community.  On August 16, 2019, Charlie Mack Alston took over 100 people to the movies to see 47 Meters Down:  Uncaged.  47 Meters Down: Uncaged follows the diving adventure of four teenage girls (Corinne Foxx, Sistine Stallone, Sophie Nélisse, and Brianne Tju). Two of the teenage girls have famous fathers, Corinee Foxx, daughter of Jamie Foxx and Foxx’s co-star Sistine Stallone, father Sylvester Stallone. The two young women made their film debut in the summer shark thriller.  

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Walt Reeder, Jr. of Big Bloc Entertainment & MeMe Natural You Support Our Youth!

    Urban X-pressions Re-Launches with Urban X-pressions the Next Generation Kids Fashion Show on the Rooftop of TGI Fridays on Ben Franklin Parkway.  Thanks to the donations from Big Bloc Entertainments founder Walt Reeder, Jr. and MeMe Natural You natural hair care line the kids shined bright like diamonds!   

    As some may know Urban X-pressions is Philadelphia’s longest running music video show and a staple in the community; originally aired on broadcast television from 1992-2013 and it now lives on via the web and in the hearts of many.  After the move to a web base show, the original cast and producers began to focus on other projects, which left a void for those still missing the Urban X-pressions brand.  The show was very popular, reaching almost 3 million viewers weekly, every Saturday night from 11pm-1am.  Throughout the years I’ve continued to serve, train and participate in community outreach.  This year I decided to create a new series, featuring the next generation, the children of the original cast; embarking on the mission of Building a Legacy.  To launch Urban X-pressions, The Next Generation; we produced a Back-to-School Fashion & Talent Show, hosted by the youth.  This event will kick off the on-going activities we will provide for the youth throughout the year and the re-launch of our Urban X-pressions – Media Training Program. 

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Music and Entertainment Panel with Kangol Kid and pop up appearance by Chris Schwartz|Urban X-press

    Kangol Kid from UTFO (Roxanne Roxanne) hip hop producer, songwriter, break dancer, and emcee is best known as a member of the old school hip hop group, UTFO. Kangol Kid was the first hip-hop artist to endorse a product through his official sponsorship with Kangol headwear.  His signature hat has been inducted into the Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Kangol Kid is considered to be one of the "pioneers of hip-hop".  

    The Music and Entertainment Panel included Classic Hip Hop artist Kangol Kid, Industry Veterans and Music Executives; Rob Schwartz, Dell P, Monica “Yvette Money” Kitt, and Snook Chaos; who spoke about their experiences in the industry and how to navigate the music industry.  It’s only right to have a pioneer come to Philadelphia and speak on the music industry at #motivationmonday.  Kangol’s goal for hosting the Music panel was to share his knowledge as a gift to others for his birthday. We teamed up to produce this event as part of our monthly business networking event; Motivation Monday every 3rd Monday and the topic was “Music and Entertainment.

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Jazz 25th Birthday and Who's nominated for the 8th Annual Philly Hip Hop Awards?

The Philly Hip Hop team hosted a nomination event to announce all of this year’s nominees.   There was nothing but pure energy and excitement as everyone waited to see “Who’s nominated for the 8th Annual Philly Hip Hop Awards on December 15, 6pm at the Trocadero Theatre. 

This year’s honorees were announced for the 2nd year for the Citizen of the Year Award presented by David Oh, he will be honoring Big Star and the Shelly Shell “Women of Excellence” Award honoring Purple Queen of PQRADIO1.  The Community Activist Award will be given to Showtime of Philly Fame TV.   

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It’s Aviance Album Release Party

Family, friends and supporters gathered at Nix & Nix Event Center to celebrate the album release of Aviance.  The show was hosted by Urban X-pressions own Keith from up da block who also served as the DJ aka DJ Buttons.  The evening was filled with non-stop live performances by today’s rising stars such as, Iyanna Upsher, Amari, Jada Fete and Mic Waters. 

Everyone waited in anticipation to see the ladies of the hour, the headliners “Aviance.”  Believe me the wait was so worth it.  Aviance, introduced a new look, new member D-Day Da Rappa and incredible new music.

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Hip Hop will Not Be Silenced! Philly Hip Hop Awards; Still Focused On the Goal

Hip Hop Hooray! Hip Hop will not be silenced!  

The Philly Hip Hop Awards started with a live chypher featuring some of Philly’s hottest artist.  The perfectly produced show moved on as scheduled with a performance by the “Road to The Philly Hip Hop Awards” winner; “Reese Bangem” representing Frankford, my part of town.  I was impressed by the amount of support he received from the audience, everyone was rapping along to his music.  

The Philly Hip Hop Awards show was hosted by Roc Star P and Stormy Pleasure and they made an explosive entrance with a dance performance by L’levate Dance Studio.  Big Star received The Man of the Year award presented by David Oh. All of the performances were outstanding and that’s how it’s been for the past 7 years.  

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Dr. Webb offers Singles Insight on Preparing for Marriage when Sickness Manifests

Are You Prepared for Marriage; 

In Sickness and 

In Health? 

Dr. Latisha Webb, wife of William Webb IV (nephew of our beloved Bruce Webb) co-hosted an episode of Single On A Saturday Night.  We had a deliberate dialogue that focused on preparing for and remaining married when sickness manifests on “All 6 Dimensions of the Authentic Self.”  As singles, we were able to gain a better understanding of what marriage looks like when sickness manifests. Of course, some of the other topics were about The Authentic Love Experience, marriage, relationships, ministry, mental health and therapy.

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Think Big for 2019! Obioma Martin Challenges us to write 100 Goals and Dee Lee Says #Figureitout

Let’s get motivated for 2019!  Each month I host #motivationmonday a networking mixer and empowerment session.  The lessons I’ve learned from my esteemed guests will motivate the masses for 2019.  

Comedic Motivational Speaker, Dee Lee flew in from Florida to keep his commitment.  If I had to sum this up as lesson one, do what you say you’re going to do, keep you commitments.  Dee Lee offered so many nuggets of information; he left us all with this one statement #figureitout 

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Legally Terri Talks Sickle Cell Life on A Moment with Purple

I had an opportunity to speak with Terri M. Booker while hosting my first show on Terri spoke about mentioned her work with passing the Sickle Cell law. 

Terri M. Booker, Esquire, is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. However,  she is also a sickle cell patient who has knocked on death’s doors more than once but is still here to fight for Victory for Sickle Cell patients who cannot.  

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Stars of ‘What Men Want’ Richard Roundtree and Aldis Hodge

Have you ever wondered what your mate or boss was thinking?  What would you do if all of a sudden you developed a super power; what would you do with it?  Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson) gains the ability to hear men’s thoughts with her newfound power, in the latest comedy “What Men Want.” Sometimes knowing the thoughts of a person doesn’t mean you know the intent of the heart.  Ali Davis played by Taraji P. Henson looks to outsmart her colleagues as she races to sign the next basketball superstar, but the lengths she has to go to will put her relationship with her best friends and a potential new love interest (Aldis Hodge) to the test.

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Scoop USA Entertainment Over 15 Million followers combined to bring you a Social Media Movie

The Writer, Thomas “@Tizz_215” Ames and Executive Producer, Nidir “Status” Muhammad of “A Social Media Movie” visited the set of Single On A Saturday Night to discuss the topic: What would you do if you caught your mate in bed with someone else? The topic is serious, however when your guests are comedians, it takes away the sting and they have you cracking up with laughter. After questioning the room, the responses varied but all with the same theme, Hurt!

The Founders believe in Building a Legacy

Have you ever thought of what it really means to build a legacy?  What does building a legacy mean to you?  This is just one of the questions asked during the Founders Gala meet and greet on Friday held at The Children of the Arts (COTA). 

The meet and greet was an opportunity for all honorees of the Founders Gala to meet and mingle, and bond over meaningful dialogue.  A group of powerful men and women sat to discuss live and future plans.  I sat with my sista/friend, Monica Mason aka Simply Monica who is a major supporter of the Founders and last years recipient, who was able to sell 7 ½ tables to support the mission.   I’ve been chosen by The Founders as a recipient of its 2019 Community Outstanding Leadership Award, which will be given at the 4th Annual Founder's Gala, March 16, 2019 at the American Jewish Museum in Philadelphia.  I am honored to be amongst such powerful men and women who are impacting the community.  As leaders we have the ability to build legacy’s that will make a difference long after we are gone, which is exactly what the Founders are doing. 

Black History spotlight by David Mack “Proud We Stand”

As we celebrate Black History Month we spotlight African-American Entertainers who have made great strides, who have done a lot more than entertain! Today, I feature a piece by motivational speaker David Mack who recently spoke on Facebook about Black History. David Mack is the co-host on and has joined the Big Brother Tour 2019. “Thank you Mr. David Mack for becoming a Big Brother for the 2019 Big Brother Tour !!!!!!!!! We appreciate you wanting to guide the youth” said Anthony Baker, Jr. H.T.H (Helping The Homeless) Changing, Lives Making, Others Smile was founded in 2015 by founder Anthony Baker, Jr. The H.T.H Big Brother Tour was bought into play last year, Where Big Brother mentors came out discuss various topics to the young men and Big Brother barbers came out to give free haircuts for young men. Along with these events were Tie In lessons: learning how to create a resume, Man to man greetings, business attire giveaways and so much more. David Mack was welcomed by the Big Brothers and offered this piece to celebrate Black History Month. Congratulations to David Mack and thank you for your dedication.

Dat? Su Dat – Suzann Christine honors Super Fly Stars

R& B Singer/Songwriter Suzann Christine headlines and honors her 'FLY Star' students from her nonprofit organization SCH Creative & Performing Arts at Warmdaddy's Soul Food Restaurant February 24, 2019.

Who Dat? and the crowd yells Su Dat; a memorable chant that get’s the crowd participating during Suzann’s live show. This night was no different. Suzann Christine had the crowd singing her latest hit Single 'Falling Tears' which has over 40,000 streams on Spotify and has been getting radio play on Shade 45 played by the Heavy Hitters, Orlando, Muskegon Michigan, Austin Texas, Belize and Philly’s own WURD. Suzann also took time to recognize three (3) FLY stars that completed the SCH program.

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Legendary Force MD’s perform at Rob Schwartz Birthday Bash

Rob Schwartz, owner of Who? Mag Multimedia and multi-award winning director, editor, producer, and inspirational speaker hosted a star studded birthday bash at FORGOTTEN BOARDWALK in Cherry Hill, NJ.  

Rob brought together Old School and New School for a nostalgic walk through history.  The star studded turn out included; Gervace Peterson from Survivor, Josh Colin from MTV REAL world, Masta Ace and his wife Leschea, Pebbly Poo, former Miss America Suzette Charles, Judah Priest from Wu-Tang affiliate, Aviance, Kysha Woods and more.  

The Birthday bash included surprise performances by the legendary Force MD’s with the original member Stevie D along with newer members Khalil Lundy and ZiemeTheDream.  They did a video tribute to the members that are no longer with us.  The Force MDs sang their untouched harmonies on classic cuts like “Love is a House” and “Tender Love.” The Force MDs were one of the first groups to combine Hip- Hop and R&B.  Along with the classics they premiered their new song “Make U Happy” available now on all digital platforms.  

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MARCH - MAY 2019


Are You Lov’n My Curves?

I remember when fashion for the plus size woman had no fashionable details; no shape and everything had the same color or print, with the price tag being triple the cost of missies or juniors. I have been plus size from childhood (with the exception of the quick diets where the weight loss lasted …about a minute.) I look back at the pictures from my clothing options back in the day and geesh, I’m so glad that designers are now Lov’n my curves and women like Dr. Marquita Williams creating platforms to highlight Plus Size Designers. As I arrived there was already a huge line outside of proud supporters anxiously waiting to enter the 2300 Arena when the doors opened at 2pm. The venue was decorated with white and gold sparkle and VIP catering by Chef Rashaun Scudder of On the Marc Catering (by the way, I said forget the diet, I have to enjoy this delicious food.) The Lov’n my Curves fashion show was hosted by Ya Big Girl Dezzie who opened the show with some crowd participation; she asked the audience Are You Lov’n My Curves? And the audience responds Yeah Yeah!! As the show began the crowd cheered in anticipation as they announced the first designer “Ashley Stewart.” As each model graced the runway with fashions fit for the curvy women. 

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4th Annual Founders Black Gala

Oh what a night! The 4th Annual Gala held on March 16, 2019 at the American Jewish Museum was an incredible evening filled with love, laughter and amazing African American men and women. Can you say sold out, that’s right the 4th Annual Gala was sold out and that was real! If you were one of those last minute responders, you missed it and you missed being in a room filled with genuinely kind, humble and loving people, not to mention the OPEN BAR and CATERED MEAL! The Theme for the Gala was 'Building a Legacy' and I thank Dorothy E. Brunson Foundation, the first African American women to own a TV station, for allowing us the opportunity to carry on her legacy. Had it not been for her contributions to media I would not have been able to be the Executive Producer of Urban X-pressions along with her son Edward Brunson. I’m honored and grateful to be the receipient of the Media Mogul Award presented by The Founders. To God Be the Glory!! Receiving honors and awards for the work you love is incredible and I am grateful to those who thought of me. I appreciate you! Thank you to the Founders and HEAT 100 Radio’s, Simply Monica! I personally would like to thank Monica Mason for all of her love and support. She is a powerhouse in the media industry and the owner of Heat 100 Radio station. She was a sponsor and women of purpose alumni who was one of the presenters at this year’s Black Gala Awards. I could go on and on about this event, but I’d rather you hear from the Founders and some of the award recipients.

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Leaving Still Here: The Stage Play focused on Mental Illness

Community Education Center located at 3500 Lancaster Ave, is the home of however inside you will also find a charming performing arts theatre. This weekend; writer and director Sherod Lee-Smallman of IDNI Productions had a sold out crowd for the stage play “Leaving Still Here.” “Leaving Still Here” is a moving stage play that explores the difficulties, issues, and struggles of a family dealing with the realities of mental illness as well as the social stigmas associated with schizophrenia. Paranoid Schizophrenia is a battle thousands of families fight every day. However, in our communities it’s not a topic of common discussion. A lot of families think they have to secretly go through the fight in fear of being ridiculed or shunned. The main characters of this play Sean and Kay are a married couple who deal with mental illnesses within their family. Kay and her family has hidden her struggle with schizophrenia from her husband for years. When it comes to dating we seem to miss some of the red flags that arise because we are in love.

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You want to be a comedian? There’ a college for that! Philadelphia Comedy College

You want to be a comedian? There’s a College for that! Philadelphia Comedy College. People often ask us “What happened to Urban X-pressions? The answer is nothing happened we are all still here expressing ourselves in different forms and still coming together to do special projects for Urban X-pressions. You’ve seen KeithFromUpDaBlock on Dr. Phil, on stage with Jay Z and for many years he was the host and creative director of Urban X-pressions but now he is the founder of The Philadelphia Comedy College. Contributing writer Nathanial Lee had the opportunity to sit in on a few classes to get the full vision behind the Philadelphia Comedy College.

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Simply Monica celebrates six years in Media

Monica Mason aka Simply Monica is Owner of Heat100radio, Radio and Reality TV Personality, Motivation Speaker, Artist Consultant; committed to setting and achieving what most think can never be achieved, through hard work and dedication; we can do anything as long as God comes FIRST.

Simply Monica is not only owner of Heat 100 Radio she is also the award winning host of the Morning Rush that airs daily on her station, Heat 100 Radio. Monica is one of the most supporter sista/friends one can have, and she is an absolute motivator. Today, I’m happy to celebrate Simply Monica’s sixth year in Media.

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Entertainment Guideline Girls Grand Opening on Germantown Ave

Where is the book? It’s sold out; yet again! As supporters entered the brand new office for Guideline Girls; everyone wanted to get a copy of the 2018/2019 Best Selling Book “He Can Be Faithful.” The books keep selling out according to Author Kel’li Sherrene. However, you can preorder them and they will be here next week. Congratulations Kel’li, what an awesome feeling to have books selling out!! I got my copy!!! The honors keep coming for Kel’li Sherrene, she received the 2019 Founders “The Community Cares” award and 2019 Women of Excellence Local Sheroes award by WDAS. Kel’li doesn’t want to keep all this “Black Girl Magic” to herself. Her motto, “We seek to produce a nation of informed leaders, build opportunities and cultivate legacies.” 

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MAY - JULY 2019


Networking and Fundraising at Bartram’s Garden with Empowered CDC

What’s going on Scoop family?  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the opportunity to share some of my adventures in the Word on the Street column.  First, let me congratulate all of the winners in the 2019 Primary Elections as well as say Job Well Done to all that ran for office and campaigned; the victory is in journey.   Let’s get into my adventures, featuring the people from our very own community.  The Tri-state has so many amazing events and lots of activities to engage in; without having to travel far.  

On May 16th many friends and supporters gathered at Bartrams’s Garden to attend the 1st NETWORKING FUNDRAISER EVENT for Empowered Community Development Corporation.  Bartram's Garden is a National Historic Landmark located along the banks of the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.  Networking while fundraising is a great way to support a cause and build your network and that I did!  Everyone was friendly and filed with great conversation; I met Vaughn Taylor who is the Director of Business Development at PIDC, who took time to support my event as well #motivationmonday.  Effective networking works!  #businesstip 

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Rest in Peace to a Phenomenal 1 – Shawn Denise Marrow

It is with deep sorrow that we regret to inform you of the passing of Our Beloved Shawn Marrow which occurred on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.  

We call her Phenomenal One and that she was! Every time I saw Shawn she encouraged me, believed in me and made sure everyone knew me. Rest in Peace. You will be extremely missed. Love you and I'm grateful for the moments we shared in this life.  We attended several events together over the years, you supported my endeavors and you took lots of pictures.  

We lost another one from the Scoop Family and her presence will be missed.  Shawn was most known for her photography.  I have no idea how many pictures she’s taken over the years but it seems like a million.  Shawn aka Phenomenal 1, was at every event, taking pictures and being a wonderful light.  She’s a mother, grandmother, aunt and friend, with her many roles in life, she never forgot to smile, even as she was going through one of the toughest battles.  

I met Shawn, I believe in 2010, when she was promoting her former company “Curvation Nation” an agency dedicated to promoting the beauty of the plus size women.  She explained to me how she began to call herself “Phenomenal One” and I wish I could remember all the details but one of the most important was “if you believe you are Phenomenal everyone will.” There was more to the explanation however I remember the lesson, to have confidence in yourself and your abilities.  

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Rick Watson’s star studded stage play; Secrets Lies and Betrayal!

Are you one of the people that Talk back to the TV?  I do at times, but let me tell you; I was talking back to some of the characters on stage at SECRETS LIES & BETRAYAL.  The Rick Watson Production had everything from drama, comedy, suspense, thriller to murder mystery; all in one play.  I was so mad at the character Victoria, played by SiSi Dash, I yelled oh no you didn’t, as she proceeded to sleep with her sister’s husband Jerome, played by John Canada Terrell.  Now I know it was a play, but as Rick Watson writes; the characters come to life.  Here’s the synopsis; so you can see what I’m talking about. 

Jerome (played by John Canada Terrell) and Jasmine Phillips (played by Sunn Byrd) have been married for six years, when they got married; Jerome was an aspiring executive,  climbing high,  as one of wall street’s most successful African-Americans in history.  His wife Jasmine was his biggest supporter, while dating in college, she put her career on hold to support Jerome by becoming everything he couldn't afford; like secretary, researcher, etc.   All the efforts she put forth for her now husband, paid off in a big way, as Jerome is now a mogul.  As Jerome's power grew his extravagant taste in everything grew, he had to have the best of everything, including beautiful women, there was not any lines he wouldn't cross to get what he wanted, his betrayal was so abroad, that even in-laws were caught in his web of deceit.  Things for their marriage get more complicated when their nanny that used to work for them winds up dead and detectives investigate Jerome about the killing.

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Mont Brown “The Humanitarian” presents LaMont Lateef Fashion Show

Mont Brown, Fashion Designer, Humanitarian, and Creative Director who always reps South West Philly, everywhere he goes.  He is unapologetically himself; whether in the boardroom closing deals to get the next rising star from Philly signed or taking time out to empower the community. 

Mont Brown understands the “Recipe for Success” as he took part in a panel discussion presented by Kel’li Sherrene, CEO of Guideline Girls and Keynote Speaker.  Mont said,  he goes into meetings with sneakers, his gear and all his tattoo’s and handles business like a true leader. Mont and his team recently celebrated the signing of @simxsantana to Columbia Records. 

Other powerhouse speakers on the panel for The “Recipe for Success” panel included; Andria Mayberry, CEO of Cozi Essentials and Author of Before Empire; Stacie Wong, Fashion Designer; Lavon Howard, CEO of Path to Greatness; Shanett Mcneill, Certified Life & Health Coach; Chekesha Ellis, Founder of Chase No More Foundation; and, Nadira Gray, Serial Entrepreneur. Each panelist, successful and leaders in their industry, left us with the understanding, that it takes confidence and belief in your abilities to succeed.  God gave you the ingredients for Success, but you must follow the Recipe.  

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Sistahs in Business Expo Tour - The Philly Stop – AH-MAZING!

SIB Founder, Aisha Taylor Issah has done it again!  Not only did over 1000 women gather together but they were some of the kindest, supportive and powerful women and a sprinkle of men.  That’s right, men, founder Aisha Taylor Issah was surprised by CEO of Bronner Bros. Bernard Bronner and also publisher of Upscale Magazine, event sponsor.   I experienced nothing but positive vibes from the sistahs that attended the SIB Expo.  

"Thank you to everyone who came out, our partners, and sponsors who made the 2nd Annual Sistahs in Business Expo in Philly a HUGE success! The energy and love in the room was indescribable and we can't wait to return next year!" Team SIB Expo 

After an amazing launch in 2018, the Sistahs in Business Expo came back to Philly, bigger, better and even more life-changing.  The Sistahs in Business Expo was created to celebrate and showcase entrepreneurial women of color across the country.  The SIB Expo was hosted by Quincy Harris morning show host, K. Foxx who served as the morning host and the afternoon host was BRITTNEY SHIPP, who returned for the 2nd year, she is a Author & Emmy-Nominated Meteorologist, NBC-10 Philly.  This year's expo featured over 100 diverse vendors displaying both products and services; dynamic Keynote speakers Tamika Mallory, Social Justice Leader, Advocate, Activist; and Yandy Smith, Activist, Entrepreneur (Yelle Skincare)  and Television Personality Star of the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop, New York. 

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Lots of Laughs at Powerhouse Comedy Club and Congratulations to Supreem Da Rezareka’

Laughter can sure make you forget your problems! Philadelphia is the home of some of the greatest comedians and thanks to Powerhouse Comedy Club and so many other spots, we can take in a comedy show on a Saturday Night. 

On Saturday, July 27, 2019, the place is packed and all you can hear is this high pitched laugh, from a man that continued to laugh uncontrollably.  His laugh alone added to the gut aching laughter.  "POWERHOUSE COMEDY CLUB,” Is the place to be for Great Comedy & Spoken Word Showcases, Open Mic Nights & Group Fund Raisers.  The comedy community is powerful and they definitely support each other.  To cheer on Aja Major, comedians Bikini Body’d and J Monet came out to support.  

The Powerhouse Comedy Team:  WOW, what Another GREAT " SOLD OUT " Comedy Showcase @Powerhouse Comedy Club SPECIAL Shout Outs to All the Comedians that Set Our Stage on fire with the Funny from Start to Finish....@natetheland, @aja.major, @comediantopflight, @rey_gibbs and @1spunkyrobinson ....We the Powerhouse Comedy Club Family Thank You Once Again and Welcome You to the Family... visit ur website for more information@ Nick's Roast Beef, Cottman Ave.

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JULY 2019


Finley Music and Arts Festival Featuring Carol Riddick

The office of Councilwoman Cherelle L. Parker joined with Finley Recreation Center to bring the series of Sounds of Summer ’19 to Northwest Philadelphia.  Cherelle L. Parker, proudly serves the Ninth Council District in Philadelphia, which stretches through northwest and northeast communities.  The Sounds of Summer '19 Series kicked off at Fisher Park in July and on Saturday, August 3, 2019 the final installment of the four part series had a spectacular end for the 2019 season. 

The show featured Monnette Sudler-Honesty, Yolanda Wisher & the Afroeaters & Carol Riddick. I had the pleasure of serving as a co-host along side Maya Simone.  People grabbed their lawn chairs and grabbed front row seats to hear the sounds of each artist.  One supporter traveled from New Jersey to enjoy the festival.  Along with the music, the vendors were a big hit.  “That water ice was so good I’m gonna get another” said several festival participants.  Believe me I can’t I didn’t make it up.  The water ice vendor was Dante’s Water Ice & Soft Pretzels.  “Go get the Salmon Burger it is soooo good” said several festival participants and staff.    The hit Salmon Burger vendor was Uptown Seafood Caterers located on Limekiln Pike.  I concur on both statements…delicious!  

While people ate their food they listened to the sounds of the extraordinarily talented musicians and singers.  Opening act was Yolanda Wisher & the Afroeaters.  Thank you to the entire band for remembering me from the Urban X-pressions days.  We shared a moment and we took a pic with our X’s Up (something we do on Urban X-pressions at the close of the show.)  Philadelphia-based poet, singer, educator and curator Yolanda Wisher is the author of Monk Eats an Afro (Hanging Loose Press, 2014) and the co-editor of Peace is a Haiku Song (Philadelphia Mural Arts, 2013) She performs a unique blend of poetry and song with her band The Afroeaters go to to see more. 

Word on The Street. ScoopUSA Media, August 9, 2019 page 

Netflix & Chill watching Sextuplets by Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans gives us yet another reason to Netfilx & Chill; with the release of his new movie “Sextuplets” released on August 16, 2019, exclusively on Netflix!  In the ever changing world of technology, Marlon Wayans understands the power of the streaming platforms and independent media; that embrace the comedic art form.  Netflix is in 200 Million homes and countries (and that’s the one’s they are counting – not counting cousin Ray Ray that’s using your  We had the opportunity to sit down with Marlon Wayans and discuss the process and making of Sextuplets, where Marlon takes on not one, but all six or maybe seven characters in the movie.  Playing multiple characters, you have to have an almost perfect memory to recall improv lines exactly how the character stated them so Marlon could respond or interact.  I can definitely say, Marlon Wayans has a sharp memory.  I met Marlon years ago in California but never thought he would remember, secretly hoped he would and the first thing he said was “you look familiar I’ve met you before” and that made my day.  

Throughout the interview Marlon dropped some major life lessons.  He’s been in the business with his family since age eight and as he speaks he teaches lessons about the business and family.  Not only is he a comedian, I would have to say he’s a teacher/mentor.  He’s not afraid to share his knowledge to help his family first but also those with creative aspirations like myself.  He offered so many insightful points that I have to break it down in Marlon’s Major Keys.  

Marlon shared a story about how he picked up piano and guitar as a lesson on work ethic for his children.  

Marlon’s Major Keys: If you work at anything consistently you can become great. 

After picking up the piano and guitar, although he is better at it, he still sucks but the biggest lesson was realizing that his kids are watching him build and really watching him get great at is; comedy; the thing he loves most, that comedy is his instrument.  So his kids are now watching his work in the movie “Sextuplets” which is a representation of all of the work (standup comedy, writing, method acting, etc.) everything he’s been doing in the art of comedy, before and after they got here.  

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